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Life Lately: July, August & September

While I wish I could say I’ve been up to a whole heap of fun and interesting things over these last three months, truthfully, life has been rather uneventful lately! Apart from a few friend catch ups and gigs here and there, I’ve inadvertently found myself living more slowly this year and it’s been really, really nice. I do struggle with guilt that I should be doing more and constantly working towards reaching my goals, but sometimes we just need to rest and recharge and learn to feel content with where we are in life. I always find that every time I reach a big milestone, it’s never that long before I’m thinking, ‘What’s next?’ and instead of celebrating how far I’ve come, I’m feeling dissatisfied with what I still haven’t achieved. I do need to work on my time management skills a lot (mostly so I can try to blog more!), but it’s felt good to say no to things and just take some time out for myself.

Life Lately: April, May & June

I can’t quite believe we’re over the halfway mark in 2019 now! What concerns me even more is that this is only my fourth post to go up this year and I’m sitting here wondering how on earth I’ve let something I love so dearly slip away. To say this year has been a shit one in blogging is an understatement and although I’ve made numerous promises to myself to try harder, things in my personal life have affected how much time I can dedicate here and I haven’t been able to make my blog much of a priority (I don’t mean to be vague, it’s just not my place to say what’s been going on. I, myself, am okay though!). I know no one cares as much as I do, but if you’ve been blogging for as long as I have and it’s been your hobby for as long you can remember, then I’m sure you’ll understand how I’m feeling right now. It’s sad and weird that it’s not as big a part of my life as it once was and I really do miss it.

Life Lately: January, February & March

It feels kind of surreal and foreign to be sitting here typing this post after having taken such a long break from blogging. In fact, in the eight years (it was my blog’s anniversary just last week!) I’ve been doing this, it’s the longest I’ve ever gone without posting! The funny thing is is that it was completely unplanned and there was no major life event or anything remotely interesting going on to cause it, but I guess I just all of a sudden found blogging to be a bit of a chore more so than anything enjoyable and that’s when I knew I needed a break. I didn’t expect my break to be this long, but the longer I went without blogging, the harder it became to come back and I really struggled with motivating myself. Things are, however, happening again slowly, but surely and it feels good to be here again! Despite the lack of my presence within the blogging community these last few months, it melts my heart to know that I still have loyal readers and friends who are here waiting for me and encouraging me. It’s definitely a big reason why I could never stop and then when I pick up the camera or I start writing again, I realise I want to be here for myself too.

Hello 2019

Hi, everyone! Long time, no post! It was never my intention to go this long without blogging, but someway and somehow, time slipped right through my fingers and then I found myself in quite a bit of a blogging slump. I’ll elaborate more on this at a later date, but basically, I just needed to get away from it all for a little while, and so now here I am at the end of March finally getting my first post for 2019 up! Although we’re very much into the New Year now, I still wanted to take the time to reflect back on 2018 and the goals I’m working towards for 2019. It’s always made the most sense to me to start a brand new year of blogging this way, plus it’s nice to look back in the future and see how far I’ve come too. Reflecting on last year’s Hello 2018 post, it was a pretty big 12 months for me; I got my first full time job, turned 30 (WHY GOD?! WHY?!), spent my first full year living back in Perth and generally found myself feeling more comfortable with my place in the world. It was one of the best years I’d had in a very, very long time and having spent so long pushing myself to leave my comfort zone, I felt like I had been rewarded and that things were finally starting to come together for me. I had a lot to be happy and thankful for last year and I’m hoping 2019 will be the same. So far, so good!

Life Lately: November & December

Here we are the end of another year and I can’t quite believe it! I realise how cliché that sounds, but December has been so hectic, it feels like it’s been the longest month ever and almost as if it didn’t even happen all at the same time. I only thought this time of year was busy when you work in retail, but I’ve quickly learnt that it’s busy no matter what job you’re in! Working in social media, we were under the pump at work scheduling posts up until almost the end of January and I felt as if my brain was going to melt along with the soaring summer temperatures! We pulled through though and it’s been absolutely blissful taking a break from it all! I’m on holidays until the 7th of January and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in, eating chocolate for breakfast and not knowing what day it is!

My Top 10 Albums of 2018

2018 has been a really good year for me and when I look back over the last 12 months, I have a lot of really good music to remember it by too. From getting to tick one of my all-time favourite bands off my ‘must see live’ bucket list (Slowdive!!!) to making wonderful discoveries and listening to amazing new album releases, this year truly brought about some of my most cherished music memories. I do have to admit that I think I enjoyed last year’s albums just that little bit more than 2018’s, but nevertheless, music is always a constant highlight in my life. With an eclectic mix ranging from R&B, indie rock, synthpop, dance and dream pop, here is my countdown of the top 10 albums I’ve listened to this year.

Treat Yourself

Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford said it best and who doesn’t love treating themselves every once in a while?! I know I certainly do! Since my internship ended back in April and I became an employee in May, I’ve had the privilege of being able to indulge in a few nice things again and it’s felt really, really good. There were things that had been on my wishlist for years that I’ve finally been able to splurge on, products that were bought to replace old ones I had used up and a few homeware bits to spruce up my bedroom and desk area. Seeing as though it was also my birthday not too long ago, I figured that justified splashing out a little as well, so across beauty, style and lifestyle, here are the things that I’ve treated myself to lately.

