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I live in Perth, Australia, and this is my creative outlet where I blog about beauty, my life and everything in between. I enjoy the '80s, the '90s and anything French, and some of my favourite things in life include music,  film, summer and a nice cup of tea.

Life Lately

Life Lately





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1. Typical Instagram cloud photo, except I used a filter. 2. Christmas is all about the chocolate eating 3. Blogging 4. Trying Parma Violets for the first time
5. Freshly washed bed sheets 6. Cleaning my room while listening to Cut Copy 7. The Christmas tree 8. My Sunday afternoon
9. My favourite thing about summer 10. Gift wrapping 11. Early Christmas present to myself! 12. Colour co-ordinated my makeup for Christmas Day 
 #throwbackthursday to my last day in Sydney 14. Reading my bible and blog prepping

First and foremost, I just want to say thank you to those of you who read and commented on my 'Learning to love yourself' blog post. I was a little hesitant to post it, but at the same time, it was something I really wanted to share with you all. Heartbreak is a deeply personal thing to talk about on such a public space for everyone to read, but I think it's important to understand that through heartbreak, we can learn a lot about ourselves. It was an experience that had a huge impact on my life, but one that made me into a better person as over the past year, I've become more self-aware of who I am and who I want to be. While I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with beauty products, it's important to remember what real beauty is. It's our attitude, our ability to overcome the shit life throws at you and the way we perceive it. You can take the easy way out or you can invest the time in finding yourself and loving yourself. It's hard work, but I can assure you, it's the only way to experience genuine happiness. As I write this, I'm feeling really positive for 2014 and I can't wait to see what the future has installed for me next year.


I don't go out of my way to find new blogs to read these days. I already read a tonne and I don't feel the need to find new ones because the ones that I do, I love dearly and already fill me up with enough joy. However, one I did discover was Parisian To Be. Lillian talks about such lovely products and as a fellow Francophile, I can definitely relate to her blog! My good friend, Jessica, doesn't get time to blog a lot, but when she does, I just fall in love with each post. Her 'Merry Christmas to Me' post had me drooling over the lovely things she bought herself. I have to admit, I do love splurging on myself during this time of year. Let's be real though, I do that all throughout the rest of the year too.


Move over, Lorde, there's a new Kiwi sensation in town and that's BROODS. They're still relatively new on the scene, but oh my, I definitely see big things happening for this brother/sister duo. Bridges has perhaps been my most played song this month and I still can't get enough of it. It starts off slow and builds up into this incredible chorus that's so catchy and so fun. I can't wait to hear more stuff from them. Another band I discovered and found a new love for is Wampire. They're kind of 80s, kind of punk and The Hearse is just a brilliant song. Even more, the music video is totally bizarre and if there's anything I love more than good music, it's a weird video to accompany it. Still on 80s music, The Killers released a greatest hits album and while I'm not really into them as much as I was back in university, they released a new song on the album, which is just so good! It has an incredible 80s vibe, which I think we have M83 to thank for as it was produced by him, and I can definitely hear his influence in the song. I absolutely love 80s inspired music and Calling In The Name Of Love by Active Child is another great one. I think this year was definitely my year in music as my two favourite bands of all time, Cut Copy and Röyksopp, both released new material. Röyksopp only released two songs, my favourite being Running To The Sea, but I really hopes this means there'll be a whole new album in 2014! I ended my playlist with a surf rock tune fitting for the Australian summer from Brisbane band, Major Leagues. It reminds me of sunsets and the beach, and while I'm not a beach person at all (does that make me unAustralian?), it's a great summer anthem. I can never decide what my biggest love in life is - beauty or music. It was always music before I discovered the world of beauty YouTubers a few years ago, but I guess now I've made room for both. I think they're both equally huge parts of my life, though I think music brings a unique joy into my life like nothing else.

Film and television

I'm still watching The Nanny and loving it, but I also watched Ja'mie: Private School Girl in one day, which was just brilliant. From watching the series, you could tell that the production has definitely taken a step up from Chris Lilley's previous shows, which just goes to show how far he has come. I have to admit, I didn't find it as funny as We Can Be Heroes or Summer Heights High, but it was still highly enjoyable. While it's true blue Aussie, I love that it has universal appeal as I know so many English and Americans love it, and I'm really excited for Chris Lilley's new Jonah Takalua series. In movies, two of my favourites I watched was Thelma & Louise and Admission. Thelma & Louise is a classic, so I thought I'd give it a watch and it was such a cool, kind of girl power movie. Despite loving Tina Fey and Paul Rudd, I didn't have high expectations for Admission as I'm usually disappointed when two of my favourite actors star in a movie together, but this was such a sweet, non-cliché, light-hearted comedy. Plus, Paul Rudd was so damn hot in it. Wow. Lastly, I finally watched the latest film from my life inspiration and all round goddess, Sofia Coppola. Right from the start when The Bling Ring opened with Sleigh Bells, I knew I was going to love it. Like all her films, the cinematography was wonderfully dreamy and beautiful, and while people may argue that not a lot happens in her movies, I found it really entertaining. It was a really fun watch with an impeccably fitting soundtrack.

Life events

Apart from work and Christmas festivities, life was pretty quiet in December, which was a nice change as I was flat out last month. I've been trying to work towards my goals and as I can't stop thinking about moving out of home, I started my very own glory box! My mum handed down her real crystal flower vase she received for her 21st birthday to me and as I work in a department store, I've managed to snap up some some amazing items in the pre-Christmas sales (Boxing Day is overrated, if you ask me). So far, I have bed sheets, towels, a dressing table mirror and the most beautiful limited edition Andy Warhol homeware pieces by Rosenthal. I got the Marilyn Monroe wall plate as well as the Campbell's Soup mug. The mug is absolutely massive and I can't wait to enjoy a big cup of tea in my future Melbourne apartment! One day I'll have a Tumblr worthy home. One day.

This will be my final post for the year, so I hope you all have an amazing New Years! I'm just going over to a friend's house for a barbecue and drinks. It won't be a crazy night as those days have long left me and I'm working New Years Day (hello double time and a half!), but I do have exciting new plans for my blog in the new year. I'm not going to give anything away, but it's been a long time coming and I can't wait!

1. St. Lucia - Too Close
2. HAERTS - Wings (Shlohmo Remix)
3. David Lynch - I'm Waiting Here (feat. Lykke Li)
4. Natasha Khan & Jon Hopkins - Garden's Heart
5. BROODS - Bridges
6. Röyksopp - Running To The Sea
7. Wampire - The Hearse
8. Teen Daze - Reeds
9. The Killers - Shot At The Night
10. Active Child - Calling In The Name Of Love
11. TEEN - Carolina
12. Major Leagues - Endless Drain



Best Beauty Products of 2013: Makeup, Nails & Fragrance

Best Beauty Products of 2013: Makeup, Nails & Fragrance