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Gig Night Out Essentials

Gig Night Out Essentials

Splendour in the Grass is happening this weekend (foreign folk, think Coachella or Glastonbury only on a much smaller scale) and while I won't be heading up to Byron Bay on Friday to camp out in the harsh cold winter Australia's been experiencing, I did manage to snap myself up four Splendour sideshow tickets before they all sold out! I saw Of Monsters and Men earlier this week and over the next two, I'll also be seeing Purity Ring, Best Coast and Shlohmo. I thought I'd put together a post of the essentials I take with me on a gig night out because it combines two of my most favourite things in life: music and beauty (if only I could somehow incorporate Friends here!). I'm ready to gig it up!

Clutch bag

When you're in a crowd full of people and standing up for a long period of time, carrying a large handbag is just annoying and cumbersome, so I like to switch out my everyday handbag for a small clutch to hold all my little essentials. This Chanel-esque clutch bag I have is from Bardot and it's a great size because it just fits in my umbrella too, which I really need to carry on me at all times living in Melbourne! I used to chuck all my cards and cash in the small pocket of my clutch, but now things are even more organised since I invested in this small baby pink Country Road wallet. On a night out, this will contain my debit and credit cards, driver's licence, Myki card (or SmartRider if I'm back in Perth!) and any cash. It's a lot less hassle to take out this small wallet out of my clutch, as opposed to shuffling through my bag trying to find what I need or even carrying my everyday wallet that contains way too many loyalty cards.

Tickets to the show and ID

Perhaps an obvious one, but definitely something people do tend to forget! Being a Monica Geller type of person, I'm pretty organised and forgetting to pack the essentials is not something I usually do, though there have been times where my friends and I have caught a taxi to the gig venue, only to have to turn around and go back because they've forgotten their ticket or ID! If it's an 18+ show, you'll be needing some sort of photo identification, though I have been to some venues where they don't even bother checking. Nevertheless, it's better to have it on you just in case or even if you choose to continue the night on after the show. As for your ticket, it goes without saying that this is absolutely vital! A lot of venues are much more convenient now as they can just scan the e-ticket on your phone, but I'm still a fan of the physical type because I like keeping them as souvenirs.


Again, this is another obvious one and something most people would be freaking out over if they left at home no matter where they were going. On a gig night out, I like to make sure my battery is fully charged so that I can snap some photos of the show (to later upload to Instagram, of course), maybe Check In on Facebook (yes, it is a thing I still sometimes like to do!) and then afterwards, check public transport timetables or book an Uber home. You can bring a portable charger with you, though one full cycle does me good for the night and the less I have to carry, the better.

Side note: don't take too many photos to the point where you forget to actually watch the show and annoy fellow gig-goers with the light glaring from your phone screen. Read FasterLouder's The 6 Golden Rules of Gig Etiquette.

Lipstick and lip balm

I'm sure most of us here don't leave the house without a various assortment of lip products, myself included. I tend to go for a nude or low maintenance lip during the day, so when I go out at night, the bold colours come out to play. In saying this, I am trying to wear bolder colours in the daytime since I don't go out often enough at night to get good use out of them! In addition, I always carry a lip balm on me along with my chosen lip colour for the night because there's nothing worse than wearing a matte lip (my preferred lipstick finish) and feeling them dry out! A staple in every girls' handbag.


I've long left behind me the days of getting crazy drunk and dancing until the early hours of the morning, so while things are usually a lot tamer now, my base stays in place. In case I do need to touch up under the eyes or any blemishes, I always bring my MAC Studio Finish Concealer with me as I find this little pot much more convenient to apply when out and about than one with a doe foot applicator. I'm sure most people have a compact powder on hand too, but I'm not one to get particularly oily or sweaty throughout the night. I apply powder before I leave the house, but I never feel the need to touch up.

Compact mirror

When quickly touching up makeup and reapplying lipstick, it's always handy to have a compact mirror on you. The bathrooms in clubs and gig venues aren't generally the nicest place you want to be spending any more time than necessary in... unless, of course, you've well and truly got your drank on and you're and making friends!

Mini bottle of perfume

This isn't something I always have on me, especially if I'm just coming straight home after the show, but if the night is still young and I've got other plans, it's nice to freshen up with the spritz of fragrance. Being staff of a department store, I've acquired a tonne of perfume samples, though my favourites by far are these absolutely adorable mini Jo Malone colognes. They're a decent enough size to last you a fair while, travel friendly and did I mention Jo Malone?

A pair of chunky, comfortable shoes

A comfortable pair of shoes is a must when standing in the same spot for an hour or two, but if you're vertically challenged like yours truly and have had many a gig ruined by tall people, you may want to think about giving yourself some extra height. Unfortunately, height and comfort don't always go hand-in-hand, but as someone who loves '90s-style chunky platformed shoes, I get the best of both worlds. Either way, I'm willing to sacrifice a bit of comfort to actually see the band! These days, it doesn't tend to be too much of an issue for me because I like to get there early enough to grab myself a good spot near the front or even at the stage barrier.

What are your essentials on a night out? Are there any upcoming gigs or festivals you're attending?

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