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I live in Perth, Australia, and this is my creative outlet where I blog about beauty, my life and everything in between. I enjoy the '80s, the '90s and anything French, and some of my favourite things in life include music,  film, summer and a nice cup of tea.

Life Lately

Life Lately

I guess we can all agree when I say November wasn't the best month, was it? Both personally and politically, things haven't been the best and I think this month had me fearing the future more than ever. I'm also still feeling quite sad grieving the loss of my grandpa, though I'm grateful that I got to be back home with my family and be surrounded by love. I don't think Melbourne's perpetual dreary weather has been good for morale either, but as tomorrow marks the first day of summer, I'm feeling a little more hopeful. The sun is always such a good mood booster and Melbourne is the most perfect city when the sun's shining.

Jess of Little Henry Lee came down to Melbourne for a weekend in November, which was a highlight of this month though. She's best friends with my housemate and along with their friend, Tahlia, it was such a fun weekend spent shopping, eating and talking non-stop about makeup!

I took the time to work on some boring and nerdy behind the scenes blogging stuff this month and my blog now uses the https protocol as opposed to http, which means it's more secure. What I initially thought was just a simple settings update, ended up being an arduous task which involved remapping all my Disqus URL paths and updating them to https. This meant collecting every single one of my blog post links and going through old blog posts to update links to their new URLs too. The whole process took a week, but I'm so glad it's over and done with because it was something that was going to have to be done eventually, anyway. I found I still had a few old Blogspot links (who here remembers when my blog was Vintage Machine?!) from before I moved to Squarespace, so I updated those too and everything feels more cohesive and organised now. My next blog task is to pin this year's blog images onto Pinterest!


November in music has been all about Cut Copy and shoegaze. The band that inspired my blog name released a new ambient project called January Tape with a music video called January Trip to accompany it. Although it's far removed from their usual upbeat dance tunes, it still sounds so authentically Cut Copy and I'm just too in love with everything these guys do.

I took the time to read Pitchfork's The 50 Best Shoegaze Albums of All Time (I'm not surprised My Bloody Valentine's Loveless and Souvlaki by Slowdive took the number 1 and 2 spots, respectively!) and I discovered such incredible albums through this feature. I've been obsessed with Doppelgänger by Curve all month, the standout song being Horror Head for me. It's a little more grungy than the usual shoegaze music I listen to, but that's what I love about it. It's the epitome of the '90s to me. I wanted to make a Spotify playlist of my favourite songs from November, but Spotify is the worst and doesn't have everything I listened to in their catalogue. This is why I'll always prefer iTunes!

Since I find myself buying less beauty products these days, I've found another expensive hobby to throw all my money at - record collecting! For the past three years, I've bought one limited edition record released each Record Store Day and just this past month, I've slowly been expanding my collection. I picked up The Virgin Suicides Score by Air while I was in Perth, then a couple of Cut Copy vinyls and Souvlaki by Slowdive while browsing vintage shops and record stores with friends here in Melbourne. I don't want a huge collection of 100+ records, but I have made a list of my favourite albums that I'd love to own in physical form. Music is such a big part of my life and it's nice to support my favourite bands and artists by buying records and going to gigs.

Film and television

I watched three films this month: The Departed, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and my workmates and I went to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in 3D last week. I never used to like action movies, but done well, which The Departed was, I really enjoy the suspense in them, plus, you can't go wrong with Leonardo DiCaprio. I've been watching the Harry Potter films as I finish reading each book (I'm about a third of the way through Goblet of Fire) and I have to say that I think that the Prisoner of Azkaban has been my least favourite film so far. I think because there's just so much happening in the book, the movie felt quite jumpy and out of place at times. I mean, I don't know anyone who's preferred a movie over the book and though I don't think the Harry Potter films hold up on their own, they're nevertheless, still a nice visual accompaniment.

As for Fantastic Beasts, it wasn't as amazing as everyone hyped it up to be. I thought the beginning was a little slow, though I did get into it towards the end. I don't know if it's just me, but did anyone else here miss the original Harry Potter characters while watching the film? I mean, what is Harry Potter without Dumbledore?! I was like, "Aww!" when they made reference to him and Hogwarts!

Around the web

In this month's Around the Web, I thought I'd take the time to show some love in the blogging and YouTube community. I discovered Candice's blog, Sense & Sensibility, whose travel photos are absolutely breathtaking, especially the ones of Paris! Léa's blog, My Slumbering Heart, gives me such wanderlust for my favourite city too; her photos are so dreamy and she's such a lovely person who I've been enjoying getting to know here. I think it takes more for me to love a lifestyle blog as opposed to a more beauty-related one, but these are two definite favourites of mine. When it comes to beauty, however, Amelia of Amelia Says This, Cindy of Cindyhyue and Kelsey of Beauty by Kelsey have been three standouts for me.

Then there are my forever favourites whose blogs I simply enjoy scrolling through from time to time; Jess of Little Henry Lee, Jennifer of Amour JNFR and Rebecca of From Roses. I've known these girls since the very beginning and even though I love discovering new reads, it's comforting returning to old favourites.

In YouTube, my favourites have been Allana Davison, lindseyrem, sunbeamsjess, Tamira Jarrel and Sarah Hawkinson. I find it increasingly difficult to relate to a lot of YouTubers these days (I cannot afford weekly ASOS hauls and I really don't give a shit about what people eat in a day), but these are five girls who I think are still keeping things cool and casual.

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