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Life Lately: January

Life Lately: January

2017 has continued to test the world's strengths just as 2016 did; a little under two weeks ago, Melbourne was shaken by the devastating Bourke St Mall rampage (all the staff at my work had to gather together and wait until further notice from the police) and Donald Trump actually became President of the United States, both of which still have me in disbelief. There's been a tremendous outpour of love throughout the city of Melbourne though and with the Women's Marches happening all around the world this month, never have I been prouder to be both a Melburnian and a woman. It's a little ray of hope in a world that seems to be regressing backwards. I just don't get it.

Apart from the saddening state of world news, it's been a nice start to the year for me. Work's been busy and so has my social life (for a homebody, anyway!), and it's felt good to spend a little less time in front of the screen. Being an introvert, I've still had my days where I just need to chill out and be by myself, plus I've loved getting back into blogging in the latter half of January. Sometimes when life gets busy or when my photos just aren't turning out right and the words can't come to me, I find myself asking why I even blog and what's the point of it all, but then I finally get a post published and I remember why I always come back to it. I miss it when I've been away for a while and I love that it challenges me creatively. Plus, this community of amazing women continuously inspires me (it's been awesome to see everyone speaking up about world events and forgetting about lipstick for just a little while) and it's something I can't imagine not being a part of.

January was also a little bit of a spendy month for me due to all that public holiday pay! My MAC and Glossier orders are finally on their way to me from the US (expect a haul next month!) and I finally got myself some Adidas Stan Smiths after wanting a pair for over a year. I originally wanted the black colour-way and then the limited edition Ray Pink, but after searching high and low all over the Internet, I gave up as they were completely sold out in my size everywhere. I'm glad I waited to get a pair as I'm actually really happy with the classic green colour-way now. I'm in love!

My sweet angel of a friend, Jess of Little Henry Lee, generously gifted me some some amazing beauty bits in her recent declutter, which she got my housemate to give to me when she was in Sydney (I actually met my housemate through Jess!) last weekend. I had been wanting the Lorac Pro Palette for about two years now and I can't believe it's finally mine! As Lorac isn't available in Australia, I was going to eventually order it online and even though buying brand new makeup is exciting, I'm so glad I get to give Jess' a new, loved home. Another thing on my wishlist she gifted me is the mini Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Rose Gold. What a babe!


There are lots of exciting album releases happening in 2017 and so far, it's been off to a great start with The xx's third album, I See You. It's a little more upbeat than their previous two, but I really dig it and it's actually not all that dissimilar from bandmate Jamie xx's debut album, In Colour released in 2015.

My friend Mel recommended I listen to Solange's latest album, A Seat at the Table, saying it was right up my alley and now I don't understand how I hadn't listened to it sooner. I am eternally grateful to Mel for telling me to do so because it is absolutely incredible and I can totally see why it topped everyone's top albums of 2016 lists. If I could go back, it would absolutely be included in mine too. Predominantly dealing with race and the oppression African American people, it has an eclectic sound from both the R&B and electronic genres and I can only imagine how empowering and freeing it must've felt for Solange to have created such a brilliant album. I feel so many feelings listening to A Seat at the Table; my favourite songs including Cranes in the Sky, Interlude: What Tina Taught Me, Borderline (An Ode to Self Care) and my number one track, Don't Wish Me Well. It's definitely the best thing I listened to this month.

Film and television

I haven't started any new TV shows just yet as I've been working my way through the movies I've been wanting to watch for a while and I saw some really great ones this month. Everybody Wants Some!! was a really fun movie, as was Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 and Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, which was also awesomely feminist. If you suspend your disbelief and don't look at them realistically, Now You See Me and Now You See Me 2 were really entertaining too.

As a bit of a fangirl for Elle Fanning, I loved The Neon Demon, which was directed by the same guy who did Drive and as the soundtrack sounded incredibly familiar to me, I realised it was done by Cliff Martinez, who also soundtracked Drive. To me, it was like Mean Girls meets Scream, though more surrealistic. At the cinemas, I saw The Edge of Seventeen, which was a refreshing coming-of-age film (yay for movies that call out racism!) and the extremely hyped up, La La Land. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are both absolute babes and sung and danced wonderfully in the film, though I did think the storyline dragged on for about twenty minutes too long. The ending was also an incredible let down, but for the mesmerising dance sequences, the beautiful colour palette and Emma Stone's stunning wardrobe, I would definitely watch it again.

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