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What I Wore in Winter

What I Wore in Winter


At long last, winter is finally over and I’m so happy for the warm weather seasons to be back! I’m simply not a winter person at all and although you’d think living in Melbourne for two and a half years would’ve got me used to the cold, I still really struggled this year. At first, I thought I was just being a wuss, but it was Perth’s rainiest winter in 15 years and it even plummeted to 4 degrees one August morning! In saying all this though, I actually really enjoy dressing for the cooler seasons. It even inspired me to put together another one of my style roundup posts and since my last What I Wore in Winter post from three years ago, I’ve got a few new things to show you! I still wear a lot of the clothing from my last post too, so I’ll be referencing back to it in terms of what I’m still wearing and what I’ve decluttered (if I didn’t mention it, I still have it!) just to make things a little more interesting and because my wardrobe really doesn’t change all that much year-to-year. I realise it probably doesn’t make a lot of sense talking about winter clothing now, but as I honestly don’t plan my wardrobe nor my blog that far in advance (sometimes I don’t find the right items until the middle of the season too!), it works better for me to do style posts more like a recap. Those of you in the Northern Hemisphere coming into winter (lol sucks to be you) may find this useful, but for my fellow Southern Hemisphere folk, let’s get ready for skirts, sandals and sunshine!


The tops I go for during the winter tend to be much more fitted than the tops I wear in summer and instead, I opt for flowy loose fits that keep me cool in the warmer months. Of course, there are exceptions to this, but generally speaking, I reserve my fitted clothing for the colder seasons. In winter, I also bloody love myself a mock turtleneck; I find this cut so much more flattering on me than regular turtlenecks (or skivvies as my mum used to call them and make me wear to school!) and they’re one of those items that’s so versatile too. I can wear them with any type of bottom and I can wear them casual for day-to-day wear or smart casual for work. Mock turtlenecks seemed to be the reoccurring theme for this year’s winter wear and I’m all for buying clothing in similar cuts if it’s something you really love.



Something I’ve had in my wardrobe for a few years now and that I still absolutely adore is my Bardot Junior cream ribbed mock turtleneck. Yes, the “Junior” in the brand name does mean that I bought this from the children’s section, but sometimes kids’ clothing is so much cuter than women’s! In case you didn’t know, I used to work in the Childrenswear department of Myer and I discovered this top one day during a shift! It’s a slightly looser fit than my other mock turtleneck tops, so it’s something a little different in that sense and unless it’s super hot, it’s also one I’ll occasionally pull out in the warmer months.

The Pare Basic June Top from Universal Store is the second short-sleeve mock turtleneck top I wore a lot this winter. The mock turtleneck is a little bit higher than what I’d usually go for, but it’s not so high as to completely cover my neck and I still find it really flattering. The frilly sleeves are super cute and since it’s cropped, my favourite way to wear it is paired with my high-waisted a-line skirts (I find skirts tend to be more high-waisted than pants).

You can never go wrong with a classic Breton stripe and the Casa Amuk Basic Saddle Hem Tee I got from The Iconic is a wardrobe staple of mine throughout the whole year. I thought I’d still give it a mention it in this post since it was something I reached for a lot this winter and I absolutely love it. It pairs perfectly tucked into any of my bottoms and the rounded saddle hem means it looks great worn out with leggings. Honestly, this is my perfect striped tee!

Another Bardot top (this one is from the women’s section!) I wore a lot is my cropped black tee with cuffed sleeves. Made out of a thicker material than my other tops (I cut out the label, so I can’t tell what you exactly that material is), it’s perfect for the cooler seasons as I find it gets a bit too heavy for summer. Although it’s cropped, it skims the top of my jeans to still cover my midriff and I never feel cold in it. I’m sure that’d be a different story if you’re from a colder climate than I am though!

A new addition to my wardrobe that I bought this year was the Perfect Stranger Special Black Cami from Universal Store. It’s not strictly a winter piece per se, but I think the black colour and eyelash lace kind of make it wintery looking! I bought it especially to wear to a fancy dinner with my best friend back in June and it felt really nice to have something new to wear for a special occasion. It’s also nice having a new addition for nights out because as someone who prefers more casual-looking clothing, I could probably do with a few new pieces for those nighttime events. I definitely need to work on this area in terms of my style.


I still love and wear all the long-sleeved tops I mentioned in my last What I Wore in Winter post, but I especially got a lot of use out of my Tokito Ponte Stripe Shell Top from Myer again this winter (my favourite way to wear it is paired with my black skinny leg jeans and Chelsea boots). The cotton material is quite structured and thick, so it keeps me nice and warm, and I love the big block stripes as they give it that sort of ‘60s mod look. Although I consider my style more ‘90s, there are elements of ‘60s fashion that I really love too and I think the two fit well together.

