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I live in Perth, Australia, and this is my creative outlet where I blog about beauty, my life and everything in between. I enjoy the '80s, the '90s and anything French, and some of my favourite things in life include music,  film, summer and a nice cup of tea.

Mid-Year Blogging Goals

Mid-Year Blogging Goals

My favourite way to spend late afternoons is with a cup of tea in hand, while scrolling through my Bloglovin' feed with the other. There are so many incredibly talented bloggers out there who are always pushing themselves creatively, which often leads me to reflect upon my own blog and think of how I can up my own blogging game here. I don't mean that in the sense that I compare myself to other bloggers, but in the sense that I want to keep feeling inspired through blogging and also keep challenging myself. When it comes to creativity, I think that's healthy. In my Blogging and Staying True to Yourself post, I mentioned I was going to share my blogging goals with you all, and as we fast approach the end of the year, it's only natural to be doing a little reassessing in our lives. I've been thinking and brainstorming ideas for my blog, so here is what I want for the future of Like Neon Love.

Consistency in posting

I always tell myself I want to blog more often and while each year, I do find myself posting a few more times than the previous, I never think it’s enough and I've admittedly fallen a little behind this year. I’ll never be one of those bloggers with an editorial calendar who plans their posts way in advance, but I want to develop some consistency that works for me. It can be a little bit hard at times as I do shift work and my routine is always changing, but if I plan out out how often I want to post, it’ll give me something to work towards. Sometimes I can feel indecisive and overwhelmed by my ideas. I’m usually satisfied when I post around six times a month, so I think I’ll start with that and try to work my way up, if I can. Twice a week would be ideal, but for me, blogging isn't an easy hobby to keep up with. While some people can write a whole week's worth of posts in a day, it takes me a good few hours just to write one and once I'm ready to hit publish, I am spent! 

I often wonder how others can produce such high quality content on a regular basis and how they don't experience blogger burnout, or if they do, how they overcome it so easily. I'm a very meticulous person, perhaps even to a fault, and I only want to publish posts that I'm 100% happy with. Sometimes I have all these ideas rushing through my head and I get so excited about them, only to have a really bad day of photographing my posts and it's enough to put me off. Suddenly, one bad day becomes one bad week and I'm trying my hardest to change that. Having said this though, I don't ever want blogging to feel like a chore or something I have to get done. If I need to take the pressure off, I will because I can, and I don't want blogging to be anything but fun for me.

More lifestyle content

I’ll always consider Like Neon Love a beauty blog first and foremost, but lately, I’ve been kind of itching to inject a bit more personality into my blog. I very rarely read and follow blogs that are strictly beauty because it gets a bit too same-y after a while and I really enjoy getting to know the person behind the blog too. My Life Lately posts are some of my favourites to write at the end of each month, so I’m thinking about creating more film, television and music specific posts. What do you guys think? Is this something you’d like to see? I've been living in Melbourne for almost a year now (what!) and my experience in moving interstate and living out of home is something I want to share, and may even be useful to some of you too. When the weather gets a little warmer and I reemerge from hibernation, I want to share photos of Melbourne with you all and even of Perth whenever I go home from time to time. I want to treat myself to a Canon EOS M for my birthday, so it'll be much easier to take photos when I'm out and about, instead of lugging my big DSLR around!

Promote posts

Bloglovin' pushes a Tweet whenever a blog post of mine has gone live, but apart from that, I very rarely promote them. I'm not entirely that fussed in reaching more people, but sometimes a little reminder is helpful as I've often found myself making mental notes to properly read and comment on a post at a later time, only to forget! Plus, I quite enjoy a promotional Tweet paired with a nice visual from the respective blog post. I don't ever want to be in-your-face about it and constantly shove my social media down peoples throats (seriously. I've had to unfollow some people because of how annoying it gets!), and having a better understanding of what I think is effective versus irritating, I'll probably only schedule in one promotional Tweet per post and every now and then on Instagram. I say this because I don't want my blog and Instagram to become identical, and I still enjoy the more "real life" and "spontaneous" side of Instagram. I also bought myself the snazzy custom URL, to use with Buffer and I think it's just the coolest; I definitely want to get using it more!

Create a cover page

This is one I still have reservations about. I think they're beautiful, but I often wonder how much it's going to really add to my blog. Many of my favourite bloggers have created cover pages for theirs and I think it's all so professional, and gives off this cool editorial, magazine-like vibe. It's something I've highly been considering putting into action and one day, I'll need to sit down and play around with some ideas to create a visual plan of what I'd want a potential cover page to look like. If I go ahead with it, I want something sleek and minimal, and I want it to enhance my blog, rather than detract from it. What do you all think about them? I'd love to hear opinions!

Cull all social media

Technically, I’m cheating as I’ve already done this, but it was one I was happy to get over and done with! Every so often, I like to go through Bloglovin', Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook, and delete inactive profiles and ones I once liked, but don't anymore. While all sorts of social media can be incredible sources of inspiration, consuming too much can actually be stifling to our creativity because it takes up time and crowds our mind with too much. It's all too easy to get caught up in the scrolling, liking, favouriting, etc and waste away the hours, which could be better spent getting creative yourself. While I'm into the minimalist style and aesthetic, I would never call myself one (because the amount of beauty products I own say otherwise!), though there are ideals I really value within the minimalist lifestyle. Whether it's social media or even our belongings, a good purge feels cleansing, refreshing and soothes the mind. It's easier to work and stay focused when you're clear-headed and have less distractions.

Decide what I'm even doing with my YouTube channel

If you don't know, I created a YouTube channel at the beginning of the year and I haven't done anything with it since! Partly because I'm lazy, but mostly because my laptop screen goes all fuzzy and weird after editing in iMovie. I did film a video a couple months back, but the footage remains untouched! It's a common problem with my MacBook Pro model and I do need to get it repaired at some point, but it means being without my baby for a week, which is just unimaginable. Imagine all those books I've bought that could finally get read though! I don't know, I think I might've liked the idea of YouTube more than I initially anticipated. I get more enjoyment from being behind the camera than in front of it and as I'm a pretty quiet and introverted person, talking for a long period of time, even when it's just to myself, is actually quite draining! I screw up every second sentence that tries to come out of my mouth. I mean, do YouTubers make notes and memorise what they want to say? I find it really hard!

Once I finally get my laptop screen fixed, I do still want to do more with my channel, but more as a complement to my blog, rather than having it become something of its own. I'd love to film a makeup collection video for you guys! Blogging is still my number one love though and I don't want to spread myself too thin.

Do you have any goals for your blog?

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