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The Lazy Girls' Guide to Skincare

The Lazy Girls' Guide to Skincare

I love my makeup and skincare (well, obviously, I mean, that's why this blog exists), but the moment I get in from work in the evening, the last thing I want to think about is removing the day's face. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say it can be a bit of a faff and the whole routine of cleansing, toning, moisturising, etc, can be such an ordeal when all you want to do is eat dinner and curl up in bed with your favourite TV show. For me, I have a habit of getting into bed just to quickly scroll through Instagram and suddenly, it's 12am, my makeup's still on, I want to go to sleep and no matter how many times I tell myself that I'm going to regret this decision, I never seem to learn. No matter what bad habits I seem to have adopted thanks to my social media addiction, I will always go to bed with a bare face and since developing a nighttime skincare routine that I love, I thought I'd share with you some beauty life hacks that make the whole process of taking care of your skin a lot easier.

Micellar waters

Over the past couple of years, micellar waters have gained considerable popularity because of their ease and gentle nature of removing makeup. It all began with Bioderma Sensibio H2O (or more commonly and simply just known as "Bioderma") and while more commercial alternatives from L'Oréal and Garnier are more easily accessible and affordable, I've remained loyal to Bioderma and don't mind purchasing it online from Escentual when there's a sale on. You know me, I can't resist my French products. You can buy Bioderma from Priceline and some Australian websites, but $50 for a 500ml bottle of essentially water? No, thank you! Some people use micellar waters to remove all of their face makeup, but I strictly reserve it for the eyes and lips only because they don't do a thorough enough job of removing foundation and will not properly cleanse your skin. Using Bioderma means that when I go in with my cleansing balm of choice, I'm not smearing mascara, eyeshadow and lip product all over the rest of my face. It makes removing my foundation cleaner and easier, and my muslin cloths generally stay fresher and not horribly stained for longer too.

Cleansing balms

Buying products off blogger recommendations all began with Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser for me. Since 2011, I've always had a bottle of this stuff in the cabinet under my bathroom sink, though I have dabbled into others. The Emma Hardie Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm is one I absolutely adored and considered a "skincare treat". Before I used my tub up, I used it sparingly and due to the extortionate price, reserved it for nights I was wearing heavier makeup or wanted to pamper myself. While the price makes my eyes weep, I highly recommend it because nothing has felt more luxurious on my skin and Feel Unique regularly have sales on their site. Since running out, the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel has taken its place. It's a gel consistency and when rubbed into the skin, turns to oil. Although I've only recently started using it, I'm really loving it so far. It's pink and resembles that of turkish delight, but doesn't smell like it much to my dismay. When reading reviews, many bloggers have said to use it to remove their eye makeup, though the packaging says to avoid the eye area. This was surprising to learn, not only because bloggers seem to have left this bit of information out, but because it's completely gentle on the eyes and does not sting at all. I love the thick consistency of cleansing balms and the like as I feel that they not only thoroughly cleanse my skin, but remove my makeup while also being deeply nourishing. Cleansing balms break down the makeup with such ease and I don't have to continuously rub at my skin to make sure everything is removed. While I generally remove my makeup out of the shower, sometimes if I can't be bothered with Bioderma and need to freshen up, I'll use a cleansing balm while in there and I find the running water helps with removing my eye makeup. Not only have I taken a step out of my routine, but by showering and cleansing at the same time, I also have killed two birds with one stone.

Spray toners/facial mists

Many people consider toner pointless, but for me, it's something I really love because I find them so refreshing. Toning your face is a pretty mindless step in skincare, which only takes about a second, but even taking a cotton pad and pouring it on still requires effort, you know! When my laziness gets the better of me, I resort to spray toners and facial mists to resolve the issue. Just a simple, quick spray and you're good to go. I love my Caudalie Beauty Elixir and Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist, but a new one I've been using for the past couple of months is the Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist. It's not as fine as the former two, but I just have to hold it a little further away from my face and it doesn't go on so wet. Refreshing and super soothing, I imagine this to be a wonderful pick-me-up during the summertime too.

Overnight treatments

So your makeup is finally off and your skin is fresh and bare after your micellar water and double cleanse. If that wasn't enough of a rigmarole, you've still got your toner, serum, eye cream and moisturiser to go. When you just want to call it quits for the night and retire to bed, this is where overnight treatments become your best friend. Whenever I feel my skin needs an extra something-something, but more so when I'm super lazy, I use either the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask for a hydration boost or Alpha-H Liquid Gold for some deep exfoliation. Not only do these overnight products give your skin a little treat, but it means you don't have to go through the faff of your entire skincare routine without feeling guilty about it.

Mixing up your skincare products

If you have temperamental skin, I wouldn't suggest this because I think sticking to a solid routine is better, but if your skin is relatively well-behaved like mine, it doesn't hurt to try out new products and as beauty product junkies, it's just inevitable, anyway. Of course, you're not going to try out five new products all at once because not only is that over the top, but you'll never know which ones are actually doing your skin any good or not. Whenever I purchase new skincare products, I'll slowly introduce them into my routine one at a time and with continued use over a month or so, I get a general idea of whether my skin likes them. Sometimes you may find that a certain product just isn't cutting it anymore or that you're simply bored, and trying out new products can be a great way to keep things exciting in your skincare routine and make you actually want to remove your makeup at the end of the day. I don't know whether basically saying, "Buy more products!" is sound advice, but if you were to ask me if you should buy something or not, I will always more than likely answer with a resounding, "Yes".

At the end of the day, taking care of your skin is important and the younger you start, the better. I'm in my mid-twenties and I have friends who just won't listen to me and still sleep in their makeup and use makeup wipes! There are a couple of times a year I may do this if I'm sleeping over a friend's house and I always wake up feeling horrible, and of course, end up breaking out too. While it can be hard to muster up the energy to take off my makeup, when I get into it, I find the whole routine quite relaxing and enjoyable. It's fun to use all those products I love and especially knowing that they're doing my skin good too. Plus, I have white bedding to motivate me into keeping it that way! I love going to bed and waking up with a fresh, clean face and since properly removing my makeup and sticking to a routine, my skin is in far better condition than it ever was during my late teens. Taking off your makeup as soon as you get home to get it over and done with is another excellent piece of advice I have to offer and although I should practice what I preach, I'm still working on that one!

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