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What I Wore in Summer

What I Wore in Summer

Summer is my favourite season through and through. Bright blue skies, mangoes, early sunrises and late sunsets, more daylight for blog photos and with just generally feeling a lot happier, there really is no time of year that I love more. Having said that, I've actually always preferred winter fashion because it's so much easier to look put together, but over the past few months, I think I've really honed in on my summer style and I love putting together a warm weather outfit now. I think taking the time to develop and curate your personal style really goes a long way in making it easier not only when dressing for the different seasons, but in also how confident you feel when you present yourself to the world. When you live in Australia, it can be difficult looking nice in 35+ degree heat, but this summer, I was lucky enough to find all the key pieces I was looking for in my little seasonal wardrobe update and now I love my warm weather clothing just as much as my clothes for the cold. As summer comes to an end here in the Southern Hemisphere and I bid the season a sad farewell to welcome back coats and boots, here's what I've been wearing over the past three months.

When it comes to my personal fashion style, I'm very much influenced by the '90s and I love combining the decade inspired pieces with those that are basic and minimal. I know the '90s are very trendy right now and we're always being told to stay away from trends, but this is one that actually works in my favour as it's my favourite decade and also very me. I love the simple, yet cute top and mini skirt combinations worn by Rachel from Friends as well as Cher from Clueless (though my tastes are far less preppy!) and in the winter, I take inspiration from my favourite shoegaze bands like Slowdive and Curve, and bring out my inner grunge. When my stomach isn't flat enough for cute crop tops in the summer (just keeping it real here!), I also love loose-fitting tops and flowy shorts; they're always my go-to choices for ultimate comfort during a 40 degree heatwave.


I mostly wear plain tees, crop tops and tank tops during the summer, which seemed a bit pointless to photograph to me, but I don't mind a graphic tee when I find a print I like (still very minimal) and I definitely love a classic stripe too. Not too long ago, I bought myself the Calvin Klein CK Logo T-Shirt and I love chucking this on with a skirt or jeans. Very basic, very '90s, very me! Another one of my favourite printed t-shirts to wear this summer was my Brooklyn Tee by Project Social Tee from Topshop. I love the heather grey colour in casual clothing and I love the typography in this t-shirt too.

I love a cute '90s crop and Topshop do them so well. I have a striped one, as well as a space grey one and the high neckline is something I find really flattering. From Universal Store, I'm utterly taken with my Pare Basic June Top, which is a great one to wear when it's a little chillier. My striped muscle crop top by Quirky Circus (featured in the very first photo of this post) is a piece I've had for years; it's a super flattering cut on me and it goes with almost everything else in my wardrobe. I mean, you can never go wrong with a striped top though.

As I mentioned, I love loose-fitting tops too and the American Apparel Lulu Top (I'm so sad they went into administration in Australia) is just adorable. The grid print is also something different to your average stripe, but still something classic. It splits open at the back, which at first, made me feel a little self conscious to reveal so much skin, but as I love this top so much, I still wear it and don't let it bother me. The Silence + Noise Leela Cami from Urban Outfitters is so flowy and soft, and I love pairing them with some shorts for a really comfortable summer outfit. I photographed my white cami, but I also have a black one in the same style too.


I don't own as many summer dresses like I have done in the past as I think I've become a lot pickier when it comes to style and colour now. I do, however, have two go-to ones; the Ponte A-Line Racer Back Mini Dress from American Apparel and the Atmos & Here Eliza Tee Tank Dress from The Iconic. The arm holes of my American Apparel dress drop quite low, so I pair it with either my Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Bralette or a lacy one, which are nice to have on show a little. The rayon material its predominantly made out of doesn't cling to your skin and as it's super loose and free-flowing, it's one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing I own. I also never have to be self-conscious of a food baby when I wear this dress!

The Atmos & Here Eliza Tee Tank Dress is definitely inspired by the current slip dress trend, yet it's a basic piece that's still effortless and cool just like the '90s were. I love this dress mostly because it reminds me of one of Monica's Season 1 outfits and Friends will forever be my favourite TV show.


Balmy 30 degree summer nights are pure bliss to me, but unfortunately, living in Melbourne, the temperature tends to drop quite dramatically and I need a jacket on hand for when it gets a little chilly. Even when we're forecast for a nice evening, I'll always carry a jacket with me just in case because I'm so terrified of the cold! I can handle a 40+ degree heatwave, but as soon as the temperature drops below 20, I'm ready to go into hibernation.

