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What I Wore in Winter

What I Wore in Winter

If there’s one thing I enjoy about winter, it’s the clothes. I feel like everyone looks so much more chic and dressed up because there’s something about chucking on an oversized coat and a pair of boots that adds instant appeal to an outfit. Having lived in a warm climate city my whole life where winter - if you can even call it that - is on average about 20 degrees, living in Melbourne now where it’s a little chillier meant that I was able to embrace wearing my coats a lot more and slowly master the art of layering! This post was planned to go alongside my Winter Beauty Essentials, though that never ended up happening because I wasn't happy with my original first set of photos. Not wanting to completely scrap this blog post, I thought I'd share with you my winter wardrobe staples past tense. When I'm not bumming around in pyjamas waiting for the seasons to change, the fashion style is by far my favourite thing about the colder months.


Long-sleeved tops were the way to go during the winter and there are four I absolutely adored - my Topshop PETITE Long Sleeve Skinny Rib Crop, Urban Outfitters Coincidence & Chance Colorblock Cropped Top, Tokito Ponte Stripe Shell Top from Myer and my Bardot Ladder Top. The Topshop Rib Crop is a simple basic and perhaps boring, but I really love that basic, minimal and Scandinavian style that’s so in right now. There’s something about a ribbed top that gives an outfit that whole '90s vibe too and we should all know by now that the '90s were the best decade ever. My Urban Outfitters Cropped Top is super cute. There’s something about the block black and white that makes it look sort of '60s and Pop Art-ish. Whether it be my favourite TV shows, film, music or art, I love being inspired by all sorts of creative things in my clothing purchases, or even the makeup I wear. Though it’s cropped, it's thick, good quality and keeps me really warm. My Bardot Ladder Top was featured on my Wishful Thinking #4: A/W Minimalism post and I’m so glad I bought this. It was pretty pricey, but it’s such a beautiful piece. It’s not exactly the warmest, so I always layer up with this one. It’s a white stripe top with semi-sheer panels and I love wearing my black Calvin Klein bra underneath for just a little bit of contrast. The second and last piece of clothing I added to my wardrobe during winter was this Tokito top. I admit it was a bit of an impulse buy while I was shopping with a friend, though completely justified as it was on sale! I never thought of myself as someone wearing camel, but again, I though it was so '60s and super cute.

When I was going to gigs and didn't need to keep too warm inside the various venues, it was all about the polo crops. They won't keep you warm at all, though they did help to keep the chill out just a little bit when I didn't want to layer with jumpers and scarves. My two wardrobe staples for the winter were the Topshop Skinny Polo Crop and this Lee velvet floral patterned top I bought a couple of years ago from General Pants Co. Velvet is a beautiful texture, especially during the colder months and the rich burgundy colour is very seasonally appropriate too.


It was only during the final weeks of winter that I discovered you had to wear jumpers underneath your coats in order to keep warm. The whole notion of layering was just a completely foreign concept to me! The jumpers I got the most use out of last season were my Bardot stripe knit jumper, Topshop Fisherman Crop Jumper, American Apparel Fuzzy Cropped Sweater and another knit jumper is this beautiful nude rose colour also from Bardot. The two Bardot jumpers aren't the warmest on their own, but as I mentioned, winter was all about learning to layer. I definitely got good use out of my Topshop jumper and again, burgundy is just one of my favourite colours for autumn/winter. Fisherman jumpers are a classic winter piece and next year, I want to add the American Apparel Cropped Fisherman Pullover in Zebra to my wardrobe. For now, I am just rejoicing that the season is finally over! The American Apparel Fuzzy Cropped Sweater is the softest and cosiest thing ever. I love the whole '90s vibe about it and even though the brand's prices are extortionate, their pieces are well worth it when you can get them on sale.

Jeans and leggings

There’s only one place I buy my jeans from and that’s Topshop. Never in my life have I owned a pair of jeans so fitting (even on my short self!), so comfortable and so flattering since I welcomed the Jamie jeans into my life last year. I have them in both the blue and the black and after having such good luck with them, I went ahead and tried out another style, the Joni 'Prince of Wales' ones. My two gripes with the Jamie jeans is that they aren’t as super high-waisted as I like my bottoms to be and I’m constantly pulling them up! I don’t have that problem at all with the Joni pair, though I do prefer jeans with pockets at the front for aesthetic reasons, which they do not have. If Topshop could make a hybrid of the two, I would have the most perfect pair of jeans ever, but for now, I absolutely love both styles. I'd love to get a pair of black Joni jeans next! 

