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Hello 2016

Hello 2016

The New Year is well and truly here now, but it felt weird beginning another year of blogging without first welcoming 2016. I used to always dread the New Year and that feeling of time passing by right before my very eyes, but I now view it as a time for change and growth. You can decide to turn over a new leaf during any time of the year, but I embrace the feeling of a fresh start that January brings.

While December is a time many of us begin to slow down, the end of the year is always a hectic one for me working in retail, and after scheduling my last post for 2015, I decided to take a little blogging break. I needed to fully give my time to my loved ones while I was back home during the holidays, which is why this post is coming to you a little later than usual (I was also waiting for my cute marble phone case to arrive in the mail!). I feel reenergised now and I can't wait to begin my fifth year of blogging!

As I briefly mentioned in my last post, 2015 was a blah year for me. I got stupidly drunk on New Years Eve and passed out at 11pm, so the end was pretty underwhelming too! I set the bar way too high for myself last year, so I don't really have any expectations for 2016. I'm just going to try as hard as I can to achieve my goals, while working on being the best version of myself. These aren't necessarily New Years Resolutions as such, but small, very achievable things to continuously work towards. I'm taking baby steps this year and if I can keep these up come December, I'll have the confidence to leap into bigger things.

Drink more water

I'm no skincare expert, but if I could offer one piece of advice, it would be to drink plenty of water. I go through phases where I don't drink enough and I could use the most expensive, hydrating serums and luxurious oils, but nothing fixes my skin quite like water does. I've been aiming to drink about 1.5 litres a day (the other 0.5 is supplemented by my jasmine green tea addiction!), so hopefully I can keep this up. I rarely ever get headaches or stomachaches, and I can't even remember the last time I had a cold, but if I feel a little off or my skin's looking lacklustre and dehydrated, I know that it's my body's way of telling me to up my water intake. Side note: having to pee every five seconds is super annoying.

Less screen time, more reading

I've always known I spend far too much time in front of the computer and a couple of weeks ago when it gave me headache (which lead me to drinking more water) and I actually physically couldn't look at my screen, I took it as a sign to slow down. I end up loading my brain with so much useless information and I need to learn to switch off, which I think will help me sleep better too. At nighttime, I'll either watch a couple of TV episodes, YouTube or a movie, turn off my laptop and then read before going to sleep. Admittedly, I haven't been doing this every night, but like I said, baby steps! Currently on my bedside table is Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, which believe it or not, I'm reading for the first time ever! I have a bad habit of buying books and never reading them, so I hope to read the first two or three Harry Potter books with a couple of others in between.

Use my time more wisely

I'm good at getting things done, but I procrastinate a lot and don't prioritise my time the way that I should. For example, I'll often run errands, work on blog posts, check emails or waste away hours on social media all before getting important things like job applications done, when really, it should be the other way around. Of course, it's important to take breaks, but I know I can work better.

Learn new things

Learning new things is important to keep the mind active and young, plus it's a great way to utilise my free time more productively. As I'm having difficulty landing social media job roles, I want to spend some time on Lynda, brushing up on my digital marketing skills and learning things I was never shown at my internships. I also really want to get back into Duolingo and perhaps spend an hour or so every other day learning French. I love France and though I'll probably never be fluent in the beautiful language, I shouldn't let that stop me from learning at least some basic skills. There's a French school in Melbourne called Alliance Française de Melbourne that sounds amazing, but you need money for that!

Save for a new camera and travelling overseas

I'm pretty good at saving money, but since paying rent after moving out of home, it's been an absolute bitch. Nevertheless, I've set myself a small goal of saving up for the Canon EOS M3, which I think will be an amazing all-rounder for blogging, videos and even travelling. It's too much lugging around by big DSLR everywhere when I go places and I don't have a good quality compact camera to film that makeup collection I so badly want to do for you all! Once I get my hands on that camera, the next step is to continue to put aside some money each week and build up on that savings, so I can go overseas again and even save for a deposit on my own place. Travelling nor buying an apartment is going to happen any time soon, but in general, I want to work on my savings. As much as I miss travelling, the Australian dollar is so poor right now, I'm in no rush! 

Engage more with fellow bloggers

Although things have been quiet around here these past couple of weeks, I've been spending time discovering new blogs and connecting more with fellow bloggers, and I kind of forgot how nice this feels. I love creating content, but I think it's just as important to engage with others and give back to the community because it's so much fun and there are so many lovely and talented girls here who make me so happy to be a part of this community. Recently, I've seen some snide Tweets about it becoming so bitchy and honestly, I don't understand it! Remove yourself from the negativity and surround yourself with genuine, kind-hearted people. I've met some of my closest friends through blogging and what would blogging even be without the people here?

Get outside

As I've gotten older, I've become somewhat of a homebody and a lot more introverted. It doesn't bother me in the slightest and my bedroom is the best, but it's a really nice feeling to be out all day, and when you come home, you appreciate your own space even more. I tend to get lazy when I'm at home all day and oddly enough, I'm less likely to be productive when I feel like I have more time to do things. I'm slowly making more friends in Melbourne to do stuff with, though I'm pretty content enjoying my own company. I'm a total city girl at heart too, but when I went to visit my friend in Wodonga mid-last year, I realised that I'd forgotten just how lovely the countryside and nature is. I think my family are coming to visit me in March, so when they do, I can't wait to get out of Melbourne and explore places in Victoria beyond being confined to the city.

I hope the New Year is treating you well so far! What goals have you set yourself for 2016?

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