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I live in Perth, Australia, and this is my creative outlet where I blog about beauty, my life and everything in between. I enjoy the '80s, the '90s and anything French, and some of my favourite things in life include music,  film, summer and a nice cup of tea.

Through the Archives

Through the Archives

It was on this day five years ago that I began this little blog of mine. Yes, half a decade ago, I opened myself up to a world beyond anything I could have ever imagined - creativity, hard work, dedication, fun and of course, the most incredible people. Everyday, I am proud of this space that I've created, and it's been the only hobby that I've found to be truly fulfilling and that I've consistently (well, sort of) kept up with over a long period of time. Although I share my blog with the world, the first and foremost person I write my blog for is me because all I've ever wanted to do here is express myself creatively.

Sometimes I have thoughts about how much I'd love to blog as a part-time job kind of thing because I've never worked so passionately on anything before, and although I may not blog as regularly as others, it's only because I'm a perfectionist and it can take me a good few hours just to create just one blog post. Although you may not see a post from me for a week or two, I'm still always here, thinking about blogging and loving blogging. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be decent money in blogging (to earn a sustainable living from, anyway), but that's okay. Having a hobby to love so dearly and to have created something that's completely mine and mine only is more than enough.

As I reach this milestone on Like Neon Love and enter my fifth year of blogging, I thought it would be fun to reflect and take a look back on some of my favourite posts throughout the years I've been at this blogging thing. I'm not particularly keen on my posts from my first year (I've changed a lot since then!) and I think I really only found my feet with it all in 2013. Having said that, I'm also not ashamed to say that there are photos I've taken and posts I've written that I'm really quite proud of because I truly do work hard on my blog (I've had a 12-hour shift at work and it's 2:30am as I currently write this just to get it scheduled on time!) to create the best content that I possibly can. If you're new to my blog, I hope you find this helpful and get to know me a little better (also please excuse the not-as-good photos!), and if you're a long-time reader, thank you for sticking around! Although I always say I blog for myself, community is still everything in blogging.

Enjoy the little trip down memory lane and here's to another wonderful year of blogging! Happy bloggy birthday to me!

Why Do I Wear Makeup?

27 November 2012
I don't know about you, but with a red lip and a fresh coat of nail polish, I feel like I'm ready to take on the world! Makeup is empowering and in this post, I try to express how it's so much more than vanity and materialism. Wear whatever the hell you want, ladies, and guys, we never asked for your opinion.

The Double Cleanse

8 October 2013
In this post, I share with you the products I use in my double cleansing routine. Not exactly groundbreaking, but I also stress how important double cleansing is and how it really does do your skin a world of good. Do you clean your body without having a shower or bath? Didn't think so. - I kill myself with that line.

Short Hair, Don't Care

23 October 2013
In 2013, I got the chop and I've never looked back! Still to this day, I absolutely love short hair and I particularly loved my haircut in this post, so I wanted to remember it here!

Coming Up Roses

5 February 2014
I absolutely adore rose-scented products, so I decided to dedicate a whole post to them. Minus Smith's Rosebud Salve, which I gave away because I was just accumulating way too many lip balms, I still use all of these products today. There's nothing like a beautiful rose scent to make a product all the more heavenly and luxurious.

Covering All Bases: PrimerFoundationConcealerPowder

13 February 2014
Two years ago, I started a series on my blog called Covering All Bases, where I talk through the base products in my collection across primer, foundation, concealer and powder. I'd never done a blog post series before and it was a lot of fun. I should think of another one to do!

The Lazy Girls' Guide to Skincare

13 July 2014
As much as I love buying skincare, going through your whole routine (especially at night when you have makeup to remove too) can be such a faff. Here, I share with you how you can be lazy, while still taking care of your skin all at the same time. It is possible!

High End vs. Drugstore

25 September 2014
This is a rant post on why I prefer high end beauty products over those that are drugstore and how you can still end up paying a lot for cheaper brands. Being brand-conscious is not a negative thing and our purchases should reflect our personalities and make us feel good at no matter what price point. There are a lot worse things you can judge someone on than the kind of makeup they choose to buy!

