Loudspeakers Sound, White Disco Light



Last Friday night, I had the pleasure of seeing one of my all time favourite bands, Cut Copy, live. The event was called Wonderland held at Fremantle Arts Centre and was basically what I'd call a mini festival with three other great Australian bands, Tim & Jean, Strange Talk and Sparkadia performing too. It was my ninth time seeing Cut Copy live and I could never get sick of seeing this band! Having seen them so many times, their music really means a lot to me, so whenever they perform in Perth, I have to be there. It's just non-stop dancing fun with those guys and getting to watch the beautiful Dan Whitford on stage is an added bonus! He is my #1 man in music.

While Strange Talk had technical difficulties and I didn't get to hear them perform my favourite song, the rest of the bands were really fun too. I had never heard Sparkadia's music before, but I was really impressed and immediately downloaded their new album when I got home that night. Besides make up and clothes, gigs and festivals are another one of my favourite things to spend my money on. I'm going to a lot of them next year - there's just no greater feeling than live music! Pictured are only three of the many events I'm going to.

Well, I hope that wasn't too boring for you all. I love talking about music just as much as anything beauty or fashion related, if not more, and I plan on making it a prominent part of my blog.

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