Life Through Instagram




1. My birthday last year 2. My best friend and I drunk 3. Friday the 13th fancy dress day at work 4. My desk
5. Yummy Dusk candle I want to eat 6. My new lamp 7. Miss Dior Chérie Blooming Bouquet fragrance 8. Splurging on food from David Jones
9. Truffles 10. Quoting the best TV show ever 11. Nails of the day 12. Crazy Perth heat!

Big Instagram post! My username is vintagemachine if you'd like to follow me and I'd love to follow you too, so please leave your username in the comments! I've had Instagram for quite a while now, but only started using it fairly recently when I kept seeing blog posts about it. It's such a fun and easy way to share photos - it's kind of like a mini Tumblr, I think.

I think my iPhone is lost for good (you can read what happened here), but I ended up buying a new one last week because I just can't live without it. Home and contents insurance didn't cover it and I cried a lot, but I'm never one to dwell on things when life gets sucky and I've definitely learnt my lesson. I've downloaded the Find My Phone app and I'll also be taking out insurance on it that's for sure. I've ordered the same case I had previously from Society6 and I can't wait until it arrives.

I've got a lot more blog posts scheduled, but I've been a little lazy with updating because I'm catching up with all my TV shows. It's kind of good that I didn't post them sooner though because I won't have a camera for a week or so. Yesterday I sold my Canon EOS 350D and I've been saving up all my eBay money to upgrade to the sexy 600D! I'll probably place the order online tonight. I'm so excited!