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Europe Photo Diary: Croatia

Our last destination in Greece was Preveza for an overnight stay before heading to Tirana, Albania for another overnight stay. We didn't stay too long in these places as they were just pitstops on the way to Croatia and there isn't much to say about those places, anyway. All I can say is that I definitely won't be heading back to Albania any time soon! It's not exactly the safest or most exciting country in the world.

Europe Photo Diary: Greece

The next stop on my Contiki tour was Greece. We caught an overnight ferry to Athens, which was an interesting experience. Hearing all about Greece's poor economy, I didn't think about how real it was until I actually saw it for myself. Stray animals, abandoned cars, beggars and an overall rundown city, it really made me grateful for my home. I still enjoyed my time in Athens though with amazing local food (I could live off tzatziki dip!) and getting to watch traditional Greek dancing in the evening.

Europe Photo Diary: Italy

From Barcelona to Nice, from Nice to Monaco (I loved Nice and Monaco too, but didn't spend enough time there to take many good photos!), we drove our way to Verona, which was our first stop in Italy. We spent the evening where Shakespeare's, Romeo and Juliet, took place and there, we got to see the infamous balcony and even touch Juliet's right breast for good luck in love!

Europe Photo Diary: Barcelona

After meeting up with our Contiki tour group in London, spending two nights in Paris and another at Château de Fontager, Barcelona was our next stop! We stayed here for two nights and it was such a lively city. With London and Paris not being all that warm, it was nice to finally catch some sun rays and get out the Havaianas!

Europe Photo Diary: London

I'm so sorry it's taken me a good couple of weeks to get the first part of my Europe photos posted! Between getting back into the full swing of work again and not liking my photos all that much, it was hard to make the time for blogging. As you all know, poor London doesn't get much sunshine, so my photos came out rather dull, but I tried my hardest to spruce them up a little with a bit of Photoshop.


Here are some happy snaps from my five days in Bali. To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to this holiday that much as it wasn't planned very well and I still had so much to plan from my Europe trip. I ended up having a really relaxing time though and it's always nice to get away from work for a few days!

Japan Part 2: Nara Park, Disneyland and Wandering Around Tokyo

On our third day in Kyoto, we visited Nara Park, which is an hour train ride away from the city. You probably need at least two days to explore the whole park because it's so big and we only saw about half of it. Nara Park is probably most famous for its deer, who pretty much roam around freely. They were such adorable, gentle animals and when you want to feed the deer, they will bow at you for food! As well as feeding the deer and taking many photos of the cherry blossoms, we visited Todaiji Temple, which was HUGE. As Japan's first capital city, it's so full of history and culture. We ended our day in Nara by going on a rickshaw ride, which was so fun!

Japan Part 1: Shopping in Harajuku, Night Out in Shibuya, Mt. Fuji & Lake Ashi Tour, and Temples and Cherry Blossom Festival in Kyoto

Yes, there are a lot of photos and this is only part one of three. Part three, being my haul. I couldn't narrow it down without excluding wonderful memories of my trip, so please forgive me. I'm not the best photographer and my photos don't do Japan's beauty justice, but I still hope you like them. Surprisingly, no photos of sushi, though I do have a few crappy ones on my phone.