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Chanel Resynchronising Skincare

Chanel Resynchronising Skincare

When I think of those beauty brands that exude luxury and opulence, Chanel is the first to come to mind. I've tried a few of their makeup products, all of which I unsurprisingly love, and in fact, found my holy grail mascara in Le Volume de Chanel and haven't even used anything else but this wonder of a mascara in the last year and a half. I can't quite remember how I stumbled upon discovering the Chanel Resynchronising Skincare range, but after doing so and reading rave reviews on MakeupAlley, I just knew this was going to be my first foray into the brand's skincare. I hadn't originally intended on purchasing all three due to the exorbitant prices one pays for such a luxe brand like Chanel, but being the ridiculous person that I am, I eventually did and I have no regrets. I purchased one of them while I was on holiday and the other two with loyalty vouchers, so you get me, right?

Within the Chanel Resynchronising Skincare range are three products - Le Jour de Chanel, which is used in the mornings, La Nuit de Chanel for the nights and Le Weekend de Chanel, which quite obviously, for Saturdays and Sundays. With our hectic schedules and busy lives taking its toll on our skin, these three products were designed to work harmoniously together to balance and resynchronise the skin's natural rhythms. Having had the whole range as a part of my skincare routine for a fair few months now, I can without a doubt say that the Chanel Resynchronising Skincare products are more than just those sleek, minimal and ever so stylish bottles I was initially drawn to. 

Le Jour de Chanel

Le Jour de Chanel is your morning reactivating face care. A clear gel-like consistency, this serum provides a fresh and soothing treatment for the skin and contains Grasse jasmine extract to help energise, invigorate and adapt the skin to its environment. Another potent ingredient it contains is salicylic acid, which would help those with blemish-prone skin, however, if your skin is also dry, be sure to use a rich moisturiser on top. While my skin is relatively normal and not sensitive to much, I did read a few reviews that Le Jour can be a little on the drying side. Having said that though, I wouldn't let that put you off as salicylic acid also exfoliates the skin, making pores appear tighter and the skin more even-toned. For those of you after a radiant complexion to face the day ahead, Le Jour de Chanel is your go-to AM skincare treat.

La Nuit de Chanel

While Le Jour is for reactivating, La Nuit is for recharging in the evenings. Aimed at moisturising the skin, this can be used with or instead of your usual nighttime moisturiser, though for me, I like the extra hydration boost of going in with my moisturiser afterwards. Containing Frankincense extract to calm, recover and repair the skin from the day just gone and that ever-loved ingredient, hyaluronic acid, to help restore moisture, La Nuit de Chanel soothes the skin, helping it to appear more supple and plump. Dullness is visibly reduced and whether or not you got a good night's sleep, the skin looks well-rested.

Le Weekend de Chanel

The last product within the Chanel Resynchronising Skincare range is Le Weekend de Chanel, which a weekly renewing 2-in-1 serum and moisturiser aimed at making the skin appear softer and more luminous for the week ahead. Providing the skin with intense hydration, Le Weekend contains a relaxing rose water and a specific complex of high-tolerance glycolic acid, which is gradually released for exfoliation and hydration. On the weekend, the product is applied every morning and evening in place of your usual serum and moisturiser and during the day, be sure to layer up with sunscreen on top as the glycolic acid can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. For those of you with sensitive skin types, you may feel a slight stinging sensation, but it is noted that this is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. For me, I don't feel any stinging whatsoever, but if you do, you can simply use this one day during the weekend and gradually work your way up to using it twice to further the product's benefits.

The overall verdict

Let's just say I wasn't surprised when I fell in love with Chanel skincare. I slowly introduced the three products into my skincare routine one at a time, starting with Le Jour, then Le Weekend and finally with La Nuit. During that time, I didn't alter the rest of my skincare routine, sticking to using the same cleanser, toner and moisturiser, as well as removing my usual serums, masks, etc. from my routine just so I could more accurately review the products and see how well my skin reacted to them. I then also used the three products separately to see how they performed on their own. 

My pores aren't hugely visible, but I absolutely love the way Le Jour feels on the skin and as a morning serum, this provides my skin with the radiance I need for days it's looking a little lacklustre when I don't get enough sleep. This doesn't interfere with makeup whatsoever and instead, further enhances the way it looks. When it came to introducing Le Weekend, I did notice a couple of breakouts over a few days and while I was initially disappointed (it's the most expensive of the three too!), I continued use of it and before I knew it, my skin had cleared up. I hadn't read anything about the skin "purging" with Le Weekend, but neither did my skin dry out from using Le Jour, so it just goes to show how subjective skincare can be. Introducing La Nuit, however, is where I really noticed the difference in my overall complexion and understood the need for all three. Over the two months I trialled these products specifically for this review, I did not break out once. Not a single pimple! I was absolutely blown away. Having said that though, I wouldn't say this tops my holy grail Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair and if I were to pick one of the three to skip out on, it would probably be La Nuit. I love it, but also feel like it could be replaced with a cheaper alternative and on its own, just wasn't amazing enough. I also find the other two to offer more "unique" benefits. I should also forewarn you and say that these products are quite heavily fragranced. For me, the fresh floral fragrance is something I absolutely adore (particularly in Le Jour, which perks me up in the mornings), but for those of you that are sensitive to scents, this is just a heads up. I love the fragrance in Chanel products and I find it adds to the quality and feeling of luxury in both their skincare and makeup.

Is the Chanel Resynchronising Skincare range worth it? Well, that's all dependent on your budget and for me, I would only happily repurchase it given I had the Myer One rewards vouchers again to go towards paying for it! The Chanel counters and stores here in Australia don't give away samples due to exclusivity of the brand (to me, totally understandable), but if you happen to be making a "less expensive" purchase there, I'm sure sales assistants would be more than happy to give you samples that way if you'd like to try out the range. Coming with a hefty price tag of $124 for Le Jour and La Nuit each and $148 for Le Weekend, if luxury skincare is something worth investing in to you or you know, you simply want to treat yo'self, the Chanel counter should be your first port of call. These are beautiful, beautiful products and the packaging alone... I die. Not only has the Chanel Resynchronising Skincare hugely benefited my skin, but damn, they look good sat on top my dressing table. They're just too stunning to be hidden away in the bathroom cabinet!

Lastly, I know my blog posts are always a million years long, but I figure attention to detail is better, as are in-depth reviews, especially when you could potentially be parting with a lot of money!

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