I have two denim jackets from Topshop; a super light wash one that's also lighter in material, as well as a darker wash one that's slightly thicker in comparison, and I alternate between the two depending on how chilly it is outside. Bomber jackets seem to have made a pretty big comeback and though I've never been too fussed over them, I'm really digging them now as they're something different to a denim jacket and leather jackets are just too heavy in the summer. A few months ago, I picked up the Easy Rider Bomber Jacket by All About Eve from Myer and I'm obsessed with it. Blush pink is also something very on trend, but I don't think I could ever get sick of the cute colour.


You can definitely see I've got a colour palette going on when it comes to my bottoms! I do have a few prints in my wardrobe, but for the most part, I tend to keep it quite plain and basic, so that they're easier to mix and match with different tops. I love how easy and relaxed shorts are; some days I just can't deal with a tight-fitting mini skirt!

I had been on the lookout for some lacy white shorts for a few months until I found the Floral Crochet Shorts from Topshop, which fit the bill perfectly and were on sale! I was after a pair of chambray shorts this summer too and again, found the perfect ones in the Chambray Pull On Short by Miss Shop from Myer. I've had my Topshop Petite Crochet Shorts in black for a while now, but I still get so much wear out of them each summer, pairing them with either a crop top or loose-fitting tee. Another pair of black shorts I own are the Bag Shorts by Luck & Trouble from Universal Store. I love that I can dress both these pairs of shorts up and down, yet they're also so comfortable, they feel like loungewear. That's the best of both worlds right there.


When it comes to skirts, I'm very much in love with a high-waisted mini a-line as I find them the most flattering style on my short legs. I think my American Apparel Denim Lulu Mini Skirt makes me look like a tennis player, but not in a bad way at all! I usually pair it with a cropped muscle tank. Universal Store is a shop I only recently started buying from and I don't know why I never looked in their stores sooner; I love their stuff! Their Pare Basic brand is especially right up my alley, particularly their Shelby Skirt, which I just had to get in three colours; black, white and pink! Perhaps it's a tad excessive, but if you love a style that much and you're going to get a lot of wear out of them, why not? I had been on the hunt for a blush pink a-line skirt with silver buttons for the longest time when I discovered this beauty.

The Topshop Waffle Texture Pelmet Skirt in black is one of my all-time favourite pieces in my wardrobe. It looks good no matter what top I pair with it and it reminds of '90s Rachel Green when she was still waitressing at Central Perk! I love it so much, I found a white skirt from Topshop that's similar in style on Depop, and they're both so versatile and great for dressing either up or down. My striped bodycon skirt is another number from Topshop and one of my favourites for nights out.


I think the pair of shoes you choose to wear with an outfit can really go a long way. With a nice pair of sandals, you can turn it into something dressy, but with a pair of trainers, it gives it that casual vibe. I don't really have a lot of dedicated going out clothes like I used to, so I rely on my shoes and makeup depending on how dressed up or down I want to look.

When I want to look dressy, my Windsor Smith Lily Sandals have been my go-to for years. I love a good '90s-style chunky shoe and I love that these give me a bit of height too. Again, I love them so much, I have them in both black and white. I wouldn't mind getting a pair of flat sandals for something a little comfier, but I haven't found anything I like yet.

For something a little more casual, I have three pairs of sneakers I rely on. First, there's the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Classic Colour Low Tops, which are a staple in everyone's wardrobe no matter what season it is; they're cult classic and a great pair of versatile shoes that go with literally any outfit. My Adidas Originals Stan Smith Sneakers have been a recent favourite of mine this summer and a pair I'll continue wearing into the colder months. They honestly feel like clouds on my feet! Then lastly, there's my Vans Authentic Sneakers in Black (not pictured), another wardrobe staple I go to for comfort. For those really casual days, you can't go wrong with a pair of Havaianas thongs (also, not pictured) either; they're great for chucking on while I just run errands.

I hope you enjoyed this look into my summer wardrobe and for those of you heading into spring (jealous), perhaps this post can give you some outfit inspiration. I still love and wear the clothes I featured in this summer clothing post from two years ago (you'll notice some of them again in this post), but as I've progressively found my summer style, I wanted to do an update. Even though beauty will always be my first love, I think it's interesting getting to know one's personal style overall, so I'll try to incorporate more of these types of posts on my blog in the future. I kind of really want to do a sleepwear/loungewear wardrobe post (aka the best type of clothing ever).

What's your summer fashion style?

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