Back onto my beloved mock turtleneck tops, two long-sleeved ones that are new to my wardrobe and I picked up this year are the Pare Basic Elaine Tops in Black and Grey from Universal Store. There’s something about a ribbed texture mock turtleneck that just gets me and these especially got a lot of wear to work. Since they’re classic basics, they go well with all my skirts and pants, and I’m even thinking of picking up the Stripe version that’s how much I love it! Speaking of stripes, my Armor Lux Cap Coz Breton Shirt got plenty of wear during the winter too. It’s the perfect fit for me; not too loose and not too tight, and the three quarter length sleeves make it a great - as the bloggers all say - transitional piece for spring.



To tell you the truth, I didn’t wear my jumpers as regularly as my other clothes this winter. The winters where I live are very mild (mild in comparison to other cities and countries, but still cold to me!), so while living in Melbourne required me to master the art of layering my jumpers with coats, in Perth, I can get away with feeling warm enough with just a top underneath my coats. I mostly wore my jumpers at home and on the weekends when I didn’t have to spend chilly mornings outside on my commute to and from work.

Last year, a clothing item I really wanted to find for my wardrobe was a blush pink jumper and I found it in the form of the All About Eve Alex Crew Jumper from Live. A relaxed fit and falling quite low, it’s one of those items that’s really nice as loungewear and for chilled out weekends. Another casual jumper of mine is the Calvin Klein Jeans Vintage Logo Sweatshirt in Grey Heather, which I also bought last year. I’d wear this a lot during casual walks around Lake Monger with my mum and sister or lounging around at home before doing a workout. For both of these jumpers, I love pairing them with black leggings or skinny leg jeans and some casual shoes like my Vans, Converses, Adidas Stan Smiths or Nike Roshe One Breezes.

Since my last What I Wore in Winter post, I ended up decluttering my American Apparel Fuzzy Cropped Sweater (as well as the Bardot nude rose knit because I wasn’t really wearing it anymore) as it just wasn’t the right fit and I was hoping to find a better one, which I did! I just so happened to stumble upon this black fuzzy jumper by Ava + Ever while randomly browsing City Beach and it ended up being on clearance for only $19 - talk about bargain! I’m totally into the ‘90s vibe of it and it’s definitely a lot more flattering than the American Apparel one I had.

As if I didn’t have enough mock turtleneck pieces, my American Apparel Aslan Sweater is truly one of my favourite things in my wardrobe. Not only is it warm, comfortable and cosy, but it looks really smart too. It’s ever so slightly cropped falling at just the right place on my waist, meaning I don’t have to tuck it in and it never looks like my jumper is overpowering my outfit. This one’s been in my wardrobe for a few years now and I never want to be without it!


As much as I go on about winter being my least favourite season, I love the way coats magically dress up an outfit and can make you look so much more put together. With winter in Perth being a lot colder than usual this year, it meant I got a lot of wear out of them too (prior to this, I only ever really wore my coats in Melbourne!). I decluttered my Bardot Double Breasted Military Coat and faux fur cream coat from my last What I Wore in Winter post (they were quite heavy and just not to my tastes anymore), and I’ve replaced them with a couple of new ones. Wanting a grey coat similar to my beloved black Topshop Slim Pocket Coat (it’s so versatile and one of my most worn items every winter), I bought this Paint It Red longline grey number from Myer back in 2016 and I’ve gotten so much more use out of it than I ever did my Bardot coats. Mostly wearing it with jeans and leggings, it falls at just the right place on my legs to give the illusion that they’re longer than they are and it’s something I find really flattering on my short self!

Teddy coats became a pretty big winter trend last year and while I usually stay clear of trend-based purchases, sometimes they can work in your favour when they’re something that fits in well with your personal style. I definitely think the teddy coat trend works into mine and I feel pretty lucky to have picked up the Topshop Borg Teddy Coat from The Iconic before it sold out! I consider this coat more of a going out piece, so I’d wear this on nights out or to dinner as I think it’s a bit much day-to-day for work (my office work environment is pretty casual). One coat (well, it’s more of a jacket) I don’t mind wearing to work, however, is my Miss Shop khaki green parka from Myer. This has been in my wardrobe for about four or five years now, and it’s still going strong. It’s become nice and slouchy with its age, and as it also comes with a hood, it’s perfect for those miserable rainy days.



Black skinny leg jeans are basically all I live in during the winter and my favourite pair are the Topshop Joni Jeans as they’re the only ones that are high-waisted and stretchy enough for my liking, and also for the fact that they never ride down. No matter what you’re wearing on top or on your feet, they look good with everything and they’re definitely an everyday staple in my wardrobe. Unfortunately, I had to get rid of my checkered Joni jeans featured in my last What I Wore in Winter post as they no longer fit me and I also decluttered my Jamie jeans as they’re less high-waisted and have that riding down issue that I hate. I’m still deliberating on adding another pair of blue wash jeans to my wardrobe (I don’t wear them as much as black), but I’ll definitely be buying a second pair of black ones. One pair of jeans definitely isn’t enough for something I wear all the time!



