Life Through Instagram: Neon Indian and Future Music Festival




1. Slow Club 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6. Neon Indian 7 & 8.The Naked And Famous at Future Music 9 & 10. Friendly Fires 11. The Wombats 12 & 13. New Order

This is an extremely late post as I saw Neon Indian at the end of February and went to Future Music Festival in early March, but I was without a computer for over a month, so now I'm trying to play catch ups!

I had been dying to see Neon Indian for the longest time and finally seeing them at the Perth International Arts Festival was definitely worth that wait. Leanne looked amazing with her new blue hair and Alan was so charming and adorable. I literally felt my heart fill with love when they played Fallout and Alan's dance moves during Mind, Drips were just the best! There were some minor technical difficulties during one song (understandable when you're using 80s equipment), but Alan said they came all this way to deliver a great show, so everything worked out and a great show was delivered indeed. One of the highlights was when Alan mentioned that he has a cousin living in Perth and one guy put up his hand to say it was him! Alan laughed and said, "Nice try!" Slow Club supported and they were really great too.

I attended my first Future Music Festival and while I've never been a fan of the lineups in the past, this year was an exception. As soon as they announced Friendly Fires and New Order in the second release lineup, I knew I had to go. I mean, NEW freaking ORDER. While my friends went to watch all the dubstep bands, I made some new ones and stayed at the Flamingo Stage all day to see The Naked And Famous, Friendly Fires, The Wombats and New Order. It was my second time seeing both The Naked And Famous and The Wombats, my third time seeing Friendly Fires (I love this band!) and my first and probably last time seeing New Order. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to see New Order live as they're one of those iconic bands that have influenced the modern music I listen to. I was centre front too! One guy asked me, "Aren't you too young to know New Order?" and I think he was a big douche. Music has no age limit.

I'll have another Instagram music post up soon as I recently saw Bombay Bicycle Club and I'm seeing Florence + The Machine and Wavves this week. I live for live music. Lastly, if you don't already follow me, I am vintagemachine over at Instagram.