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Paris Travel Diary

It’s not every day that you decide to go to Europe on a whim (and especially when you live on the other side of the world!), so while I was headed to London to see the Spice Girls live, I wasn’t entirely sure about travelling anywhere else. Having enough money saved up was obviously the main concern, but if there was any one place I simply couldn’t go all that way without visiting, it was Paris. Being my favourite city since I was 15 years old, I knew I would regret it if I didn’t and even if it was just for a short stay and I had to dip into my savings more than I’d have liked, I was going to make it happen! I was originally only meant to be in Paris for three days, but when Emirates ended up cancelling my flight home and putting me on another one, it allowed me an extra day there, which I certainly wasn’t mad about! As if seeing the Spice Girls live in London wasn’t enough of an amazing experience, finishing off my trip in Paris was the icing on the cake and I had the most wonderful four days being back in my favourite place in the world!

London Travel Diary

When one of your all-time favourite bands announces a tour that’s no where near where you live, you do what any rational fan would do - fly across the other side of the world to go see them! Okay, so maybe that’s not exactly rational - in fact, it’s kind of crazy - but we aren’t just talking about any band here, we’re talking about the Spice Girls! The band I grew up with, the band that was my first music love and the band I once did a Year 5 assignment on. After two attempts and two hours in total spent nervously waiting in online queues, I was headed to the Spice World 2019 Tour in the UK and got tickets to see them live in London! It was my second time in city (I first visited seven years ago when I went travelling around Europe for six weeks) and while my first time was spent doing a whole lot of touristy stuff, I felt like I had kind of made myself at home for a week this time around. Having so many friends in the UK, there was something comforting and familiar about being in London, but the downside to the city? That typical British weather! (Spoiler alert: I complain about the weather a lot in this post!).

Not only did I get to tick a childhood dream of mine off my bucket list during this trip, but travelling overseas solo had been something I’ve been wanting to do for a few years now too, so it was an experience like no other and one of the best times I’d ever had in my entire life. To recount my trip, a personal and detailed travel diary felt the most natural to me as that’s always been my writing style and I felt as though something like a city guide would’ve been too restrictive (I hardly think I’m in any position to “guide” people either!). I did make a trip to Paris after my time in the English capital and that’s another travel diary to come, but for now, here’s all that I did, saw and ate during my six days in London.

Asia Photo Diary: China

My time in China didn't get off to a great start. On the last couple of days in Hong Kong, I had actually become a little sick because while the weather is really hot and humid, the shops and restaurants are freezing cold, which really messed up my body temperature. I'd developed a sore throat and by the time we arrived in China, it had turned into a full-blown cough. It's funny though because it's not something I really think about when I look back on my holiday and even when I travelled Europe, I was sick for the majority of my time there, but it hardly comes to mind. I think with travelling, you only really remember the good stuff that keeps you wanting more.

Asia Photo Diary: Hong Kong & Macau

My sincerest apologies I haven't blogged in so long! Normally, I wouldn't think of that as something to warrant an apology (we all get busy, sometimes we don't feel like it - I get it), but as you know, after I announced my move over to Squarespace, I did say I was feeling motivated in blogging more. Truth is, I really am, but I was disappointed by the way my photos from my holiday turned out and when you're not 100% proud of what you're putting up, it definitely puts a damper on things. I forgot to pack one of my lenses for my holiday (of all things to forget!) and the lens I use for blogging doesn't necessarily translate well for travel photography. I don't consider myself a photographer at all and I'm definitely stuck in my "white-bedsheets-minimal-still-life-photography" comfort zone, however, that's something I really want to get out of and keep working at. Nevertheless, here's part one of two of my Asia holiday photo diary and regardless of my amateur photos that don't look like the ones on travel and high fashion blogs, this is for me and to make memories that I can one day look back on.

Sydney Photo Diary: Vivid Sydney Festival

Two weeks ago, I paid a little trip to Sydney with my sister to see the Vivid Sydney Festival. It's something I've been wanting to do for a few years now and this year, I decided to go for it as I don't know when my next chance to go would have been. Around this time next year, I'm hoping that if I can get tickets to Coachella, I'll be in the US! We'll see how that goes though. Vivid Sydney is a Festival of Light, Music and Ideas, and each year from late May to early June, Circular Quay and the surrounding area is beautifully lit up, displaying a spectacular show of imagery and animation projected onto the Sydney Opera House and other buildings, with it being accompanied by music. There's sculptures, food and heaps of other artistic cool stuff going on too and it's not everyday that something this amazing is totally free to the public. There's also Vivid Live, where you can attend shows at the Opera House, but those are not free and there were no bands I wanted to see this year, anyway. In the past, bands such as Cut Copy, The Cure, Bat For Lashes, Florence + The Machine and Kraftwerk have all performed for the festival, but unfortunately, I missed out on those. One day I'll attend a music gig at the Opera House though. One day.

