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Life Lately: July

Life Lately: July

Some exciting blog changes happened in the month of July. After using landscape images as my feature photo in my posts for the last six years (wtf, how is my blog so old?), I finally made the switch to portrait. It was something I'd been contemplating since the beginning of the year, but I felt afraid of the change and like I was furthering myself away from the "old school" style of blogging. I started incorporating them into my blog posts back in October of last year and it was definitely hard at first, but the more I kept photographing, the easier it became and I actually prefer shooting this way over landscape now. The height in portrait photos makes the composition so much more interesting, but I'll still be including landscape photos as I enjoy mixing things up in my posts.

The header and footer of my blog got a little bit of a makeover too. I was feeling bored of my previous layout, but I also didn't want anything too dramatic. Even though I use portrait feature blog photos now, I can't leave behind the good old sidebar! Lastly, my shop pages have been updated too. My old Wishlist is now known as the Lust List, where I feature cool stuff on the Internet that I've bought or want to buy. I think it's fun if you're super nosy like me, plus you can get to know my personal style a bit better too. As a disclaimer, I don't use affiliate links and I'm not trying to sell my readers products. Of course, there's absolutely nothing wrong with making money from your blog (if I could do it while staying true to my personal blogging ethics, I would!), but I find it a bit pointless when I've only got a small following and everyone is based in different countries with different shops, as well as having different personal tastes. I've never shopped through anyone's affiliates links myself for that reason and therefore, I don't feel entirely comfortable using them.

July was a relatively quiet month, overall. We were really hit with the cold weather this month, so it's been nice just staying indoors with a candle lit. My mum, sister and I recently popped into a Japanese grocery store and we picked up some Genmaicha green tea, which has a roasted rice flavour and is perfect for feeling all cosy and warm. After living in a city like Melbourne for the last two and a half years, Perth can feel underwhelming at times too. It's hard to feel settled here when you feel like a part of you truly belongs somewhere else, but in saying that, I don't know if I'd trade it for seeing my family everyday. Even though Perth is home, I think I'm still finding my feet being back here in some ways, but I always knew it wasn't going to be easy. Taking comfort in the little things like decorating my room and my desk space are doing me some good though, and I'm currently planning a dedicated home updates post!



First and foremost, my true loves, Cut Copy (they're the band who inspired my blog name) released a new song called Airborne and I must've listened to it ten times in a row when it first came out. I wouldn't say it's up their with my favourites, but I still think these guys are going strong and I hope this means a new album is imminent!

I sadly haven't been to a lot of gigs this year, but with Splendour in the Grass taking place this month, I got to catch the Banks and Two Door Cinema Club sideshows a couple of weeks ago. Both were really fun and energetic gigs and I always love a chance to see my favourite musicians live. I would've loved to have seen Cut Copy, Sigur Rós and LCD Soundsystem's Splendour sideshows, but alas, they didn't come to Perth. Live music is the number one thing I miss about living on the east coast. That and my old housemate's cat!

The two standout new releases for me this month were HAIM's Something to Tell You and Beach House's B-Sides and Rarities. I also really enjoyed Mister Mellow by Washed Out. In older music, a friend on Twitter got me to listen to IO Echo's album Ministry of Love, which sounds a lot like The Horrors and I've also been listening to a lot of '80s music, though that's nothing new. There's just something about those lush synths and cheesy lyrics that instantly lifts my spirits.

Film and television

July's gloomy weather was perfect for working my way through my movies list; my favourites being Moana and The Ice Storm. In Moana, not only was it great to see a strong female lead character in a Disney film, but someone of colour too, plus it was all that fun stuff that Disney is; action-packed, funny and heartfelt. I used to hear the soundtrack all the time at work though, so that was kind of ruined for me! I also watched The Parent Trap twice this month; once at a movie and pizza night with my friends and then again when it was on TV last weekend. I freaking love this movie; it was such a huge part of my childhood and my mum would rent out Lindsay Lohan movies for me because she knew I loved her so much. The camp part in the beginning is the best!

Arrival, Fences and Allied were the Oscar buzz movies I finally got around to watching and out of all three, I'd say Arrival was my favourite. I only ever really watch movies for the actresses in them (because who cares about men, amirite?) and Amy Adams, Voila Davis and Marion Cotillard gave such amazing performances in their roles, respectively. Allied wasn't very well received by critics, but for its nod to Casablanca and Marion Cotillard's stunning 1940s wardrobe, it's well worth the watch.

In TV, I finished watching Daria and the latest season of MasterChef Australia wrapped up, which I'm happy Diana won. It's been a long time since I've watched reality TV (or TV on an actual TV, for that matter), I think last show I was into must've been Australian Idol back in the day! I started watching the Twin Peaks revival, but I'm not too far into it just yet because I kind of have to psych myself up to watch it. It's so creepy! I'll never be able to understand people who enjoy horror. Twin Peaks and Stranger Things are as far as I can go and even that's pushing it.

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