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Life Lately: November & December

Life Lately: November & December


Here we are the end of another year and I can’t quite believe it! I realise how cliché that sounds, but December has been so hectic, it feels like it’s been the longest month ever and almost as if it didn’t even happen all at the same time. I only thought this time of year was busy when you work in retail, but I’ve quickly learnt that it’s busy no matter what job you’re in! Working in social media, we were under the pump scheduling posts up until almost the end of January and I felt as if my brain was going to melt along with Perth and the soaring summer temperatures! We pulled through though and it’s been absolutely blissful taking a break from it all! I’m on holidays until the 7th of January and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in, eating chocolate for breakfast and not knowing what day it is!

Although I’ve got a fairly long break, I think it’s time to give my mind a proper rest and I probably won’t get my first post up for 2019 until a little bit later next month. I need to work on some behind-the-scenes stuff including reformatting old posts from when I changed my blog design back in April, updating my Lust List and catching up on my blog reading! In non-blog life admin, I want to start the New Year by getting organised! I’ve got iPhone photos to backup, my iTunes to declutter, unwanted items to list on eBay/Facebook Marketplace, as well as my annual social media declutter. It’s mostly all boring and tedious, but they’re things I’ve kept putting off and I know I’ll feel so much better for it once they’re done!


Since my last Life Lately post, one of the greatest things that could ever happen in my life, happened! Or, at least it’s going to happen in six month’s time! In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Spice Girls announced a UK tour at the beginning of November and on the date tickets went on sale, I decided to try and get two for my sister and I! I didn’t think I had much of a chance because I’ve never been the luckiest person in life, but it was on my side just when I needed it the most and I GOT TICKETS TO SEE THE SPICE GIRLS LIVE IN LONDON NEXT YEAR!!!

I was devastated when they cancelled the Sydney date of their world tour back in 2008 (I was going to fly to see them there too!) and they couldn’t announce another tour without me at least trying, so as soon as the clock hit 6pm (I think it was 10am in the UK), I was on three different ticketing websites! After an hour of waiting in various queues, I’d actually given up and thought to myself, ‘Well, at least I gave it a go’, but I honestly had nothing better to do that Saturday night and once I got it in my mind that I could potentially see the Spice Girls live, I just couldn’t let it go! I kept coming SO close, but the site wouldn’t accept my landline phone number (who even uses a landline these days, anyway?!), so I tried my nanna’s (lol) and then success! Before confirming, I kept asking my sister, “Should we go? Are we really doing this?!” and all she kept saying is “Yeah!”, which was more than enough to convince me!

I freaked out for approximately 2.5 seconds and said to myself, ‘So, I guess I’m going to London?!’. It was a pretty impulsive decision to make, but what is life if you don’t do a YOLO every now and then?! This band was my life growing up; a bucket list band I could only ever dream of ticking off, but on the 13th of June, 2019, I will get to do just that! A part of my heart breaks that Victoria won’t be there, but four out of the five is still more than good enough! While I’m over in Europe (close to Europe? What’s the deal with Brexit these days?!), I’ve also decided to spend a few days in Paris! I mean, I can’t be that close and not go to my favourite city! 2018 has been such a great year for me, a part of me doesn’t want it to end, but good things are coming next year too and I’m so bloody excited!


Christmas is super low key in my family (we didn’t even bother putting up the tree this year!) and we don’t do presents most years either, but I did still take the holidays as a good excuse to buy myself a gift! This year’s was quite extravagant too as I bought myself a brand new DSLR camera! Apart from my fancy beauty products, I really couldn’t care less about designer things (I did at one stage, but I think it was just the influence of the blogging world and now I find it all a bit too ostentatious) and I knew the best present I could ever give myself is something that nurtures my creativity and my beloved hobby. I upgraded my Canon EOS 600D (you’ve served me well, my friend!) to the 6D Mark II and I am absolutely in love! I won’t go into the techy side of things here, but that’ll probably come in another post at a later date!

Apart from my new toy, spending time with family and eating a lot, the festive season also brought about some fun Christmas parties. For our work ‘do, we finished at 2pm on a Friday afternoon to drink Aperol Spritzes and go bowling (I was surprisingly good! I scored myself a strike and even won one round!), and then from there, we went onto to have dinner at Threecoins. We drank Prosecco, ate antipasto and pasta, and it was the best! My old work friends and I decided to have a little get together too. We met up for dinner at Waverley Brewhouse and because I had just finished work for the year and it was a 38 degree day, I allowed myself to indulge in a few cocktails! I’m still thinking about the lime, tequila, chilli and salt concoction I had; it was incredible! After we stuffed ourselves, we went on bumper cars at iPlay and then played a couple of rounds of mini golf at Holey Moley. I wasn’t so good at the mini golf, but it was a fun night, nevertheless!