Life After Sydney: What I Learnt, Growing Up and a Thank You to Jaden Social

As I packed my suitcase the night I was leaving for Sydney, I thought to myself, "What the hell am I doing?!" I was leaving little Perth, the most isolated city in the world, to move completely on my own to a city I had never been to. I would be doing an unpaid social media internship for three months at the digital marketing agency, Jaden Social. It would be my first time living out of home and being unpaid, it meant that I had to live off my savings and the little government money I received. It was a crazy idea, but the craziest ideas always end up being the best ones.

Life in Sydney: Circular Quay and Tavi Gevinson

Let me take a moment to brag about my homeland. This is what it looks Australia looks like in the middle of winter. Isn't it beautiful? A few Sundays ago, I paid a visit to Circular Quay as I bought a ticket to see Tavi Gevinson's talk, Tavi's Big Big World (At 17), at the Sydney Opera House. I thought I'd get there early to have a stroll around the area, grab some lunch and check out The Rocks Markets, and it was the perfect day to do so. Being a gorgeous day and the weekend, it was such a vibrant and alive atmosphere to be surrounded by. Perhaps being a tourist in your own country is a little lame, but whatever, I'm from Perth, which has the nickname of "Dullsville", so finding joy and excitement in the little things comes easy to me.

Life in Sydney: The Blue Mountains

I'm a total city girl at heart. Everything feels so much more alive and there's always something to do, whether it's shopping, eating out or enjoying the nightlife. Once in a while, however, it's nice to get away from the chaotic hustle and bustle of the city and visit the scenic countryside to enjoy the more simple pleasures in life.

Melbourne Photo Diary

I love Melbourne. There's something so unique about this city that sets it apart from the rest of Australia. It's a city full of culture and notoriously known for its rainy whether, which that alone, doesn't sound like your stereotypical image of our usual "sun, surf and sand" country. My good friend Anna had been never been before and when I saw cheap flights advertised on Facebook, we spontaneously booked them that same day and spent eight lovely nights in the city back in June. My sister, Kym, and best friend, April, came along for a few days too.

Europe Photo Diary: Paris Part Cinq

We started our fourth and final day in Paris off early to get ahead in the queue to visit the Catacombs, which I won't go into the history about, but it's basically an underground cemetery where you can view skulls and bones. My best friend, April, loves this sort of thing and while you may not think it would be appeal to me, I do find creepy things somewhat fascinating (as long as it isn't too scary!) and I do love my French history. The queue for the Catacombs gets very long very quickly and very early, so April and I were basically up at the crack of dawn to get there, so we wouldn't waste any time on our last day! Not really, but I think we waited in line an hour or so before they had even opened for the day.

Europe Photo Diary: Paris Part Quatre

Our third day in Paris was perhaps my favourite. We visited Château de Versailles in the morning and in the afternoon, strolled along the Champs-Élysées where we shopped 'til we dropped. I've been fascinated with French history for the longest time and visiting Versailles had always been a dream of mine since I saw Marie Antoinette, in which the palace was so beautifully depicted by Sofia Coppola. Of course, with the mass crowds of tourists and scaffolding in some parts of the palace, it obviously takes away from its beauty, but you do still get that sense of grandeur and just how opulent and excessive the lives of the monarchy were.

Europe Photo Diary: Paris Part Trois

When our 33 day European Explorer Contiki tour was done and dusted off in Amsterdam, April and I left The Netherlands to head back to my favourite place in the world, Paris. We were there for a magical four nights, staying in the most gorgeous hotel called Hôtel Arès Eiffel. When we were arrived, we were greeted by the sweetest receptionist who made us feel so welcome. I honestly do not know where this stereotype of rude French people comes from. Our hotel room was small, but luxurious with a damask bed head feature, velvet curtains and a marble stone bathroom. Little chocolates and slippers were placed on the bed and on the TV screen were our names to welcome us. Situated about a five minute walk from the Eiffel Tower, it wasn't the cheapest of accommodation, but we decided to go all out because a holiday in Paris deserves that kind of treatment.

Europe Photo Diary: Paris Part Deux

Day two in Paris was our free day where we were given time to explore the city on our own. Seeing as though my love affair with Paris began with the artworks of The Louvre, April and I spent the majority of our day there. The architecture and detailing of the museum is just absolutely incredible and we were taken away by the sheer opulence of Napoleon III's apartments. The Louvre is overwhelmingly huge, so you have to prepare yourself to get lost a few times! I didn't even get to see all the paintings I wanted, but luckily April and I were coming back for another four days after our Contiki tour. It makes me kind of sad that people only visit The Louvre to see the Mona Lisa, but I guess not all of us can appreciate art on a deeper level, as opposed to one based on commercialism and pop culture.

Europe Photo Diary: Paris Part Un

The beginning of my Europe trip started off in London, which you can read about here. On our last morning there, we met up with our Contiki tour group for the first time, got on the Contiki coach and after three nights, said goodbye to England. I really regret not posting the Paris leg of my travels in chronological order now, but never mind! I had to save the best for last.

Europe Photo Diary: Amsterdam

It's taking me so long to finish my Europe Photo Diary! I'm so busy with work and other real life things, I don't get a lot of time to update as much as I'd like. I have a massive backlog of blog posts I want to get up/work on, which is frustrating, but good at the same time because it means I'm still feeling inspired by blogging and I have lots of content for you all.