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They Really Are Life Changing

They Really Are Life Changing


Arnsdorf SS11 Crystal Pattern iPhone case from Society6

I'm not really sure what this post is going to be about, I just wanted to show off my beautiful new iPhone case! For the longest time, I was a loyal Nokia user and when the iPhone craze began, I thought of them as overhyped and overpriced, despite being a devoted Apple user too, with my MacBook Pro and iPod. People saying, "You should get an iPhone!" didn't make me want one any more, but when I'd hear things like, Words With Friends, checking in and see pretty photos created through vintage photography apps, I became curious, so I eventually caved in and joined the revolution.

My best friend lent me her old iPhone 3 and in an instant, I finally understood the hype. What is it about downloading apps that's just as much fun as using them?! I was going to wait until the 5 came out to get my own, but then the 4S came out and I figured there's no point in trying to keep up with technology because you're always going to be behind it, anyway. In December, I talked to another friend of mine who works at Vodafone and I thought I'd get the 4 thinking it'd be cheaper, but with the 4S being only $5 extra on a plan, it made sense to get the more recent model. I don't use Siri, but I'm sure if I weren't addicted to Words With Friends and Bubble Bust!, I would. I had to pay a fee to get out of my previous contract, but I have no regrets.

Even before getting my hands on the iPhone 4S, I would browse through websites looking at beautiful iPhone cases wishing I had my own to make look pretty. I can't remember from which one of the million blogs I read I discovered this site from, but if you're after a new iPhone case, check out Society6. With 1662 pages worth of different designs, you're bound to find something you like made by these talented and creative artists. From the very first page, there about about five different designs I love!

At $35 each, they don't come cheap, but for something as essential as a phone, which you use everyday, I figure it's worth it. For international orders, it can take up to five weeks to arrive, which mine did, but it was worth the wait because my new case makes me love my phone even more. I love owning a case which no one else I know has and something that shows off my personal style and taste. I love how personal I can make my phone through customisation such as my case and wallpaper, but it's also my diary, my reminder and my source for keeping up with the online world when I'm on the go.

To end this post, I thought I might share some of my favourite apps.


∙ Words With Friends (I was one of those sceptical people who thought, "How can that be fun?" until I actually started playing it myself. I need to stop being so judgemental before I try things out for myself!)
∙ Bubble Bust! (when I have no moves on Words, I play this and sometimes I can't stop)
∙ Bejeweled (similar to Bubble Bust! and very addicting too)
∙ Fruit Ninja (who would've thought slicing fruit could be so fun?)
∙ Doodle Jump (this was my first iPhone game addiction)
∙ Hanging With Friends (not as much fun as Words as it doesn't have that instant gratification, but I still enjoy it)
∙ Tetris (I used to kick ass at this game on Play Station as a kid)


∙ Shazam (hear a song you like, but have no idea what is it? This app will tell you! Sometimes I think my taste in music is a bit too obscure for it though)
∙ Remote (I LOVE this app! It connects to your iTunes library and your phone basically becomes your iPod too. I mostly use this when I'm getting ready to go out)
∙ InTheMix (music news app I use to keep up to date with the Australian music scene)


∙ Instagram (take photos, make them look vintage and share them on a newsfeed with your friends. The best photography app!)
∙ Hipstamatic (another great vintage photography app)
∙ PocketBooth (creates photobooth photos!)

Well, it looks like this post ended up being me professing my love for the iPhone. Do you have one? What do you do and do not (if that's possible) like about it? What are some of your favourite apps? I'm always looking for more to download!

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