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Spring/Summer Wardrobe Additions

Spring/Summer Wardrobe Additions


Summer is once again upon us and it’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, it’s not because of Christmas! We all know by now how much I love the warm weather and over the last few months, I’ve been working on my spring/summer wardrobe. There were a few gaps that I wanted to fill, some old t-shirts that needed replacing and after a pretty decent purge of clothes that were no longer my style or fit, I felt that justified adding a few new pieces too. All of the clothing that I got rid of was bought at least three or four years ago and I’m getting rid of a lot less whenever I do a declutter now, so I know I’m in the right direction with how I shop these days. It’s taken me a bit of time to curate my spring/summer wardrobe just because it’s not always easy feeling cute and stylish while remaining comfortable in 40+ heat, but after a bit of reassessing, decluttering and simplifying, I feel like I’m finally in the same good place that I am with my autumn/winter clothing. There are a couple of things I’d still like to pick up, but I’m really happy with the new additions I’ve made so far.



No matter what season it is, no wardrobe is complete without basic tees. I have a couple of regular fit tees from Topshop that are still going strong, but my cropped ones were losing their shape a little, so I decided to replace them with the Silent Theory Bite the Bullet Crop Tees in Black, White, Grey and Blush from Universal Store. As I mentioned in my What I Wore in Winter post, I’m all about owning the same pieces of clothing in different colours if it’s a style you really love and get a lot of wear out of, plus I can mix and match these with absolutely every single one of my skirts, shorts and pants too. I don’t know if it’s just because I'm quite short, but the Silent Theory tops are great because they aren’t too cropped to the point where they show my midriff, but cropped enough to skim the waistline in a really flattering way and not have to tuck them in. I’m not overly into showing my stomach in my old age (lol) anymore, so these longer-length style crop tops an easy way of elongating the legs while still fitting into the whole ‘90s style that I love. Not to mention, I love a good cuffed sleeve too.



A style of top that I’ve loved for a long time is the square neck camisole. Whether it’s a low neck or a high neck one, they’re dressier than your regular t-shirt and something I think can be easily taken from day to night too. As I’ve been working on refreshing and redefining my “nights out” wardrobe (I can’t do tiny crop tops anymore!), I’ve found some really nice tops for it, all of which are in this cute square neck style.

Being a special occasion and all, I was after a new top to wear to my birthday party a couple of months ago. I spotted the Luck & Trouble Square Top in Glitter Pink on sale at Universal Store and it was perfect! I mean, you can’t go wrong with the combination of pink and glitter! This one shows a hint of my midriff, but not too much to the point where I feel self-conscious and obviously, now that my birthday is over, I’ll still continue to wear it.

Also from Universal Store (yes, it’s my favourite clothing store!) is the Perfect Stranger Shir Back Crop in White. It pairs perfectly with all of my a-line skirts, but I can imagine it looking great with jeans too. The back has been elasticated with ruched stitching, which looks super cute and although it’s made from 100% cotton, it looks like linen, giving it more of a summery vibe.

More on the casual side of things is the Topshop Riley Spotted Camisole Top. Unless it’s a stripe, I tend to be quite fussy with different prints and patterns, but I love a good polka dot print every now and then, and with the frilled trim, this one is just too cute! I’ve already worn it with jeans, but during those scorching hot days, I think this will look really nice with my a-line skirts too.

A high neck square top I bought is the ASOS DESIGN Boxy Square Neck Crop Cami. I haven’t bought clothing off of ASOS in years as they sell out in my size too quickly and their fitting has always been a little bit odd to me (I bought this top in an 8 and it’s slightly too big, so I’m hoping the 6 comes back in stock soon!), not to mention, they aren’t made from the best materials either. Nevertheless, I really do love the style and cut of this one top, and I think it’s perfect for nights out.

Long-sleeved tops

I mentioned in my What I Wore in Winter post that I was looking to pick up the Pare Basic Elaine Top in Stripe, so when I ordered my birthday top, I added this to my cart too. Being summer now, I probably won’t be wearing it again for another good five or six months, but I did manage to get use out of it during some chilly spring days. It doesn’t have the same ribbed texture as my other tops in this style and the material is also slightly thinner, but I nevertheless love it just the same and like my Silent Theory Crop Tees, it’s a great basic that goes with everything.


