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Life Lately: November

Life Lately: November


November brought about pivotal date in Australian history and to me, it was the most significant thing that happened this month. On the 15th of November, Australia voted yes for same sex marriage and it was indeed a proud moment for this sunburnt country of mine. It's still unbelievable that the Government wasted $122 million for a voluntary survey (voting is otherwise compulsory in Australia) to debate human rights and ask Australians a question we already knew the answer to (there have been polls conducted as to whether it should be legalised), but in a world where bad news is a constant, the result was nevertheless a breath of fresh air. As a perpetually single straight person who feels indifferent towards marriage, my bitter heart is full of love for the LGBTIQA community and when Senator Penny Wong cried, I cried!

To celebrate marriage equality, my blog header has temporarily been given rainbow makeover and I'm loving the colourful change. In other blog changes, I also added 'Read more' links to my posts, which I was so against for the longest time (I've always loved seeing the entirety of posts when scrolling through someone's blog), but I've now finally caught up with the rest of the blogging world. I've only done my 2017 posts, but hopefully my blog is a lot easier to navigate now and I'll be going back to do the rest of my posts soon enough.


At the beginning of the month, I attended my first ever blogging event in Perth and was invited to the launch of T2's Christmas collection, Joy 2 the Wild. It's no secret here that I absolutely love my tea and it was a lovely evening drinking tea infused cocktails and meeting fellow Perth bloggers. It can feel a little awkward going to events sometimes because everyone there always seems to know each other except me (I think the same bloggers get invited to the same events, but I haven't attended many in my time), but I'm all for meeting new people and doing things that get me out of my comfort zone.

Another exciting thing that happened in November is getting my new bedside table! After receiving quite a hefty chunk of money back during tax time (my favourite time), I treated myself to this West Elm beauty and it finally arrived this month. I had a look at a few other marble and wood side tables, but most of them were just as expensive and not even that nice. Plus, I managed to get this during a 20% off sale too. My first peonies of the season (sadly, now gone) look absolutely beautiful sat on top of it and I love that the earthy, woody tones bring some warmth into my room.

My friends and I took a mini road trip up to Bullsbrook and went strawberry picking last week, which was surprisingly a lot of fun. I've never been an outdoorsy type, but it was nice to do something a little different from our usual catch ups and I'm going to be making a strawberry frangipane tart this week!


After watching Stranger Things season 2 (more on that below), I immediately had to listen to the accompanying soundtrack by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein. I don't think it was as good as season 1's, though there's still some amazing synthpop bangers on there; my favourites being Walkin in Hawkins, PresumptuousScars and We Go Out Tonight. Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein are part of the band, S U R V I V E, who are playing at St. Jerome's Laneway Festival next year and I'm really hoping I'll get to hear the Stranger Things theme song live!

In other '80s-inspired music, I decided to check out John Maus because I really liked the album art to his new release, Screen Memories, and it sounded exactly how I imagined it. One of my favourite ways to discover new music is through cool album artwork! John Maus' music is in a similar vein to Ariel Pink's, who I actually saw live at Rosemount Hotel last weekend. The sound was a little muffled (I think it was intentional though) and it was definitely a bizarre show (he was wearing a bum bag like a handbag throughout the entire gig!), but I nevertheless had a great night out. It doesn't get any better than good music and good friends for me.

The new releases from Com Truise (if Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein didn't soundtrack Stranger Things, Com Truise totally could), Teen Daze, Baths and HEALTH were all great listens from November and I especially loved Fever Ray's new album, Plunge. It's less accessible than her first, but eight years later, I'm just happy she's back. I've always loved Karin Dreijer Andersson's music and her work with The Knife and Röyksopp hugely influenced my taste in music many years ago.

When I'm not listening to new albums, you'll usually find me listening to my '80s Spotify playlist, but this month, I decided to give some other stuff a listen and I rediscovered my love for Bloc Party and Bear in Heaven. People say Silent Alarm is the best Bloc Party record, but I have such a soft spot for Intimacy as I saw them live when they toured the album and it brings back such good memories. As for Bear in Heaven, their album, I Love You, It's Cool, was all I listened to back in 2012 and five years on, it's still one of my all-time favourites.

Film and television

November was all about Stranger Things and it's honestly the best show on TV (well, Netflix) right now. Not even five minutes into the first episode and my '80s-music-loving heart was exploding and if it's not the music, then it's the aesthetic and styling. I know the show is meant to take influence from a lot of '80s horror films, but I love the scenes set in the school because I totally get John Hughes vibes from them. I don't even feel like I'm watching something filmed in the 2000s! As much as I loved season 1, I feel like I enjoyed season 2 more because it was less scary (I'm a wuss), but with more character development, and I really got emotional in some scenes! Those kids are crazy talented and Winona Ryder remains an '80s icon even now in 2017. I love her and this show so much.

I watched two music-themed films this month, 8 Mile and Sing Street. For some reason, I had never seen 8 Mile up until now and I think it's worth the watch if you grew up listening to Eminem's music. It totally took me right back to high school! As for Sing Street, it was one of the best movies I've seen all year. Taking place in 1980s Dublin, Conor is a boy in high school who starts a band to impress a girl he likes (it's a typical off-beat indie romance, which is so my kind of movie) and obviously being set in the '80s, the music featured in the film is amazing. Conor's band are influenced by Duran Duran, David Bowie and The Cure, just to name a few, and it's really funny to see how the band's look evolves to reflect them. The original music is just as fun as the '80s stuff and it's a really uplifting, lighthearted watch. 

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