No matter what season it is, you can always find me in some sort of a-line skirt. They’re what I find most flattering on my short legs and though I certainly don’t believe that specific types of clothing should be restricted by body shape, it’s more about what I feel confident and happy in. In the summer, I’ll opt for lighter and more flowy materials, while in the winter, I’ll pair them with stockings and reach for check and tartan prints, and colours like tan and black. Similarly with body shape, I don’t believe certain colours and prints have to be restricted by season either, but it just seems to be what I naturally gravitate towards!

In my last What I Wore in Winter post, I had a beautiful burgundy and green tartan skirt from Urban Outfitters that I absolutely loved, but I had to admit defeat and declutter it as it no longer fit. Even before I put on a couple of kilos, it was rather tight and uncomfortable, and I just can’t do that to myself anymore! I’d still love to find a replacement for it one day, but my navy blue Atmos & Here Sloane Tartan Mini Skirt is at least the perfect fit! Pairing with my black mock turtleneck tops, I’ve had this for a couple of years now and I’m a huge fan of its Clueless vibes. It was Daphne from Frasier who actually inspired this purchase though; I had just finished watching the series and some of her outfits from the ‘90s seasons were just so cute! When I came across this skirt while browsing The Iconic, I was instantly reminded of her and just had to have it!

Another skirt I’ve decluttered is my black Dotti leather skirt. I really love the style of it, but I stopped reaching for it because the quality just wasn’t there. I may think about replacing it next winter, but so far, I haven’t really missed it. We’ll see how things go in a year’s time!

The Pare Basic Shelby Skirts from Universal Store are a staple in my wardrobe throughout the entire year. I’ll wear my black skirt in all seasons, while I reserve my pink and white ones (as seen in my What I Wore in Summer post from last year) for spring and summer, and bring out my tan one during autumn and winter. It might seem a tad excessive to own the same skirt in four colours, but as previously stated, I’d rather stick with the same styles if it’s something I feel good in and I know I’m going to get a lot of wear out of, which I do with all of these.

The most recent skirt addition to my wardrobe is the Luck & Trouble Check Skirt, also from Universal Store. I got this one quite late in the season, but I’d happily wear this in spring and summer without stockings and paired with one of my Silent Theory Get Ya Guns Out Muscle tops instead. Like my tartan skirt, it’s got that ‘90s vibe that I love so much and I really want to pick up a pair of similar tapered check pants. I’m struggling to find the perfect pair though and it’s frustrating!


Black Chelsea boots are my favourite type of boot ever and I can’t see myself ever owning another style apart from these! I still absolutely love both my Vagabond Elba Chelsea Boots and my New Look Chewy Black Heavy Profile Chelsea Boots from my last What I Wore in Winter post, but as my Vagabond pair are now looking a little bit scuffed (they were my work shoes when I worked in retail), I decided to get a dressier pair with these Chelsea boots from Wittner (I think I bought these two winters ago). These, however, have a smooth sole and as my Vagabond boots have treading, I still prefer to wear my Vagabond boots if it’s raining and the ground is slippery. Luckily, my workplace is pretty relaxed and I can get away with wearing them to the office!

When I wasn’t wearing boots, you could usually find me in my Adidas Originals Stan Smith Sneakers. I don’t wear my Vans or my Converses as often during winter because the canvas material is harder to keep clean in the wet weather, so when I feel like changing things up from boots, I’ll opt for these instead. Like my Bardot top, I bought these from the Childrenswear department at Myer too! With kids’ clothing being cheaper and my then staff discount, I managed to get them for an absolute bargain! They’re a really versatile shoe and one I always get a lot of use out of in spring and summer as well.


Perth winters aren’t cold enough to require a lot of accessories and I’m not much an accessories person, anyway. In fact, the only reason why I started wearing scarves is because I received this black one as a gift from my manager at work years and years ago (it doesn’t have a label, so I have no idea what brand it is, but I assume it’s a Myer exclusive brand), and it was only then that I discovered how life-changing they are! I still love my Country Road Fringed Scarf from my last What I Wore in Winter post, but with it being so much thicker and bigger, it’s not required as often here like it was living in bone-chilling Melbourne! I was on the hunt to find a pinky nude scarf last season, but I’ve only just come across the perfect one (the Topshop Super Soft Scarf) now! I’ll probably end up buying it when I buy my new pair of Joni jeans and then I’ll set it aside for next year.

When the weather wasn’t gloomy and we were blessed with some winter sun, I wore my Ray-Ban Clubmasters. You can never go wrong with Ray-Ban sunglasses and I might pick up a third pair (I also own the classic Wayfarers) with the Round Metal ones for the warmer months. I still need to try them on to see if they suit me first though!

What were some of your favourite clothing items that you wore in winter?

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