When I’m lazing about the house, running errands or going for a bit more comfort, I practically live in leggings in the winter. I love the Topshop Basic Ankle ones as they’re really silky and soft, and anything ankle grazer makes my short legs appear longer, too. Last year, I ordered some BDG ones from Urban Outfitters and they’re absolutely amazing. They’re thicker than your usual legging making them perfect here in chilly Melbourne and are even cuffed at the ankles, which is a look I really love when wearing any sort of pant.


My Topshop Waffle Texture Pelmet Skirt is an all-year round staple for me and in fact, I even featured it in my Summer Wardrobe Staples. I absolutely love high waisted mini skirts as I feel they flatter my short legs the most and during the cold weather, I also reach for my leather mini skirt from Dotti and my Urban Outfitters Cooperative Pleated Skirt in Tartan. You won’t find me stepping into a Dotti store anymore these days (it's not really my style anymore), but I get a lot of use out of my leather skirt and the silver side zips are a really nice touch. I’d never really been into plaid or tartan skirts, but my mum used to love dressing me up in them when I was little and as I've mentioned, '90s fashion all things Clueless is my ideal aesthetic. Wherever this '70s trend came from, it needs to go back. I found the perfect tartan skirt online at Urban Outfitters last year and the burgundy/dark green colours pair so beautifully together. I hope Urban Outfitters will come to Australia one of these days!

Coats and jackets

I absolutely adore coats and I’ve gotten a tonne of use out of mine since I moved to Melbourne. When I was living in Perth, I could survive simply wearing a denim or leather jacket and in fact, my coats were reserved for overseas use and knowing that I wanted to move to a colder city. My four go-to coats are my Topshop Slim Pocket Coat, Bardot Double Breasted Military Coat, my dark green parka by Miss Shop from Myer and my faux sheep fur coat, another from Bardot. My Miss Shop parka is my most worn for day-to-day casual wear and my coats are dressed either up or down, which is the beauty of a coat. Admittedly, my faux sheep fur coat doesn't get worn as often simply because it's white! Coats are expensive, but to me, they’re an investment piece that should last you many years to come. I’d really love to purchase a grey one for next winter.


I love, love, love boots. The Chelsea in particular are my favourite style of boot and my Vagabond Elba Chelsea Boots from Urban Outfitters are literally my most worn pair of shoes ever. I wear them casually, I wear them going out, I wear them to work, I even wear them during the warmer months! They're just so easy to slip in and out of because who has time to deal with laces everyday? Vagabond unfortunately don't make these boots anymore and I'm deathly afraid of wearing them out! When I'm dressing up a little more or want the added height when I'm going to a gig, I reach for my New Look Chewy Black Heavy Profile Chelsea Boots. I bought these either last year or the year before after seeing SianShutterbug rock them and they're definitely a staple in my winter wardrobe. I love chunky shoes and again, it ties in with the '90s style I really can't get enough of.

When I can be bothered to deal with laces, I reach for my Nike Roshe One Breezes, which were a Rebecca-inspired purchase. I really love the sleek, minimalistic style to them and I'm so into sneakers as everyday wear because they're just so damn comfy. I don't work out in these though as I have a pair of Nike Frees for more rigorous wear. I hunted high and low literally everywhere for these (in various shoe stores in Perth, overseas and online!) last year, so I really treasure these shoes by cleaning the white soles every so often. Is it weird not to let your shoes get grubby? I just like to take really good care of my things!


I had never been a huge scarf wearer while living at home. I needed one in the mornings on my way to work, but when it warmed up later in the day, it was always fine to go without one. Living in Melbourne, however, they’re absolutely vital. I have a plain, basic black scarf (not pictured), which I wore most days during the colder weather, though when it was just not cutting it, I wore my Country Road Fringed Scarf in Light Grey, which is practically a blanket and one my best friend likes to make fun of! It’s the softest, warmest, most beautiful and expensive scarf I’ve ever owned and I just adore it. It can be a real bitch, however, as it’s dry clean only and I've spilt hot chocolate, red wine (it luckily came out!) and ice cream on the damn thing since owning it. This scarf actually makes me anxious! For next winter's accessories, I want to invest in a pair of black touch screen gloves because it actually physically hurt my hands to use my phone in the harsh cold weather.

I hope you enjoyed this little peak into my winter wardrobe! I always enjoy getting to know the fashion style of my favourite bloggers and since I'm no fashion blogger, this is the best I can provide! If you're in the Northern Hemisphere and have headed into cold weather, I hope you can take a little inspiration from this post. As for me in the land Down Under, I am so ready to get out the shorts, sandals and tank tops! As someone who feels the cold very easily, however, I think I've got about a month left of coat-wearing to endure, unfortunately!

What's your winter fashion style?

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