Life Lately: September & October

Every time I think I’m finally getting on top of blog stuff again, life happens. It’s been quite an eventful last couple of months (all good things!) and although I wouldn’t say I’ve been busy, I’ve just wanted to focus on spending time with my family and friends without thinking that I need to fit blogging somewhere in between those mere two days off we call the weekend. I knew blogging would be hard once I started full time work and it’s definitely frustrating feeling like you’re always behind and can’t keep up, but it is what it is, I suppose. I’m still getting used to the fact that one or two blog posts a month is all I can seem to manage nowadays (I have to alternate my weekends between writing and photographing!), though I’m certainly not complaining because I’ve actually become so much happier since starting the full time work life. I enjoy the routine, being out of the house, as well as being around people, and of course, the steady income certainly helps too! Hopefully my time management skills will improve as I go along, but I think November’s going to be more of a quiet month, anyway, so that’s nice!

Life Lately: August

August was a pretty nothing month for me and it's been exactly what I've needed! Having felt like the last few months were quite hectic (at least for this introvert's standards, anyway!), I feel completely reenergised after some slow weekends to myself. In fact, I didn't even need to use my Bullet Journal because there wasn't really much to plan or keep on top of. I spent my weekends simply pottering around the house, watching movies, going to brunch (coconut chai lattes are now my new go-to drink) and I spent a nice Saturday homewares shopping with my mum and sister. I didn't get around to posting all those decluttered items of mine on Facebook Marketplace (it's a never-ending cycle, isn't it?), but ugh, it's such a chore! That's on this weekend's to do list though!

Why I'm OK with Being a "Small Blogger"

When I first began reading beauty blogs 10 years ago, the blogging landscape was completely different to the one we know of today. Blogging as a job probably would've sounded absurd, and you never saw the terms "small blogger" and "big blogger" (or even "influencer", for that matter) being thrown around. Although I'm not really sure if there's a clear-cut distinction between the two, I know that I would definitely fall into the "small blogger" category myself; I don't have 10k followers on Instagram (my social media profiles combined don't even add up to that much!), my inbox isn't brimming with PR opportunities and in the seven years I've had my blog, I've never made any money. Being "small" in such a large, expansive community can feel quite discouraging at times, but of all the things that makes blogging so wonderful, numbers have nothing to do with it for me and I think being "small" is just as valid as being "big". In fact, I don't even feel like I need to be anything "more" than I already am and I'm actually pretty content with my place in the blogging world. As someone who's had quite a different blogging experience to the majority of bloggers who have been here as long as I have, I've written a number of similar posts to this in the past, and it's a conversation I never get bored of having because there's always so much to say and I think it's a really important one at that. I’ve learnt to really own my “smallness” here and I certainly don’t believe that "bigger" equals "better" (hence why you'll see scare quotes throughout this post). My intention of this post isn't to undermine what "big bloggers" are doing, but to simply highlight why being a "small blogger" is actually pretty great too.

Life Lately: June & July

Hi, everyone! Long time, no post! I never intended to go this long without posting, but between adjusting to full time work life, a few busy weekends and the grim winter weather (this one being the main culprit!), I haven't had much of an opportunity to put the same love and care that I always put into my blog. I know I let my perfectionism get the better of me at times, but I'd rather take a little bit longer to get a post up if it means I feel 100% happy and proud of what I do, and I just can't seem to let myself settle for anything less than that. I'm so bloody ready for winter to be over because I all want right now is glorious spring sunshine so I can have more than two seconds to take a decent photo! It's killing me!

Life Lately: May

Boy, has May been a whirlwind of a month! All in the best way possible though. I officially went from intern to employee at the marketing agency I've been at since February and that combined with so many social events going on has kept me quite preoccupied. My calendar for June is quickly filling up with more stuff to do and more people to see, but hopefully it'll be a little less full-on because this introvert needs her time to be alone and blog!

Life Lately: March & April

The last two months have probably been both the best and worst of my life. In the middle of March, my sister fell seriously ill one night and was admitted to the emergency department, followed by the ICU. I unexpectedly ended up taking a break from blogging as not only did I not have the emotional energy for it and needed to be there for my family, but between my internship and being at the hospital every single day, I physically didn't have the time either. I won't go into detail about what happened just because it's my sister's life, not mine, but I also didn't want to leave you guys in the lurch, so I hope this update on where I've been will suffice.

What I Learnt from a Digital Declutter

At the beginning of January, I decided to do a digital declutter of my social media accounts in order to start the year feeling cleansed and refreshed. It had reached the point where scrolling through Instagram was becoming tedious and uninspired, and I realised that it had actually been a fair while since my feeds got a good clear out and tidy. I know I'm not alone when I say that I bloody love myself a declutter and upon this digital declutter of mine, not only were my social media accounts given a new lease on life, but I learnt a lot too. Decluttering brings us a unique joy in life that you just can’t get anywhere else, and for those of you looking to declutter your lives online and have kept putting it off, hopefully my musings can inspire you to finally get it done.

Life Lately: February

February was a wonderful, magical and glorious month all because of one significant life moment: I saw Slowdive live! I'll talk more about Laneway in the music portion of my monthly update, but all I'll say for now is that two weeks on, I am still on cloud nine. There is truly no greater joy in life than live music.