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I live in Perth, Australia, and this is my creative outlet where I blog about beauty, my life and everything in between. I enjoy the '80s, the '90s and anything French, and some of my favourite things in life include music,  film, summer and a nice cup of tea.

And I Can Feel the Madness Inch by Inch

And I Can Feel the Madness Inch by Inch


1. Apple, Country Road, Bardot and MAC shopping bags! 2. MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC30, Studio Finish Concealer in NC30 and Reflects Glitters in Reflects Pearl and Reflects Antique Gold 3. Kiehl's Olive Fruit Oil hair mask, Lush Lip Scrub in Bubblegum and Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry 4. OPI nail polishes in Not Like The Movies, I Juggle… Men and DS Diamond 4. Liz Earle Healthy, Beautiful Skin Kit 5. Ankle boots from Betts 6. ASOS sheer heart stockings and skirt from Bardot 7. Wheat heat pack from Maya Muse Textiles

Massive haul, I know! This is all that I've accumulated over the past month or so. With the winter weather, my skin has become a tad lighter, so I went up a shade in my foundation and concealer. I've been watching a lot of Pixiwoo videos on YouTube (absolutely adore those girls), so I blame them for buying those pigments! They're just absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to wear them on a night out!

If you look a few posts down, I've been able to cross some things off my beauty wishlist! I was originally going to buy the Bumble & Bumble Creme de Coco Hair Masque, but the salesperson at Mecca Cosmetica recommended me this Kiehl's one. I've used it a few times and I'm loving it. I'm not sure whether it's better than Bumble & Bumble - probably about the same - but it definitely beats the Phyto one I was using before. I'm so happy I bought the Lush Lip Scrub, which is amazing and tastes sooo good! Yes, it's edible. I could eat it like lollies… but I won't. I also bought one of the new Maybelline Baby Lips because I couldn't resist the cute packaging. It works really well though too.

The OPI nail polishes were on my wishlist too and I'm very happy with them. Not Like The Movies from the Katy Perry collection is particularly lovely. It's an iridescent green/silver/purple colour with tiny flex of glitter and it looks so dreamy on the nails! I'm going to use these three colours on a nail tutorial I really want to try out. Also, all three are limited edition, but eBay is your friend.

Still on beauty, I finally caved in and bought Liz Earle Hot Cloth Polish Cleanser! I couldn't help but be sucked into the hype by all the UK beauty bloggers. I bought the Healthy, Beautiful Skin Kit, which came with the toner and moisturiser and for free, I got a small tube of the cleanser, which was such a nice gift. I've been using it in between trying to finish up the small amounts I have left of my other skincare products and so far, I love it. I can't wait to make this my single skincare routine.

I got some new boots from Betts because the only boots I own have heels, but I needed something flat for walking around in. They were on sale and they're so versatile as they'd look great with any outfit, I think. I can't wait to wear these comfy shoes while walking around and shopping in Melbourne!

From Bardot, I got this really gorgeous ruched skirt, which I think would look great to wear on a night out. It would even look great worn casually with my new boots! I also bought some sheer heart stockings from ASOS because they're just so cute. Pretty much all my favourite fashion bloggers own a pair and I decided that I needed to too.

Lastly, this is kind of a random item to show, but I really wanted to because I just love the design. I bought a wheat heat pack to keep my feet toasty warm in bed because I'm weird and don't like wearing socks to sleep. The soothing lavender scent helps me fall asleep at night and I love how the design matches my bed spread. So cute!

Items not shown - world adapter kit from and battery charger from Apple and leggings and tights from Country Road.

I'm off to Melbourne tomorrow, so when I get back, I'll definitely have another massive haul to share with you all! I'm a little bit frightened of how much I may spend. Hopefully I'll have time to update again tomorrow before I leave.

I Promise We'll Be Perfect

I Promise We'll Be Perfect

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