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I live in Perth, Australia, and this is my creative outlet where I blog about beauty, my life and everything in between. I enjoy the '80s, the '90s and anything French, and some of my favourite things in life include music,  film, summer and a nice cup of tea.

My Favourite YouTube Channels

My Favourite YouTube Channels

I remember it being around 2008 or 2009 when I first discovered the YouTube beauty community. MAC was all the rage and girls were filming their videos in front of their MacBooks using the built-in Photo Booth app. A friend of mine from LiveJournal posted her 'What's in my bag' video and from then on in, I discovered more and more girls to watch and I was hooked. I'll admit, it did feed an obsession with makeup and all things beauty, but more than that, if it weren't for YouTube, I probably never would have discovered my love of blogging and established a lovely little community here. YouTube has changed a lot since since I first began watching these "beauty gurus" (what with shady marketing and advertising, and all), so my favourites have changed a lot over time too. The channels that I've listed below are the ones I get the most excited to see pop up in my subscriptions and will stop everything I'm doing to watch. Some of them don't necessarily upload the most often, but nevertheless, they're the ones who consistently bring it with the amazing content and as it's very easy to feel like you're watching an advertisement these days, I much prefer watching girls who make me feel more like I'm listening to a friend talk as opposed to someone trying to sell me something. I love watching YouTube over a cup of tea in the afternoon or before bed as I find a little bit of mindless entertainment the perfect way to relax, and if some of these channels are new to you, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Sarah from All Dolled Up

There is only one thing Sarah and I really have in common and that is that we're both originally from Perth, now living in Melbourne. While most of the YouTubers I watch, and myself included, are into the whole minimal aesthetic, the word probably doesn't even exist in Sarah's vocabulary. Taking inspiration from the '60s and '70s, her style is bright, fun, vibrant, colourful and completely over the top, but in a good way. Our styles couldn't be further apart, yet somehow, I just find Sarah so fascinating and I truly admire that she's not afraid to be different and stick out from the norm. She's bold, she's daring and as the most unique YouTuber I watch by far, she's a refreshing welcome to my YouTube feed whenever she uploads.

Videos to watch: Lime Green Hair Transformation!, Welcome Back + Apartment Tour, I Shaved My Hair Off On YouTube!!

Brodie from Brodie Curnow

Brodie has been an online friend of mine way before we both got into YouTube and blogging, and even though she hasn't posted on neither her blog or channel in quite some time now, I still couldn't leave her out of this post! I think she's such a natural in front of the camera; she has such a friendly, chatty personality and I hope she'll make a return one of these days.

Videos to watch: Subtle Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial, Current Go-To Makeup Routine, Makeup Addict Tag

Marion and Sanne from derpinaMODE

Marion and Sanne are derpinaMODE and they're such a delight to watch. Not too long ago, they made the transition over to cruelty free beauty and while I'm definitely not strong enough to do that myself, I have friends who are vegan and ask me for beauty recommendations, so Marion and Sanne are a great source of information for me to be able to help my friends out. Both such charming and hilarious girls, their friendship is completely adorable too. derpinaMODE, deactivate!

Videos to watch: Essiebutton Does My MakeupThe Boyfriend Tag, Best Cruelty-Free Finds of 2014

Hannah from Hannahyep

Hannah is another YouTuber I watch who also recently went cruelty free. It's been really interesting to see her transition over and I really admire girls who do this and stick to it. With very limited brands and YouTube and blogging playing such a huge influence on our purchases, Hannah definitely has my utmost respect. Not only that, but she's witty, entertaining and I can even recall her describing nude lips as "basic bitch" and Australia as "the arse end of the world". She's a treat!

Videos to watch: Winter Survival | Making Winter Suck LessHauls to the Wall | How a Cheapskate ShopsMarch of the Favourites | Anastasia, NARS, The Written Word

Alix from I Covet Thee

I'm sure most of us here all know and watch Alix. I remember her blog being one of the very first I started reading when I got properly into blogging and I was so excited when she started a YouTube channel too. Unsurprisingly, it's taken off and the quality of her video content is just amazing. Everything from the lighting, the close up product shots, to the way she styles her background are all so aesthetically pleasing!

Videos to watch: London Beauty Haul: Selfridges, Space NK, Liberty & More!Make Up Collection & Storage: Muji Drawer Tour, Sunday Night Pamper

Jaye from Jaye Rockett

A lot of my favourite bloggers have taken the leap over to YouTube in addition to blogging, which is really exciting. Jaye has such a lovely personality who I feel like I could listen to talk for hours, and as I'm always a fan of the products she talks about, you know the girl's got great taste too! Her YouTube channel is a lovely little complement to her blog, Bed in the Kitchen

Videos to watch: Dressing Table Tour, My MAC Lipstick Collection, What I Got For My Birthday!

Lisa from Lisa Eldridge

I have to admit, and I'm probably going to get a lot of hate here for even confessing to this, but I didn't get the hype over Lisa Eldridge at first. I guess at the time, I was mostly into watching everyday girls talking about makeup as opposed to industry professionals, but one night, I somehow ended up binge-watching her channel and absolutely fell in love. She's been in the industry for almost twenty years; working on many famous faces and on her channel, I love that she uses a wide range of different models to create her amazing makeup looks.

