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Nail Polish Favourites for Autumn/Winter

Nail Polish Favourites for Autumn/Winter


One thing that you have to know about me is that I am a nail polish junkie. Seriously. It's a sickness. I can't get enough! I've never really been one to follow any sort of trend as I'll pretty much wear whatever I want whenever I feel like it, but having said that, I've gone ahead and picked out my favourite darker nail polish colours suited to the upcoming colder months.

Lotus Rouge by Chanel: I cannot rave on enough about this nail polish! It's by far my favourite red ever and definitely the Chanel nail polish every girl needs to splurge on. I remember the first time I put this on my nails and I could not stop looking at them. Not too dark, not too light and flattering on all skin tones, I'd say this would make a great transition colour from summer to autumn.

Royal Rajah Ruby by OPI: this is another one of my all time favourite nail polishes. It's a dark burgundy red colour, which shimmers so beautifully when it hits the light. In the light, it also turns into more of a vampy red and it's just another one of those colours that will have me staring at my nails.

William Tell Me About OPI by OPI: for the longest time, this would be all I'd ever wear on my nails. Dark plum burgundy colours were my favourite. It's totally an autumn colour, perfect for any occasion.

Lincoln Park At Midnight by OPI: this colour is very similar to William Tell Me About OPI, only without the burgundy tint and with shimmer. If you don't like shimmer, I'd suggest Lincoln Park After Dark, but I love that little extra something the shimmer gives to it.

Bogie by China Glaze: another purple, but this one is so unique! It's a deep silvery, shimmery plum colour and I think it would look so nice to wear on a night out.

Fash Pack by Butter London: taupe/mid-tone brown nail polishes were a big trend last winter and I still think they're great. For some reason, I find it so classic looking. I don't think many brown shades suit my dark skin tone (some people would disagree saying all colours suit dark skin, but I find it makes my nails look bland and boring), but I definitely do love this colour. It has the slightest shimmer to it, which I prefer over regular cream finishes.

Tickle My France-y by OPI: if you're after something less dramatic, this colour is perfect. It falls along the lines of the taupe/mid-tone brown trend, only a few shades lighter, so it's more subdued and wearable. A great everyday colour to wear to work.

Black Satin by Chanel: some people are afraid of black nail polish, but they shouldn't be. I think it looks great and anyone can pull it off. If you go for something like Black Satin, which has a bit of shimmer in it, it'll take a bit of the "edge" off of it.

Black Diamond by China Glaze: if I still haven't convinced you to try black nail polish, you can always take baby steps and try a dark silvery and shimmery grey/black colour.

Mermaid To Order by Sephora by OPI: while it's a dark colour, I think it's so much fun and still has the ability to add some colour to those gloomy months.

Edyta by Zoya: this is the newest addition to my collection and I love it! I discovered it through watching Michele1218's nail polish haul video on YouTube. It's such a fun and unique green colour with bulk shimmer. I think this would be a great transition colour from summer to autumn or even winter to spring.

Ibiza by Zoya: I've had this colour in my collection for a while now, but still haven't had the chance to wear it - I guess that's what happens when you own too much nail polish, haha. This is a gorgeous shimmery darkened royal blue colour and is one of the only two blue nail polishes I'll probably ever own and wear.

So there you have it! Sorry this post was so long, but it was so hard to narrow it down. It just goes to show you that the upcoming gloomy and miserable months don't have to be such a drag. There are so many weather appropriate colours to choose from, so have fun!By the way, if you're in Australia, you can buy OPI from David Jones. I buy my China Glaze and Zoya nail polishes from eBay, though I'd recommend buying OPI from there too. You'll be saving yourself a lot of money!

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