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Spring Wardrobe Additions

Spring Wardrobe Additions


The warm weather seasons are once again upon us and I, for one, could not be happier. I'm constantly going on about summer being my favourite season and although it's still spring, we've already been graced with a few 30 degree days and most exciting of all, mangoes are back in season! I don't often buy new clothes (or at least, not a whole lot in one go), but I've made quite a few new additions to my wardrobe this spring as I identified gaps that needed filling and older pieces that needed replacing. I also did a small wardrobe declutter last weekend, so I'm glad I could do the whole "one in, one out" thing. There are a couple of additions that I probably didn't "need", but I know my personal style well enough to be able to make a spontaneous purchase and know I'm not going to regret it. I feel like my wardrobe is pretty much sorted for the warm weather now, so today, I'm showing you my spring wardrobe additions that will be seeing me right through to summer.



Universal Store has become my favourite clothing shop in the past year or so as they do really great mid-range priced basics and the overall style of the majority of their stock is really fitting with my personal style. Muscle tanks are a staple in my summer wardrobe, but my previous black and white ones (as seen in my Summer Wardrobe Staples post from over two years ago) were looking a little worse for wear, so I decided to replace them with the Silent Theory Get Ya Guns Out Muscle tops. I love these ones so much more in comparison as they aren't tight on the body nor too cropped, and this not only makes them more comfortable, but a lot more airy and breezy. They're going to keep me really cool during 40 degree heatwaves in summer and they pair well with all my bottoms too. The flowy material stops just above my belly button, which I find really flattering on my body shape (anything to make my short legs look longer!) and I can still disguise a food baby if need be. I got them in all three black, white and grey because they're pretty much the only colours I wear and I always buy things in multiple colours (provided they're within the colour palette I feel most comfortable in) once I find a style I love.

From Universal Store, I also picked up two other tops; the Pare Basic Gigi Tee and Pare Basic June Top. I wasn't aware that lettuce hems had become a trend until I saw a whole bunch of lettuce sleeved tops while browsing the Topshop website, but I think it's really cute and can make an everyday basic look a little more interesting. The Gigi Tee combines two loves of mine; stripes and pink, and it's absolutely adorable. I wore it for the first time last week with my black button-up a-line skirt (as seen in my What I Wore in Summer post) and it made for a really simple, yet cute spring outfit. I love a good mock turtleneck (despite how frustrating it is when you get your foundation on them) and the June Top pairs really nicely with my high-waisted skirts. Depending on how hot it is, I probably won't get a whole ton of use out of it during the summer, but it's a nice little autumn-to-spring piece that's still cool enough to wear at the moment.

Another one of my favourite shops for clothes is the online store, The Iconic. Their express shipping with Australia Post is excellent, as is their free returns. My wardrobe was severely lacking a basic stripe tee, but I could never find "the one" until I one day came across the Casa Amuk Basic Saddle Hem Tee. This wardrobe basic is really great quality and the long hemline at the back means I can wear it with leggings for an effortless slouchy outfit. Another striped top I picked up from The Iconic is the Armor Lux Cap Coz Breton Shirt. I was really happy to pick up this classic French style staple from a French brand (you know me and my love of all things French) and although three striped tops in one season may seem a tad excessive, I only owned one striped top prior to this haul. I wanted a striped tee and a long-sleeved stripe top, so I'm glad I have both now. The Armor Lux Shirt was quite pricey, but I decided to bite the bullet while I had my 20% off birthday voucher from The Iconic and I know this is going to be in my wardrobe for years to come.


In terms of bottoms in my wardrobe, I was lacking in some warmer weather appropriate denim and after decluttering my old denim shorts and mom jeans (my denim shorts were too small and my mom jeans were in acid wash, which is not my thing anymore), I replaced them this month with more classic styles. I'm not sure why, but I'm not really into frayed hems or ripped denim, so trying to find shorts and jeans without either of these - combined with the type of wash I like - can be a bit of a frustrating process for me. I finally found the perfect denim shorts in the Abrand High Relaxed Short and I'm all for cuffed hems too. I love that they look similar to vintage Levi's as I have no patience for op shopping and it's such a pain to try to find them in the right size too.

