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I live in Perth, Australia, and this is my creative outlet where I blog about beauty, my life and everything in between. I enjoy the '80s, the '90s and anything French, and some of my favourite things in life include music,  film, summer and a nice cup of tea.

A Tour of My Bedroom

A Tour of My Bedroom

My bedroom is my favourite place to be in the entire world. It's a space that makes me feel the happiest and most comfortable, and I find it such a joy to be surrounded by the beautiful things that represent me. From my makeup, clothes, books, records and everything in between, these are the things that make home feel like home, so it was important to me that when I moved to Melbourne, I'd bring everything along. Living in a city that I didn't know all that well, I needed that familiarity and when I moved back to Perth last month, it was really sad leaving this space that had made the experience of living in such an incredible city all the more wonderful. I really can't wait for the day that I have a little apartment to make my own and call home (it's the reason why I moved back home as rent is a bitch), but for now, I have my bedroom to immerse myself in and as my own retreat from the outside world.

My housemate and I lived in an apartment located in the heart of Brunswick, one of Melbourne's most popular inner northern suburbs that's about a twenty five minute tram ride from the city. Our local supermarket was literally downstairs, we were a two minute walk away from the post office, as well as a grocer that sold beautiful, fresh flowers, close to both the tram and train (bus too, but as my housemate would say, the bus is for peasants), close to cute shops and cafés, and our balcony overlooked an amazing view of the city. You really couldn't have asked for a better place. It was reasonably sized and it made a really great home for the last two and a half years, though we couldn't afford to make it all super nice, so I just concentrated on making my bedroom feel as homely as possible. During an inspection, our property manager once commented that my room looked like a hotel!

Starting on the left-hand side, we have my laundry basket that I bought from eBay and that I cleared out just to take these photos (lol). Next to it is my IKEA Micke Desk, which served me well for the time that I had it, but I eventually outgrew it and found it too small, so I sold it before I moved back home. I won't go any further into detail about my desk as I already did an in-depth tour of it a year ago and I never changed the setup in that time. I find that I tend to be a creature of habit when it comes to decor as once I find a setup I really like the look of and that's functional, I stick with it. I've got a new, bigger desk now and once that's all set up and looking good, I'll definitely show you all around that one too.

Taking centre place of my room is my bed. I bought the bed frame almost ten years ago from Bedshed; it was originally silver, but my mum and I spray painted it black. Entwined into it, I have some dainty fairy lights from a Melbourne shop called The Woodsfolk and I love turning them on at night to set the mood for a movie or TV show in bed. I'm looking to get a new bed frame as I'm kind of bored of this one now, but that's all in good time when I have the money. I have a white, blush pink and grey colour palette going on on my bed; the fluffy pink cushion being from Kmart, while my other two cushions are from Myer, but unfortunately, not available anymore. The throw on my bed is also from Myer. I shared my bed with little Garfunkel (affectionately known as Funk) a lot of the time and I loved cuddling up with him and being the big spoon! In the colder months, I'd turn my electric blanket on for him and his purr is one of my favourite sounds in the world. I miss this cheeky little boy so much. 

The first two prints above my bed are from Rifle Paper Co., while the third one on the end was made by favourite Australian letterer, Jasmine Dowling. They tie in so well with my bedroom colour scheme and I'm so impressed that I hung these perfectly straight and even all by myself and without a spirit level!

To the right of my bed is my bedside table, the IKEA Lack Side Table, which I upcycled with marble vinyl adhesive. Again, there's a detailed post from last year all about my bedside table, if you'd like to take a look at that. You will have noticed that I haven't gotten very far in my Harry Potter reading in the last year, but I'm nearly at the end of The Goblet of Fire now! I'm so slack when it comes to reading; even when I really enjoy a book, I just don't have that same desire to keep reading like others do and once I have to put a book down, it takes a lot of motivation for me to pick it back up again. I'm going to make it my goal to finish the series by next year though!

The next feature over from my bedside table is my window. The blinds were quite ugly, but I loved the natural light this window brought in as it was absolutely perfect for blog photography. The window overlooked another apartment and sometimes I'd feel self-conscious taking my blog photos when the neighbours were on the balcony and my blinds were wide open!

To the right of my window is my shelving unit, the IKEA Kallax, where I store books, my minuscule record collection (it's slowly growing!) and some beauty products, mostly body stuff. On top of my shelving unit resides a photo of my best friend and I, my marble clock from Country Road (it never had batteries in it), a couple of tealight candle holders, some Diptyque candles and my jewellery box from Temple and Webster. I love the look of catch-all trays and having jewellery pieces serve as decor, but I fear all that light exposure would ruin them, plus I'm way too much of an organisational freak to not have everything categorised! During my move, I ended up giving the shelving unit to my housemate as I wouldn't have been able to fit it in the bedroom I'm currently in, so I'm looking to get something taller and less wide now.

Opposite my bed is my favourite part of my room, my dressing table! As a beauty blogger, I suppose that makes sense and applying my makeup is sort of ritualistic for me. I definitely don't wear it every single day, but when I do, it's something I really enjoy and like to take my time with. Funnily enough, I used to dread applying my makeup because I hated how long it took, but I've come to really love the process and I find it so much fun now. As you all know, my dressing table is the IKEA Malm Dressing Table, while my stool is from eBay and my mirror from a local Perth shop called Thingz. I did a detailed post all about my dressing table and makeup collection last month.

Following on, we have my IKEA Mulig Clothes Rack, which holds my Skagen backpack, scarves, jackets and coats. Below it, are my most worn shoes. I didn't have enough room for them in my wardrobe, plus at that time, I was really into how clothing racks looked in bedrooms. I think they still look great, but now I prefer to keep my clothes away from the dust. This was another piece of furniture I didn't have enough room for when I moved back home, anyway.

My bedroom door follows on, but that's nothing exciting and I just added some pretty shopping bags on the door handle for decor. I got rid of them during my move as I find it a bit juvenile now! We then have my wardrobe, a mirrored double sliding door wardrobe, which I just loved. I got the bigger room, but smaller wardrobe when my housemate and I moved into our apartment, though it was definitely an improvement from the last wardrobe I had. The top shelf stored a lot of random shit (most of which I got rid of), then going down, we had my perfumes, tops, and then shorts and pants on the last shelf. In the first drawer were bras, second was underwear, gym clothes, socks and stockings in the third, and in the last drawer, pyjamas. I had a nice little shelf to house my cameras and tech stuff too and hanging below it were my dresses, a couple of longer cardigans and coats, plus my dressing gown. On the right-hand side of my wardrobe hung my jumpers and nice tops, and below it were my skirts.

And there you have it, my Melbourne bedroom! I miss this little room a lot and I associate it with so many of my favourite Melbourne memories; Perth friends coming to stay with me, sleepovers with my new Melbourne friends, texting my housemate from my room while she was in hers, chilling out with Funk, FaceTiming my family and so much more. One of my favourite things about blogging is having a place to document moments in life and I'm glad I have this post to look back on and remember my room by. If you want, you can check out my old room tour from 2014 and when my current room is all set up, I'll show you all around once more.

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