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Life Lately

Life Lately

The most important thing in my life happened in February. The cast of Friends reunited. I've always been a pretty huge Friends fangirl, but honestly, I feel like I'm fourteen all over again (yes, I was watching the show back when it was still on air... y'know, on an actual TV... with commercials) and I've probably spent far too much time watching the show and cast interviews on YouTube, and also scrolling through Twitter fan accounts this past week! I made some of my very first online friends through this TV show (some of who I still talk to) and making Friends fan-art in the early 2000s (lol) is the reason why I know how to use Photoshop! I love Friends so much and it makes my heart explode.

February's actually been pretty rough though and it's had its down moments as I try to navigate through this whole life thing. I'm not about to dwell on it though because it's not nice feeling sad and all in all, February was mostly a lot of fun. My sister, Kym, came to visit me for a week and we went to St. Jerome's Laneway Festival together, I saw Nick Offerman live (yes, Ron Swanson in the flesh!), went to the Beach House and DIIV Laneway sideshow gigs, celebrated Galentine's Day with friends and bought myself some cute Valentine's Day presents because the love you give yourself is the most important kind of love and also because treat yo'self. If it weren't already obvious, Parks and Recreation is my second favourite TV show.

So, yes, Nick Offerman! He was touring Australia this month bringing us his Full Bush comedy show. Originally, he was meant to be touring with his babe of a wife, Megan Mullally (aka Karen on Will & Grace, which is also one of my favourite TV shows, and Tammy 2 on Parks and Recreation), with their Summer of 69: No Apostrophe Tour, but unfortunately, she had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts. I was super disappointed by the news, but knew Nick Offerman on his own would still be amazing, and he was. He laughs exactly like Ron Swanson, sang songs about Australia while playing on a ukulele (which he made himself!), mentioned being friends with Chris Pratt and finished off with his own rendition of Li'l Sebastian! That night, I was truly in the presence of God.

While my sister was here, we made a cheeky order on Net-a-Porter as we both really wanted to try the Glossier Balm Dotcom. Needless to say, I absolutely love it and need more Glossier products in my life. I couldn't believe how fast shipping was too. It was faster than within Australia postage! With my Myer One rewards card, I also treated myself to the Too Faced Love Flush Blush in Baby Love this month. I'd been unsure on whether to buy this blush or not for a while, but I was after a shimmery nude blush and this one fits the bill perfectly. Plus, look at that packaging! It reminds me of Polly Pocket. Too cute!


As I mentioned above, I went to Laneway this month and saw Japanese Wallpaper, Shamir, DIIV, HEALTH, The Internet, Grimes, CHVRCHES and Purity Ring. I missed out on Flume, but it was okay as I've seen him live before. Not knowing I'd end up going to Laneway, I got tickets to the Beach House and DIIV sideshows and I'm so glad I did because Beach House ended up clashing with CHVRCHES at the festival and they always play more songs at sideshows too. I was over the moon to hear Wait, my favourite DIIV song at their gig! Hearing HEALTH's older stuff made me fall in love with them all over again (their cover of Goth Star by Pictureplane!), Grimes was absolutely insane (from what I could see!) and although I was sad to leave her set early to get a good spot for CHVRCHES, it was so worth it. They were incredible and Lauren Mayberry is so perfect, I could cry. The highlights for me were We Sink, Gun, Under the Tide, Never Ending Circles and my favourite, Clearest Blue.

When their set finished, my sister and I caught the last of Purity Ring and wow, mind = blown. I've seen them live before, but the crowd they drew at Laneway was hectic and it was so much fun to hear everyone chant, "Start over, oh, darling, begin again, begin again!" At times, you couldn't even hear Megan James over the crowd! It was a hot, sweaty and grubby day (look at my tan!) and by the end of it, my feet were in hell, but it's always worth it for the music. We had a Macca's run on the way home and then we ate, showered, collapsed into bed with Arrested Development and did nothing the next day. Bliss!

I didn't listen to any new albums this month as I've been on too much of a Laneway high, so I hope you enjoy my Laneway-centric playlist!

Film and television

After finishing the first Harry Potter book, my housemate and I watched the first movie and I really enjoyed it. In my last Life Lately post, many people told me the films aren't as good, but honestly, I never expected them to be and when it comes to books turned into movies, the never really are, are they? While I already knew what most of the main characters looked like, it was interesting to compare my imagination to how everything else plays out visually on the screen and surprisingly, a lot of it was quite accurate! 

Other movies I watched this month were Trainwreck, IrisPicnic at Hanging Rock and my sister and I went to see Zoolander 2 at the movies. It was as good as a sequel can be, I guess. I felt pretty indifferent to it, but the shopping we did and dumplings we had at Din Tai Fung beforehand were incredible! The standout movies for me in February were Kramer vs. Kramer and Inside Out, the latter having me bawling my eyes out the whole way through!

There'll be a separate post on the TV shows I've been watching lately, but February's highlight was by far the Must See TV: An All-Star Tribute to James Burrows. Honouring director, James Burrows', 1000th television episode, many casts of the shows he's directed came together for the TV special. Obviously, I lost my shit when it was announced that the cast of Friends would be there (it makes me so sad Matthew Perry wasn't able to make it though!), but as I mentioned above, Will & Grace is one of my favourites and I love Frasier too. It was definitely a nostalgia trip back to the '90s watching the beautiful tribute and not going to lie, I got so emotional during the Friends cast interview! They weren't interviewed until the end, but of course, they had to save the best for last.

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