Music in November and December were no different to how it usually goes; ‘80s, ‘90s and synthpop! I discovered the ‘80s Daryl Braithwaite banger, As the Days Go By, and learnt that he is more than just a one-hit wonder! No, nothing could ever top The Horses, but he definitely deserves more credit than he is given! I also listened to Human by The Human League a lot and I think it just might be my favourite song by them now. In terms of ‘90s stuff, I continued on with my obsession for the commercial hits, particularly those by women artists. Some of the songs I had on repeat include Show Me Love by Robyn, I Love You Always Forever by Donna Lewis and Even When I’m Sleeping by Leonardo’s Bride. What a throwback! Oh, and let’s not forget the Spice Girls! They’re one of those bands I always go back to, but after getting tickets to see them live, I’ve definitely been playing them more than usual!

When it came to current music, I listened to the new albums by Mr Twin Sister, How to Dress Well and The Wombats, which were all pretty disappointing and forgettable, if I’m being honest. Apart from Oceans by The Wombats, there was nothing else on the three records that stood out to me, but to make up for it, I discovered the band Let’s Eat Grandma this month. I feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve made a new musical discovery that’s completely wowed me, but I am simply floored by the sheer talent of these two 19 year-old women. I’ve been listening to their album, I’m All Ears, on repeat and despite how new they are to me, they made it all the way to #3 on My Top 10 Albums of 2018 post! Falling Into Me is particularly my favourite.


At the end of November, my friends and I saw Bloc Party play at Red Hill Auditorium. On their Australian tour to perform their debut album, Silent Alarm, in full, it was my second time seeing them live and it was a lot of fun to relive one of the greatest albums of mid-2000s indie rock! For some reason, I suppose because change can be hard to get used to, I was put off when they introduced new band members a few years back (two of the original four left), but they’ve proven to be amazing, especially the girl drummer, Louise Bartle! She absolutely rocked when they played Like Eating Glass (also my favourite song)! I had never been to a gig at Red Hill Auditorium before and although it was a trek and a half to get to, it was so worth it to watch the sunset over the city and because it’s an amphitheatre, you get a great view from no matter where you're standing. My friend and I still chose to get the best one right up at the front though! We capped off the night the best way possible with kebabs and overall, my last gig of the year couldn’t have been any better!

Film and television

I watched four really great movies over the last couple of months, which were Dogfight, The Color Purple, Coco and Waking Life. Dogfight is a film set in the 1960s during the Vietnam War and the night before Eddie and his friends are to be shipped out, they play a game called 'dogfight', which is to go on a date with the ugliest girl they can find. Eddie’s date, Rose, finds out about the game, yet he ends up falling in love with her and we get taken along their journey to find out whether they work things out. Not at all your typical teen romance, it deals with some really interesting themes such as feminism, toxic masculinity and sticking up for yourself, and for a movie made in the early ‘90s, I think it was quite ahead of its time. I’ve always enjoyed River Phoenix films and this one was no exception.


The Color Purple and Coco were two absolute tearjerkers that made quite an impact on me! The Color Purple follows the life of a young black girl named Celie growing up in 1900s America and abused throughout most her life, we watch her come to terms with her past and learn to find happiness. With such a dark and heartbreaking subject matter, I put off watching this movie for fear of how distressing it would be and even though it most certainly it was, it was also one of the most profound, poignant and beautiful films I’ve ever watched. Clocking in at 2 hours and 34 minutes, I’m usually put off by long movies too, but from start to finish, I was absolutely enthralled and the only reason I would occasionally pause it was because I got a little bit uncomfortable. Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey were simply incredible and I highly recommend giving it a watch.

As for Coco, this Disney movie is about a 12 year-old Mexican boy named Miguel who, as an aspiring musician, faces the challenge of his family's ancestral ban on music. Celebrating Mexican culture, family and the power of music, Disney does what it does best in this film: tug on those damn heartstrings! I cried my little eyes out and my heart was left filled with nothing but pure joy. If you haven’t watched it yet, what are you doing with your life?!

Last, but not least, Waking Life is an animated film that follows a young man through his dream meeting different people and discussing with them philosophy and the meaning of life. I thought I’d give this movie a watch as I’ve always enjoyed Richard Linklater films and although it went a little bit over my head at times (it’s less about the plot and more about the dialogue, which occasionally got a bit too deep and science-y for me!), I still really enjoyed it. The scene where Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy reprise their roles as their Before Sunrise (one of the greatest movies of all time!) characters was particularly my favourite!

In terms of TV, I’m still watching The Office and I’m slowly, but surely getting towards the end! I’m up to season 8 right now and I think it’s taking me a little bit longer to get through as I’m finding the later seasons quite lacklustre. Holly is annoying and boring, and I don’t particularly care for her and Michael as couple, and it’s just not the same now that he’s left too! With Michael gone, I think Dwight really steals the show now, so that’s one good thing! I hear the ending is done really well though, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it all pans out. By the time I get my next Life Lately post up, I should finally be finished!

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