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair

17 December 2014
I don't do a lot of single product reviews on my blog, but this is perhaps one of my favourites. I like my writing here and I was really thorough in my review too. I've been in a love affair with this magical serum for about five years now and I'll never ever be without it. Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair is a product truly worthy of its own post.

Australian Beauty

26 January 2015
On Australia Day last year, I dedicated an entire post to my favourite Australian beauty brands. Not many people had realised how many of these brands were actually Australian, so it was nice to have people learn a little something from my blog, while also supporting the homegrown talent!

A Little Mecca Cosmetica Haul

17 February 2015
I love myself a Mecca Cosmetica haul and even more so when I'm in the company of a good friend. When I was visiting home last year, my little lady, Jennifer, and I went on a cute lunch/shopping date together and it was nice to remember such a lovely day through this post. We hit up Mecca Cosmetica in the city where I let myself forget that I have rent and bills to pay for just a little while. - The story of my life!

Chanel Resynchronising Skincare

12 April 2015
This is another in-depth review post I'm quite proud of because of the effort I really put into it. Over the course of a few months, I went through a pretty extensive trial of the products in the Chanel Resynchronising Skincare range because as we all know, they aren't exactly the cheapest brand out there, and therefore, it was really important to me to test them out thoroughly and honestly for you guys.

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Look

3 May 2015
Last year, I finally made my first foray into Charlotte Tilbury makeup. It's been a love affair with those beautiful rose gold packaged products ever since and in this post, I share with you my little haul and what they look like on my face. I wish I did more makeup looks on my blog, but I always think of myself as someone better behind the camera than in front of it!

Cool-Toned Makeup

23 August 2015
You hear people mentioning the different tones in makeup products, but I've never seen anyone dedicate an entire blog post to a specific tone, so I was pretty excited when I came up with blog post idea. I love cool-toned to neutral makeup and I was really happy with how my photos came out in this post too (but everything looks better on a marble surface, tbh). I have stepped a little out of my comfort zone recently though; dabbling in warmer tones now, so expect a blog post coming up on those products soon!

Gone, But Not Forgotten

27 September 2015
This is another blog post of mine I love for the originality of the idea. Most bloggers tend to shy away from talking about limited edition or discontinued products, but by doing so, we never get to see a proper look into one's makeup stash (don't deny you're not nosey like me), and I thought it'd be fun to take a look at some of those long gone products I love. At the end of the day, I don't write my blog to sell products, I write to talk about what I love and unfortunately, some of those are no longer available.

Cruelty Free Beauty

24 October 2015
I think out of all the beauty blog posts I've ever written, this is the one I am most proud of. I worked at this post tirelessly for a whole month, researching, writing, reading, and most importantly, learning. I feel like cruelty free beauty has become a lot more prevalent here within the past year or so and though I'm not vegan or vegetarian myself, I have a lot of friends who are and who I really wanted to help. I was going to dedicate specific blog posts to each category, but in the end, I decided to create one massive blog post for everyone to reference back to. The whole process of putting together this post was definitely an eye-opening experience and made me want to be a little more mindful through the way in which I consume.

The French Pharmacy

23 November 2015
You don't need to be a long-time reader of my blog to know France is basically my second home. Although this post is about beauty, it's one that's still deeply personal to me as I share with you the story of how I came to love the country and reminisce on my time spent in Paris, wandering around the little French pharmacies with my best friend. The French are so much more than skincare though - they're art, culture, history, fashion, food and everything beautiful.  

25 Random Facts About Me

20 March 2013
I've always said the most enjoyable blogs to read are the ones where you actually get to know the person behind the blog, and after reading a lot of other bloggers' 25 Random Facts, I thought it would be fun to share mine. All of these facts are still true except that I actually do live in Melbourne now, I've ticked China and Hong Kong off the travel list, I'm no longer ashamed by the fact that I loved R&B music in high school (how could you not love Ashanti and Ja Rule?!) and I still want to get a cat when I own my own place, though I now want to call my future kitty Lola!

