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Treat Yourself

Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford said it best and who doesn’t love treating themselves every once in a while?! I know I certainly do! Since my internship ended back in April and I became an employee in May, I’ve had the privilege of being able to indulge in a few nice things again and it’s felt really, really good. There were things that had been on my wishlist for years that I’ve finally been able to splurge on, products that were bought to replace old ones I had used up and a few homeware bits to spruce up my bedroom and desk area. Seeing as though it was also my birthday not too long ago, I figured that justified splashing out a little as well, so across beauty, style and lifestyle, here are the things that I’ve treated myself to lately.

What I Wore in Winter

At long last, winter is finally over and I’m so happy for the warm weather seasons to be back! I’m simply not a winter person at all and although you’d think living in Melbourne for two and a half years would’ve got me used to the cold, I still really struggled this year. At first, I thought I was just being a wuss, but it was Perth’s rainiest winter in 15 years and it even plummeted to 4 degrees one August morning! In saying all this though, I actually really enjoy dressing for the cooler seasons. It even inspired me to put together another one of my style roundup posts and since my last What I Wore in Winter post from three years ago, I’ve got a few new things to show you! I still wear a lot of the clothing from my last post too, so I’ll be referencing back to it in terms of what I’m still wearing and what I’ve decluttered (if I didn’t mention it, I still have it!) just to make things a little more interesting and because my wardrobe really doesn’t change all that much year-to-year. I realise it probably doesn’t make a lot of sense talking about winter clothing now, but as I honestly don’t plan my wardrobe nor my blog that far in advance (sometimes I don’t find the right items until the middle of the season too!), it works better for me to do style posts more like a recap. Those of you in the Northern Hemisphere coming into for winter (lol sucks to be you) may find this useful, but for my fellow Southern Hemisphere folk, let’s get ready for skirts, sandals and sunshine!

Spring Wardrobe Additions

The warm weather seasons are once again upon us and I, for one, could not be happier. I'm constantly going on about summer being my favourite season and although it's still spring, we've already been graced with a few 30 degree days and most exciting of all, mangoes are back in season! I don't often buy new clothes (or at least, not a whole lot in one go), but I've made quite a few new additions to my wardrobe this spring as I identified gaps that needed filling and older pieces that needed replacing. I also did a small wardrobe declutter last weekend, so I'm glad I could do the whole "one in, one out" thing. There are a couple of additions that I probably didn't "need", but I know my personal style well enough to be able to make a spontaneous purchase and know I'm not going to regret it. I feel like my wardrobe is pretty much sorted for the warm weather now, so today, I'm showing you my spring wardrobe additions that will be seeing me right through to summer.

An Ode to Blush Pink

Growing up, I could never make up my mind on what my favourite colour was. I remember my first ever favourite colour being green because frogs were my favourite animal (I was a peculiar child and they intrigued me for some reason!), then it was red because that was the colour of my primary school sports faction. Eventually, whenever someone would ask, I settled on pink and purple, and it always bummed me out that my sister got to be the pink Power Ranger because they're both named Kimberly (my sister is Kymberley, to be exact), while I was stuck being the yellow one!

What I Wore in Summer

Summer is my favourite season through and through. Bright blue skies, mangoes, early sunrises and late sunsets, more daylight for blog photos and with just generally feeling a lot happier, there really is no time of year that I love more. Having said that, I've actually always preferred winter fashion because it's so much easier to look put together, but over the past few months, I think I've really honed in on my summer style and I love putting together a warm weather outfit now. I think taking the time to develop and curate your personal style really goes a long way in making it easier not only when dressing for the different seasons, but in also how confident you feel when you present yourself to the world. When you live in Australia, it can be difficult looking nice in 35+ degree heat, but this summer, I was lucky enough to find all the key pieces I was looking for in my little seasonal wardrobe update and now I love my warm weather clothing just as much as my clothes for the cold. As summer comes to an end here in the Southern Hemisphere and I bid the season a sad farewell to welcome back coats and boots, here's what I've been wearing over the past three months.

What I Wore in Winter

If there’s one thing I enjoy about winter, it’s the clothes. I feel like everyone looks so much more chic and dressed up because there’s something about chucking on an oversized coat and a pair of boots that adds instant appeal to an outfit. Having lived in a warm climate city my whole life where winter - if you can even call it that - is on average about 20 degrees, living in Melbourne now where it’s a little chillier meant that I was able to embrace wearing my coats a lot more and slowly master the art of layering! This post was planned to go alongside my Winter Beauty Essentials, though that never ended up happening because I wasn't happy with my original first set of photos. Not wanting to completely scrap this blog post, I thought I'd share with you my winter wardrobe staples past tense. When I'm not bumming around in pyjamas waiting for the seasons to change, the fashion style is by far my favourite thing about the colder months.

Wishful Thinking #4: A/W Minimalism

With a reoccurring theme of whites, greys and nudes, I'm constantly finding my style lean more towards monochromatic, neutral and minimal. I love a pop of colour every now and then, but for the most part, I like the sleek, clean appeal of minimalism, and after yet another massive cull of my wardrobe, this autumn/winter season, I'm going for a fresh approach of basics that'll see me through for years to come. If you follow me on Wunderlist, you'll however know that my wishlist is anything but minimal and that my categorised, alphabetised and highly extensive (I am the real life Monica Geller) wishlist is a true thing of beauty. I unfortunately can't buy as much now that I live out of home (it's so hard!), but nevertheless, I thought I'd show you all just a small selection of things I'm currently coveting for the impending cold weather.

Summer Wardrobe Staples

I don't talk about clothing a lot on my blog. I tried getting into the whole "outfit of the day" thing, but I just found it too hard because on my days off work, the last thing I want to do is get dressed. Blogging is so much easier when done makeup free and in your pyjamas! Beauty is definitely of more interest to me than clothing, but as I've felt progressively happier and more comfortable with my style over the last few months, it's something I really want to work on featuring more on this space. Personal style is something I find really interesting and I love getting to know that side of my favourite bloggers too. I feel like mine is very '90s (because it was the best decade ever, obviously), a little grungy, but also girly and sometimes minimal. I just take what I like from certain trends and styles and create my own, I guess. I thought I'd share with you today what I've been wearing this summer when I've been back home in Perth and on the off chance the weather decides to behave itself in Melbourne. These aren't the only clothes I've been wearing, of course (let's face it, most of the time it's leggings and a denim jacket because I live in cold Melbourne now!), but they're are my favourite pieces I've been reaching for in the warm weather.