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Worth the Splurge

Worth the Splurge

It's no secret that I'm partial to my luxury, high end beauty brands; for me, beauty is very much about the experience and about owning things that bring only joy into my life. I'm happy saving up my money for fewer things as opposed to saving less to own more, and in today's post, I've gone through my beauty stash and selected the most expensive of the lot that have been without a doubt, 100% worth it... even if I do wince a little when tapping my card on that EFTPOS machine. Although one could argue my whole stash is expensive and though I don't own anything that hasn't been worth it, these are the products that are most eye-watering and excessively priced for what they are. Keep in mind these are the current RRPs as they stand at the $AUD and are subject to change.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation - $95

I think I must've had this foundation on my wishlist for a year or two before I finally gave into the hype of this one, but once I did, it all made complete and total sense. With a buildable, medium coverage, Luminous Silk Foundation blends seamlessly into the skin, blurs imperfections and reveals the most beautiful, radiant complexion. I honestly can't stop staring at my skin when I wear it! At almost $100, it's definitely a product reserved for special occasions or nights out, and I luckily had a $20 Myer One birthday voucher to soften the blow a little when paying for this one.

MAC Custom Eyeshadow Palette x15 - $435

Yes, you are seeing that price correctly. I couldn't believe my eyes either! To create your own Custom Eyeshadow Palette x15 from MAC, a single Pro Palette Refill Pan Eyeshadow will set you back $26, so multiplying that by 15 equals $390. Then it's another $30 for the Large Pro Palette and $15 for the Pro Palette x15 Insert, which all up does indeed equal a whopping $435. I've slowly been building up my two palettes since I first got into high end makeup back in 2009 and some of my eyeshadows have been purchased overseas in Hong Kong and the US, where they're much more reasonably priced too. So, why is it worth it to me? For starters, it's completely customisable and it's yours to be whatever you want it to be. I don't actually own a lot of palettes because it's annoying having those few shades you know you're never going to use and I'm so in love with my MAC palettes, I don't feel like I need much else. Secondly, the quality of MAC eyeshadows is outstanding and classic shades like All That Glitters, Naked Lunch and Satin Taupe have all become cult for a reason. I've got two more slots to fill before my second palette is complete and parting with all that money isn't so bad when you're spending a little at a time. It's been eight years in the making for me and a lot of fun creating my own personalised palettes!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder - $67

As someone who's always preferred a more dewy base over a matte one, I was intrigued from the get go when the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders became all the rage some few years ago. Recreating soft focus effects and emulating the most beautiful light sources, I was sceptical to how such a lightweight, finely milled powder could possibly set foundation, but unbeknownst to me, it does, and it lasts all day too. Granted, I don't have oily skin, but I can definitely see why this is a firm favourite amongst those with a more dry or dehydrated complexion. These stunning powders brighten the skin's appearance whilst blurring away imperfections, pores and wrinkles, which is everything I want in a powder and more.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush - $55

My favourite blush formulation of all time hands down goes to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes. As I'm partial to a bit of glow, these blushes provide the most luminous flush of colour to the cheeks without looking shimmering and sparkly, but rather, natural, youthful and radiant. I have Mood Exposure, which I've talked about numerous times on my blog and even though I use this blush day-to-day, this is one I deem worthy enough to bring out on special occasions too.

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow - $97

Not only is this bronzer/highlighter duo housed in the most sleek and opulent rose gold packaging, but as a two-in-one product, it's super convenient for travelling and the shades are so universally flattering, I've heard nothing but rave reviews from both those with light and medium complexions. I'm glad Charlotte Tilbury have brought out a Bronze & Glow for darker people too. The bronzer is quite neutral, which works for both pink and yellow skin tones, as well as a bronzer/contour hybrid and though the highlighter looks too golden-toned for my liking in the pan, it's absolutely mesmerising on the skin. The Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow is one of my most reached for products and I can't imagine any another bronzer/highlighter duo ever exceeding this one.