Life After Sydney: What I Learnt, Growing Up and a Thank You to Jaden Social

18 October 2013
2013 was a year of growth, learning and self-awareness for me. After a terrible breakup, I sort of had a quarter-life crisis and needed to do something completely out of my comfort zone, so I packed up my suitcase and moved to Sydney for a three-month social media internship. It was the first time in my life that I had felt truly fearless and independent, and rereading this post is exactly what I needed right now. I need to remind myself that I am capable of a lot more than I think I am.

How to Save Money When You're a Blogger... or Just Generally a Shopping Addict

17 November 2013
Giving out advice is not really my thing when it comes to blogging, but I'm really proud of this post because I think I share realistic and very achievable methods into saving money. Let's be real, going on a complete shopping ban is just setting yourself up for failure (and also no fun), but over the years, I've learnt how to find a balance, so my bank account and I are both happy.

Learning to Love Yourself

20 December 2013
It's funny looking back on this post because I no longer feel affected by this relationship at all and I've even completely forgotten all the horrible things my ex said to me! It's so true when they say time heals all wounds. Although deeply personal, this was something I needed to get off my chest and I'm sure there's a lot of you who have also had to deal with toxic people and can relate. Truth be told, I'm still learning to love myself as I don't have 100% confidence in myself, but the wonderful thing about blogging and documenting your life is having posts like these to read back on.


4 January 2014
Goodbye Vintage Machine, hello Like Neon Love! In 2014, I changed my blog name, though I don't think many of you would even know that as there weren't a lot of you around back then! It was definitely a big moment for my blog and I'm still absolutely in love with my blog name.

Room Tour

14 January 2014
This is what my bedroom back home in Perth looked like! Although it was teeny tiny, I sometimes still miss this room, but then I think about how I have space for both a dressing table and a desk in my current room in my Melbourne apartment, and then I don't! I should be getting up another room tour for you guys this year, but I might wait until I can afford a vlog-style camera, so I can film it for you all too!

Being Proud to Be a Blogger

15 February 2014
My blog was once something I kept quietly to myself in fear of "real life" people judging me, but a couple of years later, I decided I didn't care what people thought anymore and that I wasn't ashamed of being a blogger. If your blog brings you joy like mine does, you shouldn't be afraid to share it with the people who are supposed to care about you. My friends and family constantly tell me how proud they are of me and how much they love my blog, and honestly, I'm a better blogger and enjoy it a whole lot more because of them.

Hibernating for the Winter

21 July 2014
I'm a summer girl through and through and as we're about to approach the colder weather in the Southern Hemisphere, this is a nice little reminder that winter can still be somewhat enjoyable. Also, why isn't human hibernation an actual thing? Because it needs to be.

A New Home

26 August 2014
My blog sure went through some pretty big changes in 2014. A few months after changing my blog name, I then decided to move platforms from Blogger to Squarespace and I've never looked back. With a sleek and minimal interface, it's super user-friendly and so worth the investment. I'd always become so fickle with my Blogger templates, but this is the only Squarespace template I've ever used and I'm still so in love with it.

Blogging and Staying True to Yourself

6 August 2015
Blogging "advice" is something to be taken with a grain of salt. I think it can end up doing more harm than good as I've often at times read advice posts and felt discouraged and not good enough more so than anything else. This ended up being a rant post, but to me, there is no right or wrong way to blog and I think to be a good blogger is to simply be yourself.

What I Wore in Winter

21 September 2015
As much as I despise winter, I absolutely love winter clothing. This post was a lot of fun to put together because I've really found my sense of personal style over the last couple of years and I have a wardrobe that I'm really at peace with at the moment. I'd love to create more style posts here.

My Top 10 Albums of 2015

20 December 2015
Truth be told, I probably spend more time reading about new music releases than I do about beauty. It felt so good to dedicate an entire post to the music I loved last year, rather than just a few short paragraphs in my Life Lately posts. I don't consider myself a writer at all, but I'm still pretty proud of my mini reviews and how I put this post together. I'll definitely be bringing you all my favourite albums of 2016 at the end of this year.

Life Lately

Life Lately

My Acne Story and How I Banish Breakouts

My Acne Story and How I Banish Breakouts