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Battle of the Mascaras

Battle of the Mascaras

If there's one product that can instantly enhance your eyes, I'd say it's mascara. It can totally open up your eyes and make them appear bigger without going over the top by adding eyeshadow or eyeliner. I've tried and tested many over the past couple of years, so here are my thoughts on some of the most famous high end mascaras.

Diorshow Blackout by Dior: I love this mascara! The wand is quite large and the formula just does wonders. It thickly coats all the lashes without making them clumpy and while I'd say it's more on the volumising side, it does give a lot of length too.

Volume Effet Faux Cils by YSL: while this mascara claims to add volume, I find it very lengethening too. I wouldn't say it adds as much volume as Dior's Diorshow Blackout, but it's still very good. The wand is long, about medium sized in width and I'd say this mascara is worth buying for totally superficial reasons too. It smells devine (not sure how well the fragrance would go down with sensitive eyes) and showing off that sleek, gold packaging on your vanity table will make you feel a million dollars.

Smoky Lash by Make Up For Ever: everyone raves about this mascara, but I honestly don't see the hype. The way it looked on my lashes wasn't the problem, it was moreso the fact that it flaked throughout the day. Mascara flakes on the face? No thank you. I don't know, maybe I bought an old tube of it, but for me, it definitely did not live up to the hype. While the application was nice, it wasn't anything amazing.

Phenomen'Eyes by Givenchy: I have mixed feelings towards this mascara. I wanted to love it, but I only liked it. It's okay at lengthening the lashes, but it definitely doesn't add any volume. As someone who likes thick and long lashes, it was a little disappointing, but if you're going for a more natural eye look, this mascara would be great. Also, an advantage of the "torture ball" wand is that it's super easy to coast every lash while avoiding clumping and fear of jabbing yourself right in the eye. Would I buy it again? Probably not, but I'm glad I tried it.

High Impact Curling, Lash Doubling & Lash Power by Clinique: I'm reviewing these Clinique mascaras together because I pretty much have the same things to say about them. Clinique always have good promotions going on and as someone who used to use their skincare products a lot, I was given a lot of sample goodies, including these three mascaras. I have to say, I'm really not a fan of Clinique's mascaras. I find the formula too liquidy, so they don't really add volume, no matter how many coats you apply. I find they don't really lengthen either, but if there's one good thing about these mascaras, it's that they give a lot of length to my bottom lashes. I never use these mascaras on my top lashes, but they do work well for the bottom ones, particularly the High Impact Curling mascara, which gives that added curl to them.

Eyelash Primer Potion by Urban Decay: I suppose this technically isn't a mascara, but I love this product so much, I just have to mention it! To some people, using an eyelash primer may seem pointless or just a silly extra step added to their makeup routine, but it only takes a few seconds to apply and it's so worth it! It helps to dramatically lengthen my eyelashes, it's almost as if I'm wearing fake eyelashes. I just love the effect. I've never tried any other eyelash primers before, but I'm happy sticking to Urban Decay.

Lash Injection by Too Faced: this mascara smells like super concentrated orange juice to me. It's weird, but I like it, haha. Lash Injection works in a similar vein to Diorshow Blackout, only it's a little cheaper. It's got that massive, chunky wand and adds a lot of volume and length. I prefer Diorshow Blackout, but if you're after a cheaper alternative, this is a good dupe.

2000 Calorie by Max Factor: when beauty gurus rave on about how drugstore brand mascara is just as good as the high end stuff, they aren't lying. There are two drugstore brand mascaras I absolutely swear by and this is one of them. 2000 Calorie is wonderfully volumising, adds length and I can't even tell you how many times I've repurchased it. This mascara is one product I'll be buying for the rest of my life.

False Lash Effect by Max Factor: while I prefer my high end makeup over drugstore brands (I guess I'm a bit of a makeup snob, haha), like 2000 Calorie, I'll be buying this mascara for the rest of my life too. I just adore Max Factor mascara. I'd say 2000 Calorie is more volumising, whereas False Lash Effect is more lengthening and used separately or together, both these mascaras provide a flawless finish to any makeup look. False Lash Effect's wand is identical to that of Lash Blast Volume by Covergirl, though I have not tried it and don't really see the need to. I couldn't cheat on my beloved False Lash Effect with a similar product. I just couldn't! It's been a favourite of mine for years.

I like trying out different high end mascaras, but to be honest, spending a lot of money on mascara all the time isn't something I do. Mascara has a lifespan of only three months and to spend money on a beauty product you have to constantly buy just doesn't seem worth it. 2000 Calorie and False Lash Effect are my all time favourite holy grail mascaras, but if you have some money to burn and want to splurge, I highly recommend trying out Diorshow Blackout by Dior or Volume Effet Faux Cils by YSL.

Do you have any mascara suggestions for me? If so, I'd love to hear them! I've heard L'Oréal's Telescopic range is great and I'm curious to try Bad Gal Lash by Benefit, though I've heard mixed reviews on that one.

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