Chanel Le Volume de Chanel Mascara - $54

The popular opinion amongst beauty bloggers seems to be that mascara is the one product where you're much better off saving your money at the drugstore. Though I've used some really great drugstore mascaras in the past (Max Factor's False Lash Effect and 2000 Calorie Dramatic Volume were my favourites), there hasn't been a single one both drugstore or high end that's compared to Chanel Le Volume de Chanel for me. Giving me the most flirty and fluttery lashes, it's volumising and lengthening and no matter how many coats you apply, you're never left with awful spider lashes. Parting with $54 every three months for a mascara may seem excessive, which I agree with, though I get much longer than three months out of Le Volume. It doesn't dry up easily at all and as I'm the only one using it, I don't consider it to be that gross. Since discovering this mascara three years ago, it's the only I've used and will continue to do so.

Tom Ford Lip Colour - $78

Owning a Tom Ford lipstick always seemed like a far away dream for me, but it finally became a reality a few months ago when I decided to splurge with some of my tax refund money. Though I love my high end makeup, even MAC and NARS - my two favourite lip product brands - are almost half the price of what it costs for a Tom Ford Lip Colour. From its luxe gold-trimmed exterior to the beautifully chiselled lipstick bullet with the "TF" embossing, there is something so sleek and sexy about Tom Ford lipsticks that is unparalleled to any other high end offering. 

Tom Ford Black Orchid EDP - $175

It should come as no surprise that two Tom Ford products would be featured in this post! They are some of the most luxurious, high quality beauty products out there with indeed the price tag to match. The most expensive perfume I own (I have the 50ml bottle; the 100ml is a weep-inducing $250!), Tom Ford's Black Orchid is something other-worldly and I love that you can still smell this on your clothes long after that initial spray. It's sensual and sweet, and there is nothing like the unique, beautiful blend of a Tom Ford fragrance.

Diptyque candles - $73

I can never keep up with Mecca Cosmetica's fluctuating prices. At the time of planning this post, they were priced at a staggering $84 and now they're back to $73. Rejoice! It's still a ridiculous amount to pay for a candle; something that's literally and figuratively burning your money away, but Diptyque candles really are like no other. With some of the most unique aromas, the scent throw of these candles is simply incredible even when unlit, not to mention the beautiful minimalist packaging. Everything about Diptyque is timeless, understated and utterly, utterly dreamy.

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil - $37

$37 may not seem like that much money to spend on a beauty product, especially in comparison to the prices of the other items in this post, but considering that this is what I use to shave my legs, it is. Where I've always found regular shaving creams found at the drugstore really drying on my skin, the L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil leaves it feeling smooth, supple and soft. Nothing works better than this to get a close shave and I always buy the Almond Eco-Refill Shower Oil, which is $50 for 500ml and will save you a good $24 than if you were to buy another 250ml bottle.

Oskia Renaissance Mask* - $67

The price of the Oskia Renaissance Mask fluctuates quite dramatically over a few different websites, but if you're interested in picking this up, the cheapest I've seen it is on Beauty Bay for $67. Formulated to increase cell turnover and boost radiance to gradually reduce the appearance of fine lines and imperfections, it's packed with amazing ingredients such as natural fruit acids, lactic acid and probiotics, which leaves the skin looking refreshed and revitalised. It's the most expensive mask I've ever used and granted, I was sent this, I would happily repurchase this with my own money once I've run out.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair - $145

While brands like Sunday Riley and Glossier may be making waves in the serum department, Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair will always hold the number one spot for me. Containing a wonderful array of vitamins and plant-based antioxidants, Advanced Night Repair works to reduce the signs of ageing, hydrate the skin and improve the skin's radiance. This serum single-handedly faded my hyper pigmentation, a result from an awful few years with acne, and five years on, I will never be without this. A 50ml bottle will set you back $148 or you can get a 30ml one for $98. It does have a shelf life of two years though, which I think is (kind of sort of) reasonable, especially for something that's been so life-changing for me.

What beauty products do you consider worth the splurge?

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