Videos to watch: Retro 80's Makeup Look, French Pharmacie Skincare Favourites, Alexa Chung Tutorial - Starring Alexa Chung!

Lois from Lois Lillian

The most recent addition to my YouTube subscriptions, Lois is a university student with such an impeccable minimalistic fashion style. I don't even want to think about what I used to wear during my time at uni! I get a lot of inspiration from her styling and lookbook videos and on top of that, she has the most enviable long hair and blue eyes!

Videos to watch: Styling Tailored Trousers | 2 WaysStyling New Pieces | Missguided + Sheinside, CHATTY GRWM

Sofie from The Milk Club

There aren't many Australian YouTubers I watch as I don't find their style particularly relatable (I'm really not into the overdone, going-out-clubbing kind of girls!), but slowly, I'm discovering more Aussies girls to watch and Sofie is one I simply adore. A fresh-faced doll-like beauty, her take on fashion is simple and '90s-inspired, and damn, the girl sure knows how to put an outfit together. Her style isn't totally "me" (the super long nails and the gold jewellery), but nonetheless, I love it and find her advice so helpful too. She also has the most luscious, long blonde hair! Like a real life Barbie.

Videos to watch: 90s Character Outfits, Pack With Me, Styling Mistakes to Avoid

Natalie from The Only Ones

Natalie's blog, The Only Ones, is one of my favourites. Her content is so varied, she always manages to find really interesting topics to talk about and her YouTube channel is exactly the same too. She has a really sweet voice and when she talks, you can tell she's being honest. It's been awesome to see her really take on YouTube as you can also tell she's developed some really amazing editing skills!

Videos to watch: Date Night GRWM, More Stuff I LikeSecond Hand Clothing Haul (Charity, Thrift, Depop...)

Sarah from Sarah Hawkinson

I definitely have a soft spot for the UK girls on YouTube as their style has always appealed to me more than others from any other country, but having said that, I think I'd say Sarah is my all-time favourite YouTuber. Based in California, Sarah's style is very '90s inspired, she uploads consistently and there's something about her that's so relatable and makes you feel like your her friend. I love listening to her chat in her Get Ready With Me videos, her hauls are so much fun and she's the only person whose vlogs I watch (they're generally boring and uninteresting to me). She has that punk-rock vibe to her style that I'm not particularly into and I cannot stand horror films either (I scare too easily!), but YouTubers don't have to be 100% into the same things as you to be enjoyable. Wouldn't that be boring! Having said that, she's also into some A+ electronic musicians and bands that I love too and I've discovered some amazing remixes through her lookbooks. Love this girl!

Videos to watch: Summer Grunge Lookbook, GRWM // Lorac Pro Palette, Girly Talk Thru Tutorial

Sian from SianShutterbug

Sian unfortunately doesn't make YouTube videos anymore, which is so disappointing because I love her so much, I couldn't even leave her out of this blog post! The girl's style was so on point and she always had the most amazing winged eyeliner. If you were fortunate to have watched her videos in the past, you were definitely one of the lucky ones and while she has deleted all her YouTube content, you can still read her blog and follow her on Instagram and Twitter. I completely respect her decision to leave YouTube, but I am still going to patiently wait for a return!

Jess from Sunbeams Jess

The quality of this girl's YouTube videos is absolutely mind blowing. I've been watching Jess for quite a few years now and it's been amazing to her progress and constantly up her YouTube game. Her editing skills are incredible and she's got that really laid back, chilled out vibe to her videos; I'm a really big fan of her music choices - none of this ukulele rubbish! Not only that, but she has such a fresh and eclectic approach to fashion. Sometimes when I watch her clothing hauls, I think to myself, 'Why?!', but in her lookbooks, it just works so well and she really pulls off the unique and interesting pieces she buys. She has an undone, effortless appeal to her and I'm actually kind of jealous of how cool she is.

Videos to watch: What to Wear? | Urban Outfitters Denim, Topshop NYE LookbookChatty GRWM: Summer Plans + Catching Up

Tamira from The Guilty Girl

Tamira is one of my most favourite ladies here. Always so lovely and friendly within the community, she's such a joy to watch on YouTube. I really admire her work ethic as not only does she post regularly on her blog, she always manages to upload a video every week and does this all on top of a full time job! I don't know how she does it, but one day soon I hope to have my shit together enough to be able to do that myself! I also hope to one day soon travel back to the UK as it would be so awesome to meet up with Tamira and film a YouTube video or two together. And it goes without saying, some shopping too, of course.

Videos to watch: Collective Winter Haul - MAC, Bath and Body Works, Selfridges, 5 Fave Bold LipsA Little Chat: My Surgery Experience & Check Yourself!

Tamira from Tamira Jarrel

This girl's style and aesthetic are what minimalist dreams are made of. Always so chic and put together, Tamira favours the more luxurious beauty brands, which is something I can definitely get on board with. She has a streamlined (well, as streamlined as you can get for us beauty enthusiasts!) collection of high end makeup she loves and actually uses, and I really enjoy watching her Get Ready With Me videos as her makeup is always so fresh and flawless.

Videos to watch: New Beauty Launches & Demo, Makeup Storage and Collection, NYC Haul

Who are your favourite YouTubers? Recommend me channels to subscribe to as I love discovering new ones to watch!

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