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Life Lately: September

Life Lately: September


Today is my birthday and I've officially entered the last year of my twenties, which is absolutely terrifying. I know age is just a number and all that, but as I fast approach my thirties now, it's hard not to compare my journey to others and let the expectations of society get to me. Everyone talks about "meant to be" or that "everything happens for a reason", but what is that reason? I've tried so hard leaving my comfort zone and putting myself out there, but I don't know what exactly I have to show for it. I suppose being in your twenties wouldn't be your twenties if everything didn't feel like one confusing mess though, right?

Birthday woes aside, I'm spending the day surrounded by my loved ones and I'm having a fancy buffet dinner out tonight (if your birthday isn't the perfect time to do all-you-can-eat, when is?!) with my family. As a combined birthday present to myself and from my family, I'm finally getting a record player, which I'm absolutely thrilled about! I've been wanting one for years, but I've always put buying makeup above everything else. I don't really have that same compulsive desire to buy makeup anymore though and you know me, I love my music. Why do all my hobbies have to be so expensive?!

A super exciting thing happened in the month of September! I was featured and published in the latest issue of Blogosphere magazine! The lovely Lily of Pint Sized Beauty was issue 14's beauty editor and she selected my blog as one of her top five favourites. Alongside that, my post How My Relationship with Beauty Has Changed was published (well, all that could fit onto one page because my posts are always so long!) and I'm so proud to have one of my favourite posts I've ever written now in print! I can't thank Lily enough for this incredible opportunity and I'm so grateful to have blogging as this big creative joy in my life with all you awesome girls. People who say blogging has become a negative place are following the wrong people because my little community here is honestly the best.

Exercise has never been something I've had the willpower to make a regular habit of in my life, but I've been working out at least two to three times a week this past month and I'm already noticing a difference. Mentally, it clears my mind and physically, I'm a lot more flexible and for the first time in my life, I can actually stretch and touch my toes! Even when I was more active as a kid, I've never been able to do this and I was always the one in school who did so badly at sport. Hopefully this will be something I'll be able to keep up with because it helps me feel a lot less blah and instead of telling myself that I want to get more toned, I should just actually do it.



Music during my birthday month could not have been better! My favourite band Cut Copy released their new album, Haiku from Zero, last week and I really couldn't have asked for a better birthday present. Given that it's their fifth album, I was worried it wouldn't live up to their previous work, but it was love at first listen and the album is full of dance bangers that immediately grab my attention. My favourite tracks are Standing in the Middle of the Field, Stars Last Me a Lifetime and No Fixed Destination.

I discovered the band Client Liaison earlier in the month and everything from their sound to their aesthetic is so authentically '80s, which I'm obviously obsessed with. I spent one night binge-watching their music videos; my favourite being A Foreign Affair featuring national treasure, Tina Arena (my mum adored her during the '90s and I spent my childhood growing up with her music). It's cheesy, naff and schmaltzy, and who here remembers Ansett?! I love that their videos are so full of Australian cultural references too. Still on Australian music, my old housemate and I were texting each other about Australian synthpop bands from the early 2000s (what a time to be alive!) and we revisited the song Kelly by Van She, which is still such a banger ten years on.

When I wasn't listening to Cut Copy's new album, I also really enjoyed the new releases from LCD Soundsystem, The Preatures, Alvvays, The Horrors and Ariel Pink. The St. Jerome's Laneway Festival lineup was also released this month and SLOWDIVE ARE COMING TO AUSTRALIA. They're one of those bucket list bands for me and I think I'm going to cry when I see them live, I love them so much. My Bloody Valentine are also probably definitely coming out with a new album next year and I'm just so happy I can experience all these beautiful shoegaze bands from the '80s when I wasn't even born, in 2017.


Film and television

I'm watching the Harry Potter films as I finish reading each book and this month, I finally completed Goblet of Fire after almost an entire year! In case you didn't know, I was never into the books as a kid because my sister was the fangirl in the family, which put me off them, and I've also just never been a massive book reader either. In fact, reading the entire Harry Potter series is one of those bucket list type things for me and the fact that I'm over halfway now - despite how long it's taken - is such an accomplishment! I have to give credit to my old housemate who got me to start reading them at the beginning of last year and even though we don't live together anymore, she's still making sure I'm continuing to read! I think we can all agree that the books are far better than the films (this isn't exclusive to Harry Potter either) and despite the missing sub-plots and characters, I think the most disappointing thing about the films is the portrayal of Dumbledore, especially as my favourite character. He's definitely not the kind, gentle and wise wizard he is in the films (he was spot on in the first one though), but I think of them more as a visual accompaniment to the books as opposed to something that stands up on their own.

In other movies, I finally watched Hidden Figures and Moonlight this month, both of which were incredible. Despite having not seen Moonlight until now, I was glad it won Best Picture at the Oscars over La La Land because it's so important that diverse characters and stories are recognised in the industry. I mean, I can't even believe it took this long for the Hidden Figures story to be made into a film. I also watched 20th Century Women because I love Elle Fanning (it also stars Annette Bening and Greta Gerwig who are great too) and T2 Trainspotting as I was a huge fan of the first movie (Born Slippy by Underworld played at the end is one of the best uses of music in film ever). Like most sequels, the first movie is still the best, but the second is still really great and I don't think fans of the original cult classic will be left disappointed.

As for TV shows, I finished watching Twin Peaks and I'm a little on the fence as to what I think about it. On one hand, it was nice to get more closure on what happened to Agent Dale Cooper, on the other, it was a lot more difficult to grasp than the original series and I had to read a few reviews just to make more sense of it all! It was a little slow in the beginning, but it definitely picks up in the later episodes and I appreciated the surrealist visuals and music in the show. Every Tuesday night, my family and I watch Kath & Kim on TV together and we just sit there in fits of laughter, I love it! What makes this show so brilliant is its ability to simultaneously poke fun and celebrate Australian culture, and being filmed in the early 2000s, it's become all the more delightfully cringeworthy and nostalgic. After living in Melbourne, I appreciate the show even more now as I understand and pick up on those unique Melburnian references too.


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