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Sephora US Haul

Sephora US Haul

I'm not really one to haul beauty products very often these days. It's not because I love it less or anything like that, but because I've progressively found myself more in tune with the ideals behind minimalism and shifting further away from the "haul culture" that's usually present within beauty blogging. Buying one or two products a month is more than enough to satisfy me nowadays (I even inadvertently went six weeks without buying anything just a couple of months ago!), but when my good friend, Jess, was headed on holiday to the US and offered to pick me up some goodies from Sephora, well, how could I say no? There were a few items on my wishlist that were either cheaper to buy overseas or not even available in Australia, so it was the perfect time to splurge a little and even save a few dollars in the process.

Anastasia Beverly Hills 4 Well Palette

I've been getting into warm-toned eyeshadows a lot recently and upon swatching a few of the Anastasia Eyeshadow Singles at Sephora in Melbourne Central, I decided to put together one of their customisable 4 Well Palettes. Anastasia Eyeshadow Singles retail for $12 US, which equates to $16 AUD, even though they retail here for $23 AUD! It's practically robbery, if you ask me. My palette is comprised of the shades Sateen (a "brilliant champagne"), Glisten (a "shimmery beige", though I'd describe it more as a shimmery golden peach), Birkin (a "warm beige mauve") and Red Earth (a "reddish brown"). Apart from a couple of brow products, I've never tried anything else from Anastasia before and I'm really impressed by the quality of these eyeshadows. They're buttery smooth and highly pigmented with minimal fallout, though I do have to press Glisten onto my eyelids rather than sweep it across since it contains some glitter. I don't see myself expanding on my collection any time soon, or if ever, because Lord knows I definitely do not need anymore eyeshadow, but I'm really happy with the four that I own.

Dior Diorshow Maximiser 3D Triple Volume Plumping Lash Primer

I've been a huge fan of the Dior Diorshow Maximiser 3D Triple Volume Plumping Lash Primer for a number of years now, but after my last tube getting old and needing to be thrown away, I decided to try something different, the IT Cosmetics Tightline Full Lash Length Black Mascara Primer. I expected it to be amazing given the rave reviews, but I feel like it does nothing whatsoever to my lashes and I've been greatly underwhelmed by it. Needless to say, I'll be staying loyal to my Dior Lash Primer from now on as this works wonders for added drama and length. The eyelashes look thick and coated even before going in with regular mascara and it also contains an oil serum concentrate to improve the lashes overtime. I can't be bothered with fake lashes, nor am I comfortable dropping heaps of money every month on lash lifts or extensions (I fear they'd ruin my natural lashes too), so a good mascara primer does the trick for me on nights out and special occasions when I want a little more oomph. At $55 AUD, this stuff doesn't come cheap, but it's $29.50 US ($40 AUD), which was quite a saving.

Fresh Sugar Roll-On Deodorant Antiperspirant

Given that Sephora Australia is a part of Sephora SAS, I'm not sure why Fresh isn't available here when it is in the Southern Asian Sephora stores. I love the scent of the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments, so I was curious to see how this would translate in deodorant form as I feel like nice smelling deodorants aren't easy to come by. I've been using the Fresh Sugar Roll-On Deodorant Antiperspirant for a little over a month now and while it does have the brand's iconic Sugar scent, in deodorant form, I've found it to be a little too sweet for my liking. Since using this deodorant, I've discovered that I prefer them to be more fresh and neutral scented so it doesn't interfere with my perfume of the day, and although it provides decent protection, it's definitely not as long-lasting as my usual Vichy 48hr Anti-Perspirant Treatment Roll On. It's fun to try new products, but I've also found it to be a reminder of why I've been loyal to others for so long! I'll be going back to Vichy once this is used up.

Nails Inc Nailpure Nail Polish in Bond Street Passage

As soon as I saw this nail polish on The Beauty Look Book, I knew I needed it in my life. It was the perfect nudey mauve pink shade I'd been searching for and my heart sank when I saw that David Jones didn't carry the entire Nailpure line, nor was it selling on eBay where they ship nail polish internationally. Jess is an angel who came through with the goods for me though and I'm so, so happy I have this nail polish in my life as it's absolutely beautiful. The Nails Inc Nailpure Nail Polish in Bond Street Passage is described as a "dusky grey pink", which I'd say is pretty accurate. To the untrained non-beauty blogger eye, this probably isn't any different to the rest of my nude nail polish collection, but when you are a beauty blogger, you have the gift of being able to notice even the most subtle variations! I'd say Bond Street Passage is most similar to Essie's Lady Like, only more pink and less nude. The formula is thick and opaque (you could get away with one coat, but I like two for good measure), while the brush is wide for an even, steak-free application. I'm not one to wear the same nail polish shade a few times in a row, but I really can't help but gravitate towards Bond Street Passage each time I paint my nails. The weightiness and new look of the bottles makes Nails Inc feel all the more luxurious too.

Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist

Pixi isn't available at Sephora US stores (it is in Australia, though they're constantly out of stock!) and this was actually bought at Target where again, I was able to get it significantly cheaper. Plus, for whatever reason, it seems to be out of stock on all online retailers that sell in Australian currency and I wasn't willing to pay in GBP with high conversion rates. With my dry skin, I'd been wanting to try the Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist for quite some time and it really is as lovely and nourishing as everyone claims it to be. It's packed full of hyaluronic acid to maintain moisture levels and I really enjoy using this at night before going in with my serum and moisturiser. Once it hits winter next month, I think it'll be a great addition to my daytime skincare routine too. The only downside is that I find you have to spritz a lot to get a nice, even layer across the face, but that just might be because the mister is really fine and lightweight. It's also good to keep in mind that Pixi's Mist bottles can be quite temperamental. Every time I'd spray my bottle of Makeup Fixing Mist, it'd come out in one, giant squirt, which was not pleasant to use at all and I know other people have had issues too. Thankfully, this bottle mists perfectly fine, though I do think their packaging could do some working on.

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

I probably own more facial mists than is needed for one face, but as I mentioned above, I have dry skin, which means I get a lot of use out of them. Not only that, but Tatcha isn't a brand available in Australia and I think it's only human nature to want what you can't have! I haven't used the mist a whole lot yet, but I can tell you that it's definitely luminous, very dewy and the results are instant. The complexion appears immediately glowy and radiant, so I definitely wouldn't recommend this if you're on the oily side. Said to be a spray-on moisturiser, Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist is formulated with botanical oils and humectants, as well being infused with a Hadasei-3 Anti-Aging Complex. It's $48 USD ($64.50 AUD), which is an extortionate amount of money to drop on what's essentially a fancy water, and for that reason, I'm not entirely sure if I'd repurchase it, but nevertheless, I really enjoy it and I'm glad I've been able to try it out.

What you have hauled recently?

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