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Life Lately: May

Life Lately: May


Boy, has May been a whirlwind of a month! All in the best way possible though. I officially went from intern to employee at the marketing agency I've been at since February and that combined with so many social events going on has kept me quite preoccupied. My calendar for June is quickly filling up with more stuff to do and more people to see, but hopefully it'll be a little less full-on because this introvert needs her time to be alone and blog!


Since my sister's been out of hospital, I've been spending a lot more quality time with my family and it really doesn't get much better than good food, good cocktails and good company. As I'm also an '88 baby (yes, I'm old lol), a couple of 30th birthday celebrations took place this month; one an old workmate and the other my best friend's. For my workmate's birthday, my friends and I took a mini road trip up to Yanchep where we had a lovely picnic, ate cake and went koala spotting. Some of my friends also played soccer, while the rest of us laid in the sun and soaked up the blissful sunny weather. I rarely ever do outdoorsy stuff, but it was such a fun day out and it was refreshing to do something a little bit different than going to a bar.

My best friend's 30th birthday felt like it was my half birthday and to see her surrounded by all the people she cares about made my heart feel so full. Obviously, being the BFF, I had to give a speech, which I was so nervous and absolutely terrified about, but when the time came, it was totally fine and I didn't get all emotional either! I did have a little cry while writing it though! From the booked venue, we continued the night on at our favourite bar dancing to Cut Copy and Daft Punk, and I didn't get home until 5am! It's so weird, but I don't even think about going home when I'm out with my friends. I do, however, pay for it the morning after! I can't believe this is something I used to do almost every weekend.

Some other fun things that also took place in May were a few dumpling/dim sum lunch dates and having a couple of friends from out of town visit. I enjoyed a lovely dinner out in Leederville with a friend from Adelaide and with another one visiting from Melbourne, we went out for a hot bowl of ramen, which was really fitting on an unusual-for-Perth rainy and gloomy day.

Overall, May has been a really good month. As much as I love being a homebody sometimes, it's nice to have lots of plans every now and then, and it helps me to appreciate and be more productive when I do have my alone time too. I'm feeling a little guilty that I haven't been posting on my blog as regularly though and it's not because I think I owe you guys something, but more to do with how much I love my little space and want to dedicate more time to it. Truth be told, I've been feeling stuck in a rut when it comes to blog post ideas too, but I know it's only temporary and just a matter of time before I start feeling inspired again.


I was most looking forward to Beach House's aptly titled new album 7 (it's their seventh record) this month and I don't how this band does it because they're consistently so damn good! I know Beach House have been criticised for their music all sounding the same (not a bad thing, in my opinion), but their latest release feels darker, moodier and more mysterious, if that makes any sense. It was by far the best thing I listened to in May and I can definitely see 7 topping my top 10 albums list this year.

In other new music, CHVRCHES' third record, Love Is Dead, was full of fun dance bangers and I also really enjoyed the new stuff from Twin Shadow (especially the song, Saturdays, featuring HAIM), City Calm Down and The Kite String Tangle. The new album from Simian Mobile Disco wasn't really my thing, however. When it came to older music, I got super into Wild Nothing again and as the first birthday of Slowdive's self-titled album took place this month, I had my favourite track, Slomo, back on repeat. One year on and I'm still just as obsessed.


I don't normally go to big sell-out stadium gigs (they're expensive and most of the bands/artists I like are quite small, anyway), but my sister and I spontaneously saw The Killers at Perth Arena at the beginning of the month. While they used to be one of my favourite bands back in the early 2000s, I kind of stopped keeping up with them after the release of Day & Age as I wasn't overly keen on that album. Hot Fuss and Sam's Town, however, were always on repeat and once my sister got the idea of seeing them in my head, I made a point of finding us last-minute tickets. Considering we only got our tickets the day before, our seats were really good and unsurprisingly, they put on such a great show. Also, how did I forget how good looking Brandon Flowers is?!

It was fun hearing all the classics like Somebody Told Me, Smile Like You Mean It, All These Things That I've Done, When You Were Young and not to mention, Mr. Brightside (obviously, the last song they performed!), but Shot at the Night was the highlight for me because it's one of my favourites that I wasn't expecting, and their cover of Don't Change by INXS (one of their Australian tributes) was amazing too. Seeing them live has now made me want to catch up with their most recent albums and even though going out on a school night destroyed me the next day at work, it was worth it! 


Film and television



I only got around to watching just one movie this month and that was one of my most anticipated movies of the year, Lady Bird. As you may already know, I love a good coming-of-age film and this well and truly lived up to all the hype and Oscar buzz. I think what sets it apart from other films of its genre is the way in which it focuses on the relationship between mother and daughter, how it touches on themes of sexuality and mental health, and the fact that it made me both laugh and cry in equal measure. I also love that it felt familiar, but totally original all at the same time. Hilariously awkward and charming, Greta Gerwig sure knows how to write and direct a movie, and Saoirse Ronan has fast become one of my favourite actresses this past year. I also had no idea Timothée Chalamet was in the movie too; that was definitely a pleasant surprise!

In television, I finally finished watching season 9 of Will & Grace and I have to say, out of all the TV revivals I've seen, I think this is the best one yet. There were a couple of episodes I didn't like and storylines I didn't find all that funny, but overall, the new material feels really fresh and relevant, while still remaining true to how the show was back during the '90s. I'm definitely loving "woke" Will & Grace and now that it's been renewed for another two seasons, it'll be interesting to see where it's headed.

Free-to-air TV isn't something I normally watch nowadays and especially not reality TV either, but somehow when I moved back home last year, my family got me hooked on Masterchef Australia. Season 10 of the show started this month and I think my favourite thing about it is how diverse the contestants are. It's so refreshing to see so many different cultures and different types of cuisine all in the one show, and so far, I think my favourite contestants are Loki, Hoda and Jess.

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