For the longest time, I was unsure about buying an overall-style dress. I haven’t worn overalls since I was a kid and I was worried they’d look too childlike on me, but after two years of debating, I finally satisfied my curiosity! I decided to go for the Topshop PETITE Bib Pocket Pini Dress as I’ve seen a few bloggers wear it and look great in it, and I actually really like it on myself too! Do I look like I’m 30 going on 3? Look, probably, but it’s super cute and I love it. So far, my favourite outfit combination is to pair it with my basic white tee from Topshop and my white Converses. It’s super simple, but that’s how I would generally describe my style, anyway.


I had two bottoms that I wanted to add to my spring/summer wardrobe, a pair of white shorts and an a-line denim skirt, and I found them both at Universal Store. I don’t know what it is about this shop, but they just seem to get my style and even better, their clothes are mostly made from cotton and are quite reasonably priced too. I thought I’d also mention some new pants I’ve recently bought as I can still wear them on summer nights depending on how hot it is.


I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for when it came to white shorts; I think I just wanted something that was simple, flowy and comfortable, yet as soon as I spotted the Perfect Stranger Cute Short, I knew they were the one. They’re light, but aren’t see-through and they’re ever so slightly flared to almost give the illusion you’re wearing a skirt. On hot and sticky summer days, loose-fitting clothing is the way to go and I love that these are super cute without having to sacrifice on comfort.



Finding my perfect a-line denim skirt was a serious mission! I wanted one with a raw hem, but no other distressing on the skirt and I was after something with a more light wash too. I really liked the Topshop Denim Mini Skirt, but I must’ve tried about four different sizes (in both regular and petite), all of which were either too big or too small! My second choice was the Wrangler Repair Mini in Sun Bleached from Universal Store, but this was another one that fit weirdly too. I don’t know whether it’s just because denim is more of a structured material, but it’s surprisingly difficult to find good-fitting denim skirts. Anyway, I finally found the Abrand A Skirt in Uptown and this one fits like a glove! It’s super high-waisted, I’ve got my raw hem and it’s the perfect shade of blue. In fact, I really want some mum jeans in this wash now too!

I wasn’t on the lookout for another pink skirt and this one was a bit of a spontaneous purchase, but as soon as I spotted the Perfect Stranger Button Front Linen Skirt, it was just too adorable to resist! I’ve said this in the past before, but I know my style well enough now that I know I’m not going to regret it when I buy things impulsively (it’s something I very rarely do, anyway) and I also realised that I was missing some nice looser-fitting summer skirts from my wardrobe too. The other a-line skirts I own are a bit more structured, whereas this feels a lot more relaxed and casual. I should also mention that I recently decluttered the three non a-line skirts I had left; I tried them on for the first time since last summer and they were all too short for my liking now and just didn’t look right. It’s interesting because I used to absolutely love them, but I suppose it’s normal for your taste to evolve and now the a-line style is my one true love! I wouldn’t mind adding a plain black relaxed fit skirt to my wardrobe, but in the meantime, I feel happy to have built a curated collection of skirts that I really love and get a lot of wear out of.


These next three pieces of clothing aren’t specifically for spring and summer, but I thought I’d throw them in here, anyway, as I can wear them all year round. In my What I Wore in Winter post, I mentioned that I was still on the hunt for my perfect grey checkered pants and I finally found them in the Marcs Check Mate 7/8 Pants from The Iconic. They were pretty pricey and I’m definitely not used to spending this kind of money on clothing unless it’s a coat, but I had a 20% off code and for something that fits so beautifully (minus the fact that they’re slightly too long, but I have that issue all the damn time!) and that’s in my perfect check print (a lot of the ones I was looking at had a random coloured line running through the print), they were worth it and I’m over the moon with them! Another pair of pants I bought were the Topshop High Waisted Cigarette Trousers. Black dressy pants are what I’d call a wardrobe staple and although I can wear pretty much whatever I want at my job, I plan on still wearing both pairs of pants to work occasionally (I haven’t worn them yet as they need to be taken up and I haven’t got around to it!), while also making them a part of my nights out wardrobe too. I love the way cigarette pants look dressed down - i.e. with a t-shirt and some Vans - and when you’re out at night, whether it be dinner or dancing, they also look great paired with a nice cami and some mules.

After owning my last pair of black Topshop Joni jeans for almost four years, they had become quite faded and it was finally time for a new pair. This time around, I discovered they do a PETITE version in a 28” length leg and let me tell you, they are LIFE-CHANGING. This is the first time I’ve never had to roll up a pair of jeans (I like them to sit about 5cm above the ankle) or have them bunch up on me! As someone who can feel self-conscious about their short legs, I’ve honestly never felt this happy or confident wearing jeans before, and because black jeans are something I wear all the time, it’s as if my wardrobe has been given a whole new lease of life! I wish more brands catered to us shorties.


After purchasing the Steve Madden Slinky Flatform Sandals from Myer (so ‘90s; I love them!) and Spurr Gemma Slides from The Iconic (both no longer available) last summer, I’ve grown a little bit of a thing for slide shoes. I still love and wear my Windsor Smith Lily Sandals (as featured in my Summer Wardrobe Staples post from 2015 and my What I Wore in Summer post from 2017; both pairs are so well-loved and I wish they were still around so I could replace them!), but for days that are a bit more low-key and you just want shoes that are easy to slip on and off, slides are the way to go. Wanting a plain black pair, I managed to picked up the Sol Sana Theresa Slides from The Iconic for an absolute bargain! They’re originally priced at $99.95, but I got them on sale for a third of that and they’re perfect! I absolutely love the way they look and although you can’t really tell, they’re totally comfortable too. It’s the best feeling ever when you find “the one” and even better, when it’s on sale!


Another shoe style I’m really into during the spring and summer are mules. Last year, I bought the black faux suede Therapy Garnett Mules from The Iconic and this year, I thought it’d be fun to add a pink pair to my wardrobe. After seeing Kate of Kate La Vie wear the Dune London Blush Velvet Heeled Mules, I completely fell in love and I must’ve scoured the Internet for weeks on end trying to find somewhere that had them in stock! Just when I had almost given up, I struck gold when I saw them on ASOS. They had one last pair in stock in my size and on sale! It was meant to be! I really can’t do high heels like I once did during the clubbing~ days of my late teens and early twenties, but when I want to look a little more dressy, I do love myself a small block heel like this. They’re perfectly comfortable while still providing me with a little bit of height and I love that you can dress them up or down. I am all about the dressy casual outfits!

I’d been contemplating getting the Vans Old Skools in Black & White for about a year or so and I finally went ahead and got them when The Iconic had a 30% off sale. I know pretty much every blogger owns these shoes and I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t influenced~ because I definitely was! The more I kept seeing them, the cuter I found them! Like the pants I’ve featured in this post, they weren’t necessarily a spring/summer purchase either, but I also wouldn’t be inclined to wear them in winter when it rains more as that would damage the suede. In any case, I can see why everybody loves these shoes because they truly look good with everything. I have the Vans Authentics in both black and white too, and they’ve been a wardrobe staple of mine since 2012! Vans are definitely a great all-rounder shoe.

Things I’m still deciding on

We have a lot of warm weather ahead of us here in Australia (yay!) and I haven’t entirely filled all the gaps in my spring/summer wardrobe just yet. Rather than rush to try to have it complete by the time the season starts, I’d rather wait until I find the perfect pieces and also not spend my money all in one go.

In terms of tops, I’m feeling pretty good with where things are at right now, but I wouldn’t mind getting a couple more dressy casual tops. I’m praying the Perfect Stranger Button Crop comes back in stock (I tried the size 8, but it was weirdly huge and now I want to try the size 6) because although I know this type of top is quite trendy right now, I love it and I know it’s something that would fit in really nice with my wardrobe. I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with tortoise shell buttons like everyone else seems to be, but I do really like them, nevertheless. Another top I’m eyeing is the Perfect Stranger Little Tie Top. It’s so bloody cute! It does, however, look a little bit too cropped for my liking, so I want to try it on in-store first.

As for accessories, I’m still on the hunt for some round sunglasses. I was going to get the Ray-Ban Round Metal ones, but then I discovered the Bailey Nelson Adler Sunglasses and I want to give these a go first to decide on which ones I like more.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about the Token Bondi Straw Bag from Universal Store. I can’t decide whether this is too trendy though and if I’ll still want to wear it in a year’s time. I have straw baskets around my home which I absolutely love, but I’m a bit unsure when it comes to style. What do you guys think? Is this a trend that’s going to fade into obscurity like rose gold?! This might have to be another one I check out in-store first too.

Have you made any spring/summer wardrobe additions recently?

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