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I live in Perth, Australia, and this is my creative outlet where I blog about beauty, my life and everything in between. I enjoy the '80s, the '90s and anything French, and some of my favourite things in life include music,  film, summer and a nice cup of tea.

Life Lately

Life Lately



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1. New beauty products and my girlcrush 2. Pretty books from Chanel and Alexa Chung 3. Quote by Pablo Picasso 4. Wedding time with my chum, Nicole
5. Went a little cray during the Myer Christmas shopping event 6. Redid my pin board 7. New notebook for blogging and 2014 diary from Kikki K

It's been one hell of a month. While I've been home for a good couple of months now, I'm still doing work on the side for the company I interned for in Sydney and trying to juggle that with 40 hours a week at my regular job has been really hard, to say the least. When I come home from work, I'm back working yet again and it really hasn't left me time for much else, not even sleep! As you can see, I don't have many Instagram pictures from November, just because it's literally been work, work, work. I think I almost had a meltdown last week, but at the end of the day, there's always a huge smile on my face. It's been challenging, yet fun and for the first time in my life, I feel rewarded by the work I'm doing. I feel a sense of achievement and while my future is still unknown, I know it can only lead me to somewhere great. The season finale of the TV show I'm working on airs tonight, so hopefully this month, I'll have a bit more free time to myself not only to blog, but to just do nothing!


I've really been feeling the blog love lately. My good friend Kat of Audrey & Belle is back blogging more regularly and I've been so in love! While her blog is still quite young, I think she's come a long way with her photography. She really deserves to be more well known, so if you can't get enough beauty, definitely check out her blog. Rebecca's blog, From Roses is just an always favourite, really. She has the personality to match the beauty of her blog and the thing I find most inspiring is her ability to be vulnerable with her readers and talk about subjects and things in her personal life that aren't really common amongst beauty bloggers. I think in social media, we all tend to put up this façade, which isn't necessarily a bad thing because of course we want to share our happiness with other people, but it's nice to be brought back down to Earth and be reminded that life isn't perfect.


You know those songs where you just have to stop everything you're doing to just concentrate and take in the amazingness of said song? I discovered some beautiful gems this month from St. Lucia and Superhumanoids and needless to say, I am obsessed. I love my 80s inspired synth pop and if you do too, St. Lucia would definitely be your kind of thing. Superhumanoids are more 90s dream pop and I can't get enough of their song, Bad Weather. There are all these incredible builds ups that leave me wanting more and they remind me a lot like Slowdive, which rekindled my love for the Splendiferous Locust Mix of their song, Shine. I'm also loving alt-J all over again as their album was on repeat during my time in Sydney, so it brings back a lot of fond memories for me. Apart from St. Lucia and Superhumanoids, a few other new releases I loved came from CFCF, Cults and Blood Orange. I particularly love Blood Orange's song, Chamakay, though I could be partial because it features Chairlift's, Caroline Polachek.

Film and television

The little relaxing time I've had in between work and sleep has been spent either watching YouTube or The Nanny, which I just can't get enough of at the moment! I'm half way through the series and I just want to see Fran and Mr Sheffield get together already! I may have developed a slight crush on him (that damn English accent) and I'm obsessed with Fran's outfits. Everything she wears is just perf, though I do have an infatuation for everything 90s. I still managed to watch a few movies in November, which were The Big Wedding, Celeste & Jesse Forever, Ghostbusters and the Bollywood film, Gori Tere Pyaar Mein, which I saw in the cinema with a good friend of mine. I didn't like The Big Wedding at all as to me, it felt like a poor man's It's Complicated, despite the pretty decent cast. By far my favourite film of this month was Celeste & Jesse Forever. It was a beautiful, understated and poignant film, which had me forming tears in my eyes. Rashida Jones was perfect in her role and it was nice to see her in a drama in comparison to beautiful, naive, sophisticated newborn baby, Ann Perkins, on Parks & Recreation.

Beauty product

I've been loving body oils in November, my favourite being Caudalie Divine Oil, which actually really is divine. It leaves my skin feeling moisturised and silky smooth and it's just one of those luxury products perfect for a pamper before bed.

Fashion item

I haven't been into fashion too much this past month as I haven't found any stores particularly inspiring. I've made an effort to actually get rid of a lot my clothes and I've sold a tonne of unwanted items on eBay. Sometimes I go through phases where I love clothing more than beauty products, though I can't seem to get enough of the products at the moment. As the weather's warming up, however, I did wear my colourful printed Bettina Liano shorts a couple of times, which are so perfect for summer. I may do an outfit of the day with them soon.

Life events

Nothing particularly interesting happened in my life in November, though my blog did reach over 400 followers, which was so lovely! It's nice to see my little blog growing slowly. Last week, one of my good friends got married and I went to my first traditional Indian wedding, which was so much fun! I loved the food and the dancing, and it was just a wonderful cultural experience that I got to share with my friends. I've been to a couple of weddings this year and they're just so much love. It got me thinking about my own future wedding, which I'd never really thought about before, but basically, I want a Marie Antoinette style party with macaron towers, roses and good music. It will be amazing.

1. Teen Daze - Forest At Dawn
2. Twin Sister - Daniel
3. Blood Orange - Chamakay
4. Kraftwerk - Tanzmusik
5. Lorde - Ribs
6. alt-J - Dissolve Me
7. Cults - High Road
8. Yuck - Rebirth
9. Slowdive - Shine (Splendiferous Locust Mix)
10. Superhumanoids - Bad Weather
11. CFCF - Transcend
12. St. Lucia - Elevate

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Manicure Routine

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