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Why Do I Wear Makeup?

Why Do I Wear Makeup?

A couple of months ago, the gorgeous YouTube girls, beautycrush and sprinkleofglitter, did a video on why they wear makeup here. LLYMLRS did a blog post on her reasons, so I thought I would too! It's a little ranty, but I got a bit defensive!

Apart from loving clear lip glosses, I was never really into make up until my friends in school started wearing it and commented saying that I would look really pretty in it. I remember a friend putting eyeliner and a little bit of eye shadow on me (shimmer dusts from the $2 shop, anyone?!) and from that moment, I loved it. Being 14, I couldn't exactly afford the luxury brands I buy now, nor did I need any of it, so I just wore lip gloss, eyeliner and eyeshadow up until I finished high school.

I got my first job in the middle of my last year of high school, but it wasn't until finishing high school that I started wearing more make up like foundation, mascara, blush and doing the whole face. I had a lot of trouble with my skin during my university years and with parties and clubbing, I felt like I needed it more too. I could've spent hours browsing around Priceline!

My real passion for make up, however, didn't start until around 2009 when I discovered the YouTube beauty community! All the girls were raving on about MAC and I wanted to be in on it too. Even with my casual job, I still couldn't afford it, but a few months later, I started working a second job at Myer, which only fuelled my growing love for high end make up even more. In the past three years, my make up collection has grown considerably and I know if it weren't for YouTube and Blogger, I could save a hell of a lot more money, but I don't even care.

For me, make up is about being creative, feeling confident and being a total girly girl. I am completely content with the way I look without make up and I am fine to leave the house without it (though it depends where!) - it's not a self-esteem issue for me - but I wear it just because it's simply fun. I admit, there are some days where I envy how easy boys have it and while I do enjoy my lazy make up free days, at the end of the day, I still love make up and I just love being a girl. From a simple everyday make up look for work to being all dolled up ready for a night out, it's fun to try out different products and experiment with your look. I wear make up because it makes me feel good about myself. It's never been about anyone else. To the guys who say, "I prefer girls natural", well, good for you. That's your opinion and we don't care because we don't wear make up for you, anyway!

Some people might argue that it's consumerism or advertising capitalising on women's insecurities, but it's stupid to get all judgemental. Whether you prefer no make up, a natural make up look or a full face of make up, I believe every girl has the right to feel happy and confident no matter how they choose to present themselves. Be who you want to be and spend your money on whatever you want. Of course, I know that I nor any other girl needs make up, but it's sort of just something that comes with being one and I wouldn't have it any other way.

"With beauty, I think, the more, the more! Why not, man?… With makeup, nobody 'needs' makeup, but who cares about 'need.' If it makes you happy, have fun with it!" - Betsey Johnson (source)

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