My new mom jeans are the Assembly Label High Waist Rigid Jean and they aren't lying when they say they're rigid! With barely any stretch in them, they aren't something I could wear sitting on the floor like you would at a picnic (not that I go on picnics often, anyway), but as I'm really specific with the type of jeans I like, I'm still happy with these. Having said that, I am going to size up from the ones pictured above just so they have a little more give and are comfier, plus I always find bottoms a bit more difficult to buy than I do tops. I love the stone wash of my new jeans and although I would happily wear these during the autumn/winter seasons, light wash blue denim makes them look more like spring to me. These denim pieces are both from Universal Store as is the majority of the clothing featured in this post.



As easy as dresses are to wear, I don't have a lot of them in my wardrobe and they're something I'm quite fussy with. There isn't a whole lot you can do with them to mix up an outfit and especially during the warm weather when you're wearing the least amount of layers as possible. For this reason, I only buy dresses I would wear completely on their own without any styling and I finally found one I love in the Luck & Trouble Hannah Dress from Universal Store. Gingham is a trend I never paid any attention to until this dress caught my eye, but it totally fits into my existing personal style, as well as my colour palette. I also love that gingham provides a little more interest to the usual block black and white items I wear. The square neckline and spaghetti straps give it that '90s vibe I'm totally into, though I did have to take it up a little since I'm short (this is nothing new whenever I buy a dress!) and the original hem was unflattering on me. It's quite a loose fit as I wanted something easy and comfortable on those hot and sticky summer days, but also put together without even trying. 



I've added four new pairs of shoes to my wardrobe in just this season alone, which is completely unlike me and I don't even consider myself a shoe person in the slightest. Not that I feel the need to justify my purchases to you all, but two of them were replacements for previous pairs I owned and I also used my 20% off birthday voucher from The Iconic to buy these. The first pair that I replaced were my Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars Ox shoes as my last ones were too narrow and way too uncomfortable to walk in for long periods of time. I love walking and I missed wearing these shoes as they're so versatile, so after five years, I finally bought a new pair in the next size up. My toes aren't squished anymore and the soles are a lot more cushiony too (I think they've updated them since my old pair); these honestly feel like walking on clouds in comparison to my last pair! The other shoes I replaced were my Vans Authentics as my previous pair got trashed at St. Jerome's Laneway Festival almost two years ago. I'm going again next year, though this time I'll be wearing my all black pair! I've been wearing Vans Authentic shoes for over five years now and like Converse, I love how practical and adaptable they are. Trainers are a staple in my wardrobe all year round.


Nights out aren't something I go on all too often these days, but when I do, I'm not always comfortable wearing my high heels because they can look a bit much depending on the occasion. I wanted to find a nice balance between looking dressy, but not super fancy (lol) and when I spotted these Ushaa Low Heel Strappy Sandals in Novo, I knew they'd be perfect. I'd been searching for a pair like these for a while, but the other ones I came across were either too expensive or had a gold buckle, which I didn't like. I love gold in homewares, but silver suits my skin tone more and I didn't want the buckle to clash with my jewellery (as minor a detail it is!). I was going to buy the shoes one day I was out shopping with my mum, but she told me to wait until they went on sale, so I left them. Little did I know that my babe of a mum would end up surprising me with them for my birthday and they looked so good with my birthday outfit when my family and I all went out to dinner. I love the minimalistic style, the black faux suede and the low heel keeps them from making me look too done up.

The final pair of shoes I bought were the Therapy Garnett Mules. Mules are another thing that are quite trendy at the moment, but they tie in really nicely with my wardrobe and I love that they're versatile enough to take from day to night. I did originally have my eye on a faux leather pair, but faux leather can look a little cheap at times and I've never gone wrong with faux suede. For something a bit more casual and comfortable enough to walk around in all day, I wouldn't mind getting a pair of black flatform sliders similar to my mules (I love how '90s flatforms they are), but I'm holding out until I find the perfect pair. The great thing about slide-on shoes is that they're easy to chuck on and they allow your feet to breathe a little better than sandals and trainers.

Have you made any new additions to your wardrobe lately?

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