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Home Updates

Home Updates


Creating a living space that represents my personality and my interests is something that's always been important to me and as I'd consider myself an introvert, I take a lot of comfort and pride in my home. I love being surrounded by all my beautiful belongings and I think interior design is also something that naturally seems to go hand-in-hand with being a creative type. Moving back home to Perth from Melbourne about six months ago now, I'm back at my parents' in my sister's old room (she took mine when I moved out) and although it's a much smaller room than the one I had back in Melbourne, I've created something really cosy for myself. I'm really in love with what I've done to my new room, so I thought I'd show you all the little updates I've made since my previous Melbourne room tour.

I never could've imagined that I'd be living back home with my parents in my late twenties, but as someone really experiencing the negative effects of the current economic climate, I don't think I had much of a choice. As I would also like to own my own place one day, I can't both rent and save all by myself either. It's definitely not the most ideal situation, but I'm nevertheless grateful I have supportive parents who are easy to get along with and I really love spending time with my family. Living away actually made me closer to them and now that we're all older, my family feel more like friends to me and it's really, really nice. Life certainly hasn't turned out the way I'd hoped, but it's the people who are in it that's most important.

I still miss Melbourne a lot and a part of me always will, just like I always missed Perth when I wasn't here. At the end of the day, I just couldn't imagine living away from my family permanently and flying to and from opposite ends of the country certainly isn't cheap. Who knows, maybe one day I'll end up back in Melbourne; things change and you can never say never, but either way, I have an incredible life experience that's completely of my own, that was for myself and by myself, and I'm so glad I did it. Anyway, enough rambling, let's get back on topic to my home updates!



My bed has been through many different cushion variations in the last few years and I never seem to be satisfied no matter how I change things up! Even now, there's still something not quite right about it, but I think it's simply down to me be being bored of my bed frame. It's almost ten years old now, which is understandable and eventually, I'd like to replace it with something like the Freedom Rhodes Queen Bed Frame. For now, my bed suits me just fine and I'm nevertheless pleased with my current cushion setup. The cushions that sit behind my pillows are the Vue Nora European Pillowcases from Myer (no longer available) and I just so happened to randomly discover these while flicking through Myer's Emporium magazine. They were exactly what I was after, not to mention, they have a lovely silky, velvety feel to them. I've also added the H&M Cotton Canvas Cushion Covers in Light Petrol to my bed (all my cushions inserts are just from IKEA) and I've had the Kmart Zsa Zsa Faux Fur Cushion for a year now, which I still absolutely love. At $12, Kmart do some of the best inexpensive homewares and their cushions are a much cheaper - as well as vegan friendly - alternative to the popular mohair ones. As you can see, my bed cushions match perfectly to the prints above it and I think it ties everything together really nicely.

Fresh flowers

There's nothing like beautiful blooms to liven up and add colour to a home and although they don't last all that long, it's something that's always worth it to me and I'd much rather buy a bouquet than a new lipstick nowadays. When I was living in Melbourne, my apartment building was a two minute walk away from a fruit and veggie shop that sold fresh flowers and come payday, I always loved treating myself to a bunch. They were never too expensive and always in season too. I was pretty sad to leave behind the luxury of flowers at my doorstep when I moved back home, so when I was Googling where I could continue buying them, I happened to stumble upon the Perth flower delivery service, The Little Posy Co. They offer a different bouquet style for each day of the week and every now and then, I'll order one of their single posies, which not only looks great in the house, but also in blog photography. They come in double and triple sizes too and I'm patiently waiting for pink peonies to come back, so I can treat myself to a bigger posy. Some of the most beautiful floral arrangements I've ever seen, I love that they come wrapped in brown parchment paper and they've quickly become one of my favourite things about my home city.


Dressing table

My dressing table hasn't been through any dramatic changes since My Dressing Table and Makeup Collection post from earlier in the year; it's functional and everything fits perfectly as is, plus I'm still very much in love with the way it looks. I have, however, kept a few branches of eucalyptus leaves from my Little Posy Co. bouquets as it still looks really pretty even when dried. On the left hand side, I've got a few branches in a Freedom Corio Bottle (I cut the leather band off it) and I love the way they frame my mirror and my makeup brushes. When I don't have flowers in my larger vase on the right, I'll also have branches of eucalyptus in there too. As much as I wish I could, I can't afford to have fresh blooms around all the time!



The biggest concern I had moving back home was returning to a smaller bedroom where I didn't have space for both my dressing table and desk. I did think of combining the two, but ultimately, it would've ended up too cluttered and it wasn't possible for my IKEA Malm Dressing Table to accomodate both, anyway. I then remembered that we had a lot of unoccupied living space upstairs, so I asked my mum if we could make room for a desk and when she said yes, I immediately went on the hunt for a new one. I could've kept my old IKEA Micke Desk, but it became too small for my liking (and I would now have the space for a bigger one too), so while I was still in Melbourne, I sold it and bought the Scandinavian Danish Study Home Office Timber Desk from eBay. I wasn't expecting to find something so nice on a site like eBay, but it was almost impossible to find anything else that 1) I actually liked 2) had drawers and 3) wasn't wildly expensive. I love my desk, but ideally, I wish it had room for my cameras and lenses. In the future, I would love to own the West Elm Mid-Century Desk (look at all the drawer space!), but I should probably have my own place first before I start thinking about fancy furniture upgrades! One day it'll happen, one day.

My bigger desk not only means I have plenty of space to sprawl open my notebooks when I'm blog planning (my previous desk was really only big enough for a laptop!), but having a separate desk area from my bedroom has done wonders for my sleep. Writing can make my mind really active and I've now learnt not to blog in bed. At least, not as often, anyway! The extra desk space has also allowed me to add more decorative pieces to it; the most prominent ones being my Sirocco Style Gold Table Lamp, H&G Designs Grid Mood Board and my Pink Palm Leaf Mousepad from Etsy. Like my dressing table, I've placed some dried eucalyptus into a vase here too, and I also have a little cactus, whose name is Prickly Pril. My best friend is named April and during high school, her email was "prickly pril" (didn't we all have embarrassing emails in high school?!), so as cacti are prickly, that's where the name comes from! Being the crazy person that my best friend is, she also pointed out that it has ginger "pubes" (her words, not mine lol) like her as she's a redhead. 

Eventually, I'd like to replace my desk chair with something a little comfier (the West Elm Mid-Century Swivel Office Chair in Grey Velvet is particularly dreamy) and I'd really love to get this For All Womankind Poster for my desk too, but that's all in good time. I'll one day do a dedicated desk tour post when I can afford the little changes I want to make and also so I can show you around more in-depth.


Shelving unit

My favourite home update and the one that has made my bedroom feel complete is my new shelving unit. Prior to this, I had the classic IKEA Kallax, but as I wouldn't have had the room for it when I moved back home, I gave to my housemate and decided to look for something tall and narrow. I've always loved Kate of Kate La Vie's lounge room shelving (I'm sure she's everyone's go-to for interior inspiration!) and when I saw that IKEA do their Vittsjö Shelving Unit in a single column, I knew it'd be perfect.

I initially found it a little tricky to style because I don't really own a whole lot of books or knick knacks (I nevertheless still wanted a place to display what I do have) and I didn't want to buy just any old thing for the sake of filling up space either. I eventually got there though and I'm over the moon with it! The plants really bring it to life (unlike my cactus, they don't have names as I can't think of anything funny or creative to call them) and it wouldn't be the same without the greenery, I think. 


I'd say the things I'm most in love with on my shelves are my blush pink plant pot, Diptyque Le Redouté CandleWest Elm Alabaster Stone Bookends and of course, my new record player. A joint birthday present from both myself and my parents, it was quite difficult to find one that not only had good reviews without being way out of my price range, but also one that suited my interior style (as popular as the Crosleys are, they have awful reviews and are a bit too vintage-looking for my tastes). I eventually opted for the Audio Technica AT-LP60BT Turntable because it perfectly suited my criteria (it also came approved from a music crazy friend, as well as one who works in the electronic department of Myer, so I researched well!) and another huge advantage is that it has Bluetooth capabilities, so I didn't need to buy any additional speakers. I realise it may seem a little silly to pair analogue with digital, but I didn't need the extra cost, nor do I even have the space on my shelves for them. When I have my own place with more room, I'll think about buying proper speakers then, but for now, the sound through my Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II is nevertheless incredible and I love lazing about in my room in the evenings with a record and my fairy lights on. It's super cosy and chill.

The only thing I'm not completely in love with on my shelves is the little white Footed Planter my pink syngonium is in. I haven't found anything I like just yet (I think I want a concrete one in white and gold), but it was outgrowing its original pot, so I had to find something for the time being. It was only $3 from Kmart though and it still looks fine for now. If you want to get to know what's on my shelves and for me to talk about it in greater detail, please do let me know and I'll plan a dedicated post to them, if you'd like me to!

I'm still putting the finishing touches on my room; there's still my new bedside table to arrive and I also want to get a floor plant. It's all coming together really nicely though and once I've got those pieces, I'll do a proper room tour. You can also follow me along on Instagram Stories as I'm always posting little snippets over there.

Have you done